Chapter 1754: Dark Bell

"Tinkle, tinkle!" The sound of a ringing bell suddenly rang out, somewhat alleviating Guo Zhenfeng's fury and striking him with a momentary sense of disorientation.

It was also right at this moment that a figure rushed out of the throng of abyssal creatures like lightning before extending a palm toward his chest.

On the battlefield, Guo Zhenfeng was unstoppable with his indomitable Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe, but in the world of high-grade Soul Masters, his skillset was a lot less advantageous. His combat prowess was impressive, but he excelled more so in large-scale battles like this one, rather than one-on-one Soul Master battles.

A suit of inky-black battle armor appeared over his body right before the palm reached him, defending him from the attack.

Guo Zhenfeng felt an impact on the front of his chest, following which an icy aura instantly swept into his body. A black halo abruptly exploded beneath his feet, releasing a powerful shockwave that sent his assailant flying while he also rapidly retreated.

Only now was he able to identify that his assailant was a smiling girl who appeared to only be in her teens, and he was certain that this was definitely a human.

However, she paid no heed to the abyssal creatures around her, and it was truly a surreal sight to see such a beautiful girl among so many hideous abyssal creatures.

A giant bell appeared behind her before chiming again, and Guo Zhenfeng was struck by another rush of disorientation, followed by a bout of rage. "You're from the Holy Spirit Cult! Do these creatures have something to do with you?"

It was clear that this young girl was a formidable member of the Holy Spirit Cult. Indeed, she was none other than one of the heavenly monarchs of the Holy Spirit Cult, someone whom Tang Wulin had met on several occasions, Dark Bell Na Nali.

"Heehee, are you surprised? Cease your futile resistance; you're throwing away your lives for nothing. This is only the beginning of the abyssal army."

Dark Bell pointed a finger at Guo Zhenfeng as she spoke, and the giant bell behind her immediately flew toward him while rotating rapidly.

With Guo Zhenfeng's extensive battle experience, he knew that he couldn't afford to get caught up in a battle with her. Otherwise, there was a very good chance that he would be trapped here. In fact, he could already see several mountainous Ba'ans converging toward him from a distance.

At this point, he had already realized that this disaster had to have something to do with the Holy Spirit Cult, and this explained why the Holy Spirit Cult had been dormant for so long.

A layer of scorching white light appeared over his Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe, and he slowly slashed it forward.

As he did so, he also began to give off a formidable aura, and his seventh and ninth soul rings had also lit up.

The battle armor at the front of his chest also began to glow with scintillating white light before fusing into his ax, and as this fearsome energy began to proliferate outward, it was as if the entire world were about to collapse.

A hint of surprise appeared on Dark Bell's face, and she instantly drew her giant bell back to herself, following which it disappeared into her body.

In the next instant, a giant band of incandescent white light that was over 30 meters wide appeared on the entire battlefield, wiping out all of the abyssal creatures in its path.

The band of white light then stretched forward, striking the mountain that had just been claimed by the enemy.

A thin white line appeared from the peak of the mountain down to the ground level, and immediately thereafter, the entire mountain exploded, sending massive rocks flying in all directions to crush countless abyssal creatures.

Even more importantly, the mountain was being used by the abyssal creatures as a natural barrier, but it had been destroyed by Guo Zhenfeng, leaving them exposed once again, and that was his true objective.

With this one ax strike, he had forced back Dark Bell, destroyed the natural barrier that was the mountain, and intimidated the entire opposing army. Furthermore, the Northern Legion's morale was elevated once again, but Guo Zhenfeng didn't hesitate in the slightest, choosing to immediately fall back in retreat.

The four-clawed bats and six-clawed bats in the sky didn't even dare to attack him.

Tang Wulin had already destroyed the 96th and 97th levels of the abyss, and as a result, the four-clawed bats and six-clawed bats that arose from the 97th level had almost gone extinct.

However, in order to maintain the stability of the entire abyss, the Holy Lord had constructed those two levels again, thereby allowing these bats to continue to exist. Repairing the abyssal plane to its original state required an enormous amount of energy, so the four-clawed bats and six-clawed bats harbored the deepest resentment for the human race.

Now that Guo Zhenfeng was rising up into the air, the bats immediately swarmed him from all directions, clashing violently with the crossfire from the Northern Legion.

"You can't just go; I don't want to see you leave." Dark Bell's voice rang out again, followed by another crisp chime.

Guo Zhenfeng's heart tightened upon hearing this, and he lashed out with his Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe like lightning, releasing a vast expanse of ax projections.

However, right at this moment, a black mecha suddenly exploded on his left.

"Ya Ze!" Guo Zhenfeng roared like a wounded beast. That was the leader of his guard squad, someone who had been with him for over 10 years! During that time, they had become as close as blood brothers, and Guo Zhenfeng was shaken to the core by his abrupt demise.

"None of you are getting away!"

"Tinkle, tinkle!"

As the bell continued to chime, the mechas around Guo Zhenfeng began to sway and tremor to different degrees. The soundwave and spiritual impact of the bell chimes was far too destructive for these mecha pilots to withstand, even with the defenses of their mechas.

Guo Zhenfeng immediately realized that he was dealing with someone who was at least at the Hyper Douluo level, and a sense of powerlessness welled up in his heart. He knew that in the face of a powerful being of that caliber, there was nothing he could do.

The Northern Legion was the weakest of the eight major legions, and even its commander wasn't a Hyper Douluo.

If he were to oversee the battle from a control center, he could organize soul weapons to target this enemy, but there was no way he could do that now that he was on the battlefield himself.

It was clear that the enemy had spotted him long ago, which was why such a powerful being had been deployed to target him so quickly.

Screw it! 

Guo Zhenfeng gritted his teeth and released his spiritual power to search for Dark Bell.

However, she was very cunning and was constantly changing her position in mid-air, using one mecha after another as cover rather than appearing directly before Guo Zhenfeng.

In contrast with Guo Zhenfeng, her battle experience was undoubtedly more extensive, and she knew how to target an opponent like this to not give him any chances.

Guo Zhenfeng's forte was full-frontal offensive power, so why would she fight fire with fire?

At this point, the defensive line of the Northern Legion was finally beginning to crumble.

Over 30 Ba'ans had formed a horizontal line, withstanding the enemy fire with their incredibly resilient bodies to claim another mountain. This was also a very strategically important mountain, and if it were to be conquered, the entire defensive line would be divided into segments with no way of contacting one another.

Even lasting the next hour was going to be a stretch, let alone four hours!

One mecha plummeted out of the sky after another, and seeing his comrades die all around him, Guo Zhenfeng was driven closer and closer to the edge.

Finally, he let loose a guttural roar, and instead of continuing to pursue Dark Bell, he descended from the sky, plunging into the area with the greatest density of abyssal creatures. Even if he were to die, he was going to take down some enemies with him.

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