Chapter 181 - A New Semester Begins

Chapter 181 - A New Semester Begins

Tang Wulin usually produced fourth-grade Thousand Refined items. When the occasional luck was with him, he would create third-grade metal, while when it was against him, he would forge fifth-grade items.

Although making fifth-grade products were enough to complete the tasks, items of the third-grade and higher would receive additional payment. Tang Wulin was pleased to discover that after forging a third and a fourth-grade metal in the beginning, the rest were all second-grade. That was a lot of extra money!

The fact that the quality of his products had improved signified that he had bettered his understanding of metal. Teacher Mu told me before that when I can forge first-grade metals with a thirty percent success rate, I’ll be ready to try Spirit Refining.

He had originally thought that it would take three years before he could attempt it, but now it seemed that he would be able to try it sooner than he expected. If he could easily produce second-grade metals without trying his best, how far off could first-grade be?

What Tang Wulin wasn’t aware of was that his harvest from his trip to Heaven Dou City truly was astounding. Apart from the Dragonscale Fruit, his experiences and gains in the intermediate spirit ascension platform had broadened his view on soul beasts and soul skills. What was most significant of all, however, was the complete upgrade he had received from absorbing the Three-Eyed Demon Ape’s spirit energy.

As a spiritual-attribute soul beast, the Three-Eyed Demon Ape’s spirit energy was far more volatile than that of normal beasts. Combined with the excess spirit energy that surpassed his bodily limits, Tang Wulin had faced a tremendous amount of danger.

If Old Tang hadn’t come to his rescue, his cultivation would have deviated, resulting in permanent injuries at the best and an agonizing death at the worst. Wu Zhangkong’s guilt had stemmed from this grave possibility.

But, Tang Wulin had survived and made an extreme breakthrough. Although he hadn’t benefited as much as breaking a Golden Dragon King seal, his gains were clear.

His spirit soul had reached heights he never thought possible and the Mysterious Heaven Method had improved both his spiritual power and soul power.

After refining these two energies, his fundamental strength had increased significantly. No matter which occupation a Soul Master has, these two energies were an essential part of their foundation. This was why Tang Wulin’s improvement in this regard had aided his forging.

Having finished earlier than he expected, Tang Wulin didn’t immediately go turn in the tasks. Instead, he chose to cultivate the Mysterious Heaven Method. His understanding of metals deepened over the next three days as he comprehended many things during this meditation.

Eastsea City’s month-long calm came to an end with the new school semester starting and was once again bustling with noise and excitement.

Students streamed into the academy, all of them brimming with positivity. This was their second semester. After they finished it, they would advance to the next grade. Though they looked forward to moving up a grade, the dreaded grade promotion exams loomed over them.

For those attending an intermediate Soul Master academy, they absolutely had to have reached two rings by the time they graduated from their six years in the elementary division, otherwise they wouldn’t be issued a graduation diploma. On the other hand, those in the advanced division needed to have three rings to properly graduate.

Regardless of the academy, not every student could meet this requirement. Those in the upper grades would be extremely pressed for time.

Students in the first two grades were still able to relax though. The urgency of advancing their cultivation was still at the back of their minds.

Yun Xiao and Zhou Zhangxi were exploring the academy while chatting about various things. The two had become good friends after a semester together.

“Have you seen Wulin or anyone else from class zero? Speaking of them, there’s something really weird! I heard that Wang Jinxi and Zhang Yangzi transferred to another academy.” Zhou Zhangxi smirked. “They’re probably too ashamed to be in the same class as those three.”

Yun Xiao rolled his eyes. “Do you think a genius who already has two rings in the first grade would feel ashamed? It’s definitely something else. You know, I bet Wulin is feeling the pressure now. I heard Gu Yue is already a Soul Grandmaster now and he’s the only one in their class who still only has one ring. I wonder how much longer class zero will last?”

Zhou Zhangxi’s eyes lit up. “It would be good if the class shuts down, that way they would have to come back. We’re class one right now, but we both know how strong our class really is. What will we do for this semester’s Class Promotion Tournament? Won’t we just get demoted at this rate?”

Yun Xiao shrugged. “We’ll just drop down to class two I guess.”

Zhou Zhangxi’s twisted with displeasure. “Don’t you feel even a shred of team honor?”

Yun Xiao said, “You need strength to win honor. Shouldn’t you focus on cultivating instead of thinking about such useless things?”

The two continued to converse as they made their way to the dormitories. Suddenly, something caught Yun Xiao’s eye. He nudged his friend and whispered, “Look, it’s Gu Yue.”

Zhou Zhangxi followed Yun Xiao’s gaze and found an expressionless Gu Yue that was wearing the academy uniform.

She had a delicate appearance, but wasn’t particularly pretty. At least, she was still far from Ouyang Zixin’s level. Her unique temperament, however, had a dominating effect on others. Even Xie Xie found himself affected by her; only Tang Wulin seemed immune to her charms.

Yun Xiao and Zhou Zhangxi were no exceptions. They felt suppressed the moment they saw her as if they were a low-level soul beast seeing a powerful soul beast.

Gu Yue had grown taller and prettier over the last semester, which somehow condensed her domineering aura.

Gu Yue didn’t notice the duo and continued to walk toward the academy’s entrance.

“She really doesn’t have any regard for others!” Zhou Zhangxi waited for her to leave before he whispered to his friend.

Yun Xiao snickered. “What do you understand? I found out long ago that Gu Yue is actually the strongest in class zero. I don’t think anyone below the fifth grade is her match. If class zero participates in the Class Promotion Tournament… Hehe. I can’t even imagine how much she will shine.”

“She’s that strong? Even stronger than Xie Xie?”

Yun Xiao smirked. “Should be.”

Outside of the teacher’s building.

“Teacher Wu, please take care of this student. We’ve examined her and she definitely qualifies to enter class zero.” Long Hengxu solemnly told Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong shifted his eyes towards Long Hengxu before lowering his head to look at the timid girl before him. He coldly said, “My class only accepts monsters, not ordinary people. Do you really think she qualifies? She only has one ring.”

Long Hengxu frowned. “Speaking of which, Teacher Wu, I think your class zero could use some adjustment. There’s no problem with Gu Yue and Xie Xie, but why did Zhang Yangzi and Wang Jinxi leave? The academy principal explained what happened to me, but I don’t think forcing a pair of Soul Grandmasters to leave for the sake of the one-ringed Tang Wulin is right. Also, why does class zero still need to exist? I found a genius for you yet you’re making all sorts of excuses. I’m going to ask the academy to close down class zero since you only have three students then.”

Wu Zhangkong gazed at him with icy eyes. “You should say that to the principal instead of me. Students have their own choice, and I have my own choice. You’re Xu Xiaoyan right? I’ll give you a chance. You have one month to obtain mine and my student’s approval. If you don’t, then regardless of your background, I won’t accept you as my student. Understood?”

Xu Xiaoyan listened with her head lowered, timidly nodding. She wanted to bury her little head into her chest right now.

“Follow me. I’ll arrange your dorm assignment.” Wu Zhangkong didn’t bother to say goodbye to Long Hengxu, quickly turning around and leaving.

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