Chapter 1759: The Allure of the Secondary Tree

Right at this moment, Tang Wulin's expression changed slightly as he could clearly detect a strong sense of yearning in the distance.

He reflexively looked up to discover that the masses of abyssal creatures in the distance had sprung into action again, charging toward his direction like a massive tidal wave.

Tang Wulin's lips twitched slightly upon seeing this. This secondary tree really wasn't allowing anyone to rest!

The natural instinct of abyssal creatures was to devour all life energy, regardless of what form this life energy existed in.

The lowest abyssal life forms didn't possess any intelligence; they were governed solely by their survival instincts. Meanwhile, the tree of life was the source of life of an entire plane, and it contained the purest and highest form of life energy, so its allure was completely irresistible to abyssal creatures in close proximity.

As such, there was no need for any orders to be issued. In fact, the abyssal creatures weren't even capable of following orders anymore as they were entirely fixated on hunting the secondary tree of life.

Hence, aside from protecting Tang Wulin, the secondary tree of life was also serving as bait.

Thus, countless abyssal creatures returned in a maddened frenzy, presenting a terrifying sight to behold.

Thankfully, Tang Wulin and the others were situated on the tallest mountain in the area, and also the one that was closest to the abyssal army.

The Limit Douluos turned to Tang Wulin with peculiar expressions, and in response, Tang Wulin could only give a wry smile. "I didn't make this happen, but seeing as they're here, we might as well take care of them."

Yali said, "You protect the secondary tree of life; leave everything else to us. Don't leave this spot unless it's absolutely necessary, and you're forbidden to participate in this battle until reinforcements arrive."

Tang Wulin wanted to argue, but he knew that there was no convincing her, so he refrained from saying anything in the end. He summoned his Golden Dragon Spear, and at the same time, a ball of dark golden light flew out of his body.

He couldn't participate in this battle, but his soul spirits certainly could!

The ball of dark golden light rapidly expanded in mid-air, almost instantly transforming into a gargantuan creature that was several hundred meters tall.

The creature spread open its huge dragon wings, allowing it to arrest its downward momentum and glide through the air before landing on the ground.

It then released a burst of dark golden breath that encompassed a huge area up ahead, reducing all abyssal creatures in its path to streams of grey energy.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin had already raised his Golden Dragon Spear high up into the air, and the secondary tree of life injected a burst of exuberant life energy into his body, causing his Golden Dragon Spear to glow even more radiantly. A greenish-golden vortex quickly appeared in mid-air, releasing enormous suction force.

Qilin Douluo Tong Yu remained by Tang Wulin's side, and Holy Spirit Douluo Yali was overseeing the entire battlefield, while the two Limit Douluos of the Yuanen Family and Tang Wulin's Tyrant Dragon soul spirit threw themselves into battle.

In the distance, the soldiers of the Northern Legion were initially very alarmed to see the return of the abyssal army, but they quickly discovered that there was nothing for them to worry about.

The Titan Giant Ape was one of the most fearsome assault system martial souls, and there were two Limit Douluos with this martial soul present.

Their style of battle was extremely expansive and aggressive, making full use of their gravitational control and incredible strength to crush the oncoming abyssal creatures in the most straightforward and brutal fashion.

The abyssal passageway had only been open for a short time, so none of the most powerful abyssal creatures had appeared yet. As such, the abyssal army was comprised almost entirely of low-level abyssal creatures, and there was no way they would be able to withstand the devastating attacks from the two Limit Douluos.

Strings of sharp howls rang out incessantly in the distance, causing the frenzied abyssal creatures to hesitate and cower.

However, they were simply unable to resist the overwhelming instinctive urge to claim the secondary tree of life. The lower the abyssal life form, the more irresistible the allure was.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he looked on at the massive amount of life energy being devoured by the greenish-golden vortex. This was a wonderful feeling.

In particular, with the secondary tree of life here, all his Golden Dragon Spear had to do was act as an intermediary hub, transmitting the life energy directly into the secondary tree of life.

As a result, the life energy didn't even have to pass through his body, so he didn't have to worry about oversaturation.

Throughout this process, the secondary tree of life would periodically reciprocate minute traces of life energy to him. The amount of energy was very small, but it was extremely precious as this was planar level life energy! Due to the lofty caliber of this life energy, Tang Wulin could clearly sense that his own life force was rapidly evolving to a higher level, and his soul power was also being elevated very slowly but steadily.

Tang Wulin was already a rank 98 Hyper Douluo, and it had always been a massive step to progress from rank 98 to rank 99, one that was extremely difficult.

Starting from rank 95, each breakthrough was virtually akin to a bout of evolution, and there was a fundamental jump from rank 98 to 99; it was a process of leaving one's mortal body behind.

In the distant past, the Limit Douluo cultivation rank was a stepping stone to attaining godhood. Upon reaching the Limit Douluo level, all one required was a godseat to become a god, so it was clear that this was a cultivation rank of the utmost importance.

It was an extremely arduous process to progress from a Titled Douluo to a Limit Douluo, and upon reaching rank 98, it was very difficult for Soul Masters to continue to elevate their soul power through conventional cultivation.

At that level, one had to constantly immerse oneself in nature, triggering evolution in every facet of their being. This was a process of natural metamorphosis, and it was different for everyone, so it was impossible to guide someone once they reached that level.

In order to make the final breakthrough, both learning ability and aptitude were indispensable, and even if one possessed enough of both qualities, they still required some degree of luck.

Every single Limit Douluo had taken an extremely long time to make that final step, yet Tang Wulin was in a different situation from all other Limit Douluos of the past as he was already undergoing a process of evolution.

This process was very slow, but it still set him apart from the average rank 98 Hyper Douluo, for whom progressing through conventional cultivation was entirely impossible.

As he supplied life energy to the tree of life, the tree of life would reciprocate back to him life energy of the highest caliber, thereby helping him complete this evolutionary process. As long as there was sufficient life energy, it would even be possible for him to be elevated straight to the Limit Douluo level. Furthermore, his body would undergo flawless evolution, akin to A'Ruheng's evolution to attain his Invincible Vajra Body!

Tang Wulin couldn't help but be amazed by this process. Was this what it felt like to not have to work for a reward? This was a wonderful feeling!

However, was this really a reward that had been earned through no work? Of course not. Tang Wulin had expended an enormous amount of effort to get to this point. Essentially, he was finally reaping what he had sown through years upon years of hard work. Of course, the true harvest hadn't yet arrived; the truly powerful beings of the abyss and the Holy Spirit Cult still hadn't appeared.

As the sharp screeching in the distance became louder and more insistent, the abyssal creatures finally began to retreat, but they did so extremely slowly, clearly still unwilling to give up on the secondary tree of life. In fact, the lowest abyssal life forms among them were still rushing ahead without any regard for their lives, only to become fertilizer for the tree of life.

Unfortunately, the life energy being yielded by these low-level abyssal life forms was also of a very low caliber and quantity.

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