Chapter 1757: Leave the Rest to Us

The Amorous Douluo, the Heartless Douluo, and the Light Dark Douluo had remained behind to protect the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. In order to get here as quickly as possible, Tang Wulin had set off with the Qilin Douluo, Holy Spirit Douluo, and the two Limit Douluos of the Yuanen Family after only a short discussion with everyone, and they had arrived in the nick of time to save Guo Zhenfeng.

"Take a rest and leave the rest to us, Commander Guo." Tang Wulin rose up into the air with his Golden Dragon Spear as he spoke.

He was the most important figure on this entire battlefield as he was the only one who could truly kill abyssal creatures.

After rising up into the air, Tang Wulin didn't directly participate in the battle. Instead, he raised his Golden Dragon Spear up high and injected his soul power into it, upon which a vast amount of the grey energy formed by slain abyssal creatures converged toward him from all directions.

Rich life energy instantly flowed into his body, and even at his current level of power, this rapid influx of energy was slightly overwhelming.

Thankfully, he was no longer the same Tang Wulin as the one who had served in the Blood God Legion. In the face of this massive injection of energy, he quickly activated his soul core and dragon core to absorb and convert it, while leaving a very large portion of this energy to be transferred to the tree of life.

A large influx of life energy required a very long time to digest and absorb, and upon reaching saturation, he wouldn't be able to absorb any more energy.

Back in the Blood God Legion, he had faced such a situation, and absorbing too much life energy also posed a threat to his Golden Dragon King seals. Even more importantly, once he reached saturation, he would be unable to continue to absorb more abyssal energy, thereby limiting the amount of damage he could inflict upon the abyssal plane.

However, everything was different now that he could transfer this energy to the tree of life. The tree of life required a virtually limitless amount of life energy, so he didn't have to worry about it reaching saturation, thereby making it a perfect vent. With this vent in place, he could absorb life energy without any qualms or restraint.

The current Tang Wulin already possessed Limit Douluo level power, so even though he had never faced so many abyssal creatures before, it still wasn't an issue for him to absorb their energy.

The army of abyssal creatures was still advancing like a tsunami wave, but in the face of the Holy Spirit Douluo, the Titan Douluo, and the Free Sky Douluo, they were unable to make any forward progress.

At this point, Dark Bell had already disappeared.

Even so, Tang Wulin didn't dare to let any complacency set in, and Tong Yu was also constantly by his side. The truly powerful beings of the abyssal plane hadn't yet appeared, but that didn't mean that they weren't potentially lurking nearby. Tang Wulin's impact on abyssal creatures was extremely significant. So long as he continued to exist, the abyssal plane would constantly be under threat, and that made him the number one enemy for the abyssal plane.

The clash between the two sides didn't last for too long. After less than 10 minutes, tens of thousands of abyssal creatures had been slain, and the army finally retreated.

After forcing back the abyssal creatures, the three Limit Douluos returned to Tang Wulin's side, making no attempt to give chase.

The northernmost region of the continent had already been claimed by the abyssal plane, so recklessly advancing could land them in an enemy trap.

Their first priority right now was to set up another defensive line as soon as possible to keep the enemies at bay.

Only now did Guo Zhenfeng allow himself to heave a sigh of relief, and he sat down on the ground as he withdrew his suit of three-word battle armor.

He was still a little dazed, and there was no joy in his eyes despite the fact that the enemy had been forced into retreat.

These past few days had been like a dream for him. During this short span of time, his comrades and subordinates had fallen one after another, and not only had the majority of the legion been wiped out, most of what little remained were carrying injuries.

If it weren't for the treatment administered by the Holy Spirit Douluo just now, even more people would've perished from exhaustion.

In the span of just a few days, the mighty Northern Legion had received a fatal blow, and even with his mental fortitude, he was struggling to come to terms with everything.

As the legion commander, he was completely powerless while his brothers perished around him, and that was what hurt him the most. In the military, once a legion lost over two thirds of its troops, its title would be revoked!

Tang Wulin's brows furrowed tightly as he heaved an internal sigh. He was very much able to empathize with Guo Zhenfeng's pain.

It had been peaceful on the continent for far too long. Aside from the Blood God Legion, the other legions were only able to experience battle through military drills, but how could drills possibly compare with actual battle, particularly against foes like abyssal creatures?

The Limit Douluos returned to Tang Wulin's side, standing naturally around him in a protective formation.

"How did it go?" Yali asked.

Tang Wulin replied, "It's just as I anticipated; the Golden Dragon Spear is able to devour life energy from abyssal creatures, and I've already transmitted most of the energy to the tree of life. Please keep a lookout for me while I communicate with the tree of life."

Tang Wulin sat down on the ground with his legs crossed as he spoke, then closed his eyes to contact the tree of life. Soon, faint greenish-golden light was beginning to revolve around his body.

At this moment, there were four Limit Douluos standing around him! Even Guo Zhenfeng was astonished by the sight of such a formidable lineup, let alone the other soldiers of the Northern Legion.

They had only heard that Tang Wulin was Shrek Academy's new leader, and that his power was matched only by the rate of his development, but this was the first time they had ever seen him in person.

Tang Wulin was even younger than Guo Zhenfeng had imagined, yet he already possessed incredible power, and he had saved Guo Zhenfeng's life.

Among the four Limit Douluos around him, the only one that Guo Zhenfeng recognized was Yali, while the rest were completely unfamiliar to him.

At this moment, Tang Wulin was seated in a meditative state with the four Limit Douluos around him. The greenish-golden light radiating from his body was filled with vitality, to the extent that the battlefield, which had been completely deprived of its vitality, seemed to be teeming with life again.

Everyone from the Northern Legion, including Guo Zhenfeng, was struck by a sense of comfort from this greenish-golden light.

Tang Wulin immersed himself into his own consciousness and almost instantly established a connection with the tree of life.

The first thing that he felt was a sense of elation; the tree of life was transmitting to him intense emotions of joy and anticipation, just like when it had absorbed the life energy of the demonic legion.

Ever since the tree of life had absorbed the life energy of the demonic legion, its vitality had completely flourished, but there had been no other huge influx of life energy since that time. Tang Wulin had attempted to enter the Great Star Dou Forest to seek out sources of life energy, only to have encountered Di Tian and almost lost his life there.

After that, Tang Wulin didn't dare to go there again. After all, the Great Beasts were incredibly powerful, and it would be wise not to tempt fate again.

Just now, Tang Wulin had devoured the life energy of tens of thousands of abyssal creatures in a very short time, and the tree of life had received a massive amount of nourishment as a result.

The influx of life energy still couldn't compare with what it had received from the demonic legion, but there were virtually infinite abyssal creatures, and Tang Wulin was far more powerful than he had been in the past, so this was both a disaster and an opportunity.

Thus, the abyssal army retreated, leaving behind a ravaged and lifeless landscape.

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