Chapter 1755: Dire Straits

Dark Bell giggled as she looked on at the enraged Guo Zhenfeng, making no attempt to chase after him.

The lives of abyssal creatures were nothing in her eyes, yet they were going to grind down an enemy Titled Douluo in her stead without any risk being taken on her part; why would she try to stop him?

The soldiers of the Northern Legion all knew that a critical juncture had been reached, and everyone dug even deeper into what little remained of their energy reserves. Even if the soul weapons they were using were already overheating and at risk of exploding, their attacks still didn't cease even for a moment.

Guo Zhenfeng was putting his fearsome offensive prowess on full display, finding no match wherever he went.

Even a Ba'an couldn't withstand a single full-power strike from him, and countless abyssal creatures were quickly felled by his Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe.

Even so, he still had to face more abyssal creatures. There seemed to be no end to them, and for every abyssal creature he killed, two would take its place.

Furthermore, the deaths of these low-tier abyssal creatures had no bearing on the abyssal plane as they would return to the abyssal plane as energy anyway.

The lower the caliber of an abyssal creature, the quicker they could be resurrected, and these ones could almost instantly be revived.

For them, the most important thing was to take advantage of this opportunity to devour the life force of the Douluo Continent; even the plants here contained life energy that they relished.

If they could devour an entire major plane like the Douluo Plane, then the abyssal plane would be able to evolve into a Divine Realm.

Furthermore, it wouldn't be an ordinary Divine Realm; it would be one that was more powerful and complete than the average Divine Realm, perhaps even one that wasn't inferior to the former Douluo Divine Realm.

Once that happened, they would be able to expand even further, gaining the ability to hunt for prey in outer space to further strengthen themselves by devouring their life energy. This was the ultimate vision of the Holy Lord, whereas the ultimate vision of the Holy Spirit Cult was to obtain the largest amount of deathly energy possible, and these visions didn't conflict with one another in the slightest.

As such, even if both sides were to attain godhood in the future, there would be no conflict of interest, and they would still be able to coexist peacefully.

Thus, after contacting the abyssal plane on multiple occasions, it decided that this massive conspiracy was a feasible option.

They were going to destroy the entire Douluo Star as a catalyst for the Holy Spirit Cult to create its own Divine Realm.

The Douluo Star contained an unfathomable amount of life energy, and all this life energy would be converted into an equal amount of destructive energy following its demise.

More and more powerful abyssal creatures were still coming, and another passageway had been opened up, just like the one that was being guarded by the Blood God Legion. However, the more powerful an abyssal creature was, the more severely rejected they would be by the power of the plane, so more energy had to be injected into the passageway to support it.

As such, both the Holy Spirit Cult and the abyssal plane were focusing on expanding the passageway further and further. Once the passageway was stabilized, the entire abyssal plane would be able to descend upon the Douluo Plane, and the Holy Spirit Cult was sure that there was no way the Douluo Plane would be able to weather such a devastating storm.

One had to realize that the Holy Lord was a true god; one who was comparable to a first-rank god of the former Divine Realm!

Back when the Douluo Continent was protected by the Divine Realm, the Holy Lord hadn't even dared to reveal any of its aura. After all, entities like the abyssal plane were detested by all intelligent life forms. If the Douluo Divine Realm had discovered its exact location, the gods would've destroyed the abyssal plane without any hesitation.

Now, the Douluo Divine Realm had finally vanished, and the abyssal plane wasn't able to hold back any longer as it bared its fangs for the first time, attempting to connect with the Douluo Plane.

Furthermore, it had benefited immensely from its first invasion, and it had already had its eyes on this rich plane for a very long time.

For the opening of this second passageway, the Holy Lord had made extensive preparations, and he was going to completely devour the Douluo Plane to make it a part of his own body.

Dark Bell had been deployed to fight in this initial battle, and her objective was to absorb as much destructive energy as possible, while the abyssal creatures were assigned with the task of claiming all of the advantageous posts that they could. Furthermore, the most important thing right now was to create turmoil to draw more of the Douluo Federation's focus. As such, they had to break through this defensive line as quickly as possible in order to reach deeper into the continent.

The Douluo Star was a vast plane, and even the lowliest of abyssal creatures could easily kill a normal human. Once these abyssal creatures spread over the continent, more and more destructive energy would appear, while life energy would be further diminished, thereby negatively impacting the entire plane.

The weaker the plane became, the less it would be able to repress these abyssal creatures, and conquest would become even easier.

Hence, this invasion had to be quelled right away. Otherwise, if the abyssal creatures were allowed to spread, the situation would deteriorate rapidly, just like an ever-spreading disease. For the Douluo Continent, these abyssal creatures were like a devastating plague.

Ever since he was a child, Guo Zhenfeng had been taught to stand firmly even against the most powerful of enemies and to lead by example. As a leader, he couldn't be rash, but neither could he cower.

However, the Douluo Star was a very peaceful world; there were almost no opportunities for battle aside from military drills, so only now was he truly experiencing an actual battle.

His soul core was pumping soul power incessantly as he lashed out over and over again. As the weakest of the eight major legions, the Northern Legion had a severe shortage of powerful Soul Masters, and most of what little they did have had already perished alongside the first three defensive lines. However, there was still no end to the enemies in sight, and he could only continue to stave off despair by not allowing himself to stop and realize the desperation of the situation.

Kill kill kill!

In his eyes, every abyssal creature he killed would perhaps buy his allies an extra second. Concepts like conserving energy were no longer important to him as he knew that there was no way he would survive this battle. Under these circumstances, all he wanted was to do the best that he could.


His Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe tore through a Ba'an's body, reducing it to a plume of grey energy, and he was finally struck by a hint of exhaustion.

Even the stamina of Titled Douluos was limited, and he couldn't keep this up forever.

Even a freak like Tang Wulin had physical limits as well, let alone someone like him.

Right at this moment, another dreaded bell chime rang out, and Guo Zhenfeng's physical exhaustion led to his mind being slightly slower to react than usual.

His vision suddenly blurred, and everything seemed to have gone quiet; only that bell chime was continuing to echo within his mind.

It was at this moment that the giant bell arrived from behind, ramming its sharp edge viciously into Guo Zhenfeng's three-word battle armor.

A sharp screeching sound rang out alongside a resounding bell chime, and Guo Zhenfeng was sent flying through the air.

A massive crack had been smashed into the back of his suit of three-word battle armor, and its light had dimmed significantly.

A huge number of abyssal creatures immediately took advantage of this opportunity to swarm him and attack him in a frenzy. Countless attacks of all descriptions instantly rained down upon him, and he was buried under a mountain of abyssal creatures while Dark Bell looked on from above with a pleased smile.

This defensive line was about to be broken, and the possibilities were endless from here. How much destructive energy would the abyssal creatures be able to create once they spread over the entire continent? Both she and the Holy Spirit Cult were eager to find out.

However, her smile had only just appeared on her face before it abruptly stiffened.

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