Chapter 1752: Together With My Brothers!

In his eyes, a mecha division was enough to force back the beast tide. The mecha division was comprised of 1,000 mechas, as well as a large number of assistance and offensive soul weapons. With such formidable resistance in their way, the soul beasts would be sure to retreat, and Guo Zhengfeng had thought that he was already erring on the side of caution.

However, much to his astonishment, that piece of bad news had been reported back to him less than half a day since the mecha division had set off.

On the way to the designated location, the mecha division had suddenly encountered a tsunami wave of abyssal creatures. Countless enemies had appeared from all directions, devouring the entire mecha division in a very short time.

The Northern Legion's mecha divisions certainly weren't the best on the continent, but that was still an entire mecha division! This situation left Guo Zhenfeng completely dumbfounded, and he didn't know how he was going to report such a heavy loss to the army headquarters.

Thankfully, his qualities as a leader shone through in this trying situation, and he calmed himself down before immediately requesting reinforcements, while also sending all of the information that he currently had on hand to the army headquarters. At the same time, he commanded the remaining five legions to set up a total of five defensive lines to prevent the enemies from advancing further inland.

In the report he had issued to the army headquarters, Guo Zhenfeng explicitly stated that the enemies definitely weren't soul beasts of the northern ice lands. Instead, this was an entirely different type of life form.

Abyssal creatures were completely different in appearance to the soul beasts of the north, and even though Guo Zhenfeng was a Titled Douluo who had been educated on all types of soul beasts, he had never seen anything like these abyssal creatures before. At the same time, he was reporting this invasion to be an extremely severe one.

It was exactly due to his quick reactions and decision to report the situation right away that had bought the federation some more time.

However, what came as a complete shock to Guo Zhenfeng was that of the five defensive lines that had been set up, many of which had even employed the use of fixed defense systems, three had been breached in an extremely short time.

This entailed that over half of the entire Northern Legion's forces had been wiped out in only a single day!

The Northern Legion had countless soul weapons and soul missiles, and all three of the ninth-grade soul missiles allocated to the Northern Legion had already been used, but each one had only been able to slightly delay the enemy's progress.

There was simply no end to these terrifying creatures, and they quickly overwhelmed one defensive line after another. 

The one who had just made the call to Guo Zhenfeng was the vice-commander of the legion, who was leading the defensive effort on the front lines.

Guo Zhenfeng knew him better than anyone else; he was a battle-hardened soldier through and through! There was no way he would be requesting reinforcements so desperately unless the situation really was dire.

"Issue an order for the entire fifth defensive line to move toward and reinforce the fourth defensive line. Relay everything I say next in my exact words, and make sure every single comrade can hear it. My brothers, this is Guo Zhenfeng speaking. Currently, our Northern Legion is facing an attack the severity of which has never been seen before. However, you must remember that behind us is the Douluo Continent and its millions of residents, including our family and friends. We are the final defensive line keeping the continent safe, and if we fall, countless people will die. 

"I will go to the front lines right away and fight alongside everyone. This final defensive line is a lifeline for all of our family and friends, and all we can do is protect it with our lives. I won't say anything else. My brothers, from now on, I am no longer the legion commander. From this moment forth, we are all brothers in arms. As long as I continue to draw breath, I won't take even a half step back from the front lines. For the federation, for our families, for the hot blood that courses through our veins let's kill those bastards!"

After delivering that rousing speech, Guo Zhenfeng immediately turned toward his advisor, and said, "All troops, follow me to the front lines right away. Where is my guard squad? We don't have a moment to waste."

"You can't go in person, Commander; we need you to oversee the battle here! What if the army headquarters issues an order to us?" the advisor urged.

Guo Zhenfeng replied in a cold voice, "I've already reported the situation to the army headquarters, and that's the extent of my responsibilities. You've followed me for so many years, so I'm sure you'll be more than capable of overseeing the proceedings in my stead. Also, there's nothing to be overseeing anyway. Stay here and make reports of the unfolding situation to the army headquarters. Whether we survive or not will depend on when the reinforcements will arrive. As the commander of the Northern Legion, I have to be together with my brothers at this time. As a federal military official, I can't cower behind my comrades." 

Tears instantly began to well up in the advisor's eyes. "Commander, I want to go with you! I also want to be with our brothers!"

"Shut up! You'll be much more useful here. With your half-assed abilities, you won't be able to do anything on the front lines. I'm leaving now!"Guo Zhenfeng turned to leave, but he suddenly turned back around, and after a brief hesitation, he said, "If I die in battle, tell Shen Yue that I fought so hard all so that I could be worthy of her."

After that, he adjusted his military cap and extended a military salute toward the advisor.

The advisor and all of the other soldiers around him immediately stood up straight and returned his salute.

"We swear to live and die with the defensive line!"

Guo Zhenfeng's order had instantly instilled a sense of unwavering confidence within the entire Northern Legion.

Under his rousing leadership, the soldiers felt as if they had all eaten Bloodthirsty Red Bean Bun and were raring to go!

12 hours later, on the northern front.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

Countless artillery shells were exploding on the battlefield. The northern front line wasn't a straight and even line. Instead, it was staggered in order to take full advantage of the terrain. All of the hilltops were occupied by heavy artillery units and large numbers of soldiers, creating a very comprehensive defense system in this hilly region.

The north was abundant with glaciers and steep peaks, and in order to make it further inland, one had to pass through this unforgiving terrain.

There was only this very narrow path that led further inland, and it was bordered on both sides by glacial seas with extremely low temperatures within which resided some special sea soul beasts.

At this moment, countless abyssal creatures that stretched as far as the eyes could see were relentlessly attacking the final defensive line of the Northern Legion.

Grey smoke was billowing incessantly up into the air, comprised entirely of the destructive energy formed by slain abyssal creatures.

Never had Guo Zhenfeng experienced a battle like this. Never had he encountered such indefatigable enemies.

During normal battles, both sides would have periodic ceasefires to rest and recover before continuing again. After all, energy was limited, especially in the cold and unforgiving environment of the north.

However, this didn't seem to apply to these abyssal creatures. From the moment that the assault had commenced, they hadn't rested even for a single instant. It was as if the Northern Legion were facing a relentless wave that would never subside or come to an end.

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