Chapter 1753: Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe

Under the leadership of some particularly powerful abyssal creatures, these fearsome beings knew no fear or pain; all they did was relentlessly advance before being reduced to grey energy by the oncoming fire.

Only when Guo Zhenfeng truly arrived at the front lines to face these abyssal creatures did he understand why the defensive line was in such a dire situation.

These abyssal creatures were downright insane! They had no teamwork to speak of; all they did was rush forward like madmen, attacking the defensive line without any regard for their own lives.

Guo Zhenfeng's face was slightly pale as he stood atop a mountain, and not far behind him was a damaged red mecha that was in the process of self-repair.

He had already launched many assaults against the leaders of the abyssal creatures, thereby somewhat slowing the advance of the enemy.

Furthermore, his red mecha was recognizable to all of the soldiers in the Northern Legion, and his mere presence on the battlefield was a massive morale boost, reinvigorating them and allowing them to fight with renewed energy.

However, this battle had already raged on for two days without any respite, and everyone was utterly exhausted. Unfortunately, rest wasn't an option as the first three defensive lines had already been breached. If they were to take their foot off the accelerator, it was very likely that they would be dealt a fatal blow.

The supply of military stimulants was beginning to run out, and some of the side effects were already starting to show. The fourth defensive line had already been partially breached, and if things were to continue like this, it most likely wouldn't even last the next three hours.

"Where are the reinforcements?" Guo Zhenfeng roared into his soul communicator.

"The reinforcements are on the way, but they still have quite some way to go. According to their estimates, it'll still take the first batch of reinforcements over four more hours to arrive."

Guo Zhenfeng took a deep breath to calm himself down, then replied, "Alright."

He knew that getting angry won't do anyone any good. The northernmost region of the continent was simply far too remote, and the federal military was already doing everything in its power to send troops here as quickly as possible.

Four more hours, eh? 

A wry smile appeared on Guo Zhenfeng's face. He could only hope that the reinforcements would be powerful enough to stop these enemies.

All he could do now was to buy as much time as possible for the reinforcements, even if it meant that the Northern Legion was completely wiped out.

He returned to his mecha's side and gave it a gentle pat. The mecha's name was Azure Peak Battle God, and his family had commissioned its construction for him at a very steep price after he was promoted to the major general rank.

"Rest up, old friend; I'm going now." A determined light appeared in his eyes as he spoke, and a powerful aura erupted out of his body.

He raised his right hand, and a massive ax appeared in his grasp. The ax had a long shaft and a total length of over six meters, while the axehead was semi-circular, resembling half a wagon wheel with a diameter of over one and a half meters.

This was a powerful tool martial soul, the Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe!

Guo Zhenfeng let loose a thunderous roar and rose up into the air, flying directly toward the site where the defensive line had been breached. Following along behind him was his guard squad comprised of purple and black mechas; these were the most elite mecha pilots of the legion.

Among the abyssal creatures, the ones with the largest numbers were these cockroach-like and ant-like creatures. There were also some praying-mantis-like creatures that possessed far superior offensive prowess.

Through his observation, Guo Zhenfeng had already discovered that the more an abyssal creature resembled a human, the more powerful they were.

He immediately spotted a massive abyssal creature that resembled a small mountain, and the Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe in his hand flashed before crashing down from the heavens with devastating might.

This was his first soul skill, Annihilation Strike!

Even though this was only his first soul skill, it was the core soul skill of his Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe.

In contrast with the vast majority of high-grade Soul Masters, Guo Zhenfeng only had three soul skills, while the rest were all complementary soul skills that boosted the power of that core trio of abilities.

This was the archetypal battle method of soldiers as one didn't require a diverse range of soul skills on the battlefield; all that was needed were the most simple and direct methods to kill the enemies.

The Annihilation Strike was one such offensive soul skill, and it truly possessed the might to split mountains.

The mountainous abyssal creature raised its head, and the rolls of flab all over its massive body shuddered, releasing huge plumes of a repugnant odor as it roared with fury. It thrust its two arms directly toward Guo Zhenfeng, only for them to be torn apart by Guo Zhenfeng's massive ax, immediately following which its body was also sliced in half before surging into the air as dense grey mist.

Immediately thereafter, he slashed his ax horizontally through the air, instantly felling countless abyssal creatures, thereby significantly alleviating the pressure there.

"Don't give up! Fill this gap by all means necessary!" Guo Zhenfeng continued to advance as he spoke, sweeping through the enemy with his unstoppable Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe.

The breached gap was an important mountain that was around 300 meters tall, and from the mountain's peak, one had a clear view of all the other surrounding mountains, and there were also important defensive and surveillance soul tools on the summit.

Losing this important strategic point would render the fourth defensive line blind and uncoordinated. Thus, in order to resist for as long as possible, this mountain had to be reclaimed, which was why Guo Zhenfeng was charging toward it full steam ahead with his guard squad.

Right at this moment, a familiar cracking sound rang out behind him, and Guo Zhenfeng instantly turned around to find a blurry shadow flashing past him, following which a ball of fire erupted in all directions.

A purple mecha had exploded.

"F*ck!" Guo Zhenfeng immediately identified that detonated mecha as one owned by a member of his guard squad, a young man whom he had high hopes for, and someone that he saw every day.

Guo Zhenfeng's eyes became completely bloodshot as he swung his Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe through the air, unleashing one ax projection after another that encompassed the entire area up ahead.

Countless abyssal creatures were reduced to grey mist by his infuriated attacks, but right at this moment, he felt a chilling sensation run down one side of his body.

He reflexively dodged to the side, but the enemy was extremely fast and still managed to tear a gash into his clothes.

A figure then appeared in his line of sight. This was a woman with curves so voluptuous that she almost looked like an overly sexualized cartoon. However, it was clear that this figure possessed different traits from a human woman.

Before he had a chance to catch a clear glimpse of the figure, it had already vanished.

Guo Zhenfeng swung his ax toward his assailant, but it struck nothing but empty air.

If Tang Wulin were present, he would've definitely identified the figure to be an Enchantress of the abyssal plane. This was an extremely powerful high-grade abyssal creature that excelled in the areas of stealth, captivation, and assassination.

Right at this moment, a series of sharp sirens rang out, and the defensive line in the direction of the mountain summit was breached amid a massive explosion. All of the abyssal creatures that had scaled the mountain were instantly wiped out in the explosion.

"F*ck!" Guo Zhenfeng was almost blinded by rage.

He knew that the soldiers on the mountain summit had self-detonated as they knew that they weren't a match for the enemies. They hadn't managed to last until Guo Zhenfeng's arrival.

"Retreat!" Guo Zhenfeng roared as he turned back around, and his Mountain Vanquishing Annihilation Axe remained as unstoppable as ever.

He hadn't risen up into the air as that would make him a target, and he was also hoping to be able to kill more abyssal creatures to lessen the pressure on his comrades.

Being a Titled Douluo with a soul core, his stamina in battle was far superior to that of the average Soul Master.

Right at this moment, a peal of unsettling laughter suddenly rang out.

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