Chapter 1748: Major Crisis

Thus, Tang Wulin was at a temporary loss for what to do.

Tang Wulin had promised Mo Lan that he wouldn't harm innocent individuals, and that he would avoid killing as long as the Spirit Pagoda didn't resist.

In this current situation, many of the powerful beings in the Spirit Pagoda camp, including Leng Yaozhu, were looking at the trio from the Qiangu Family with different eyes.

"Great-grandfather, let me go with you!" Qiangu Zhangting rushed forward, only to be kicked flying by Qiangu Dongfeng before he could even reach Qiangu Dieting.

Gu Yuena caught Qiangu Zhangting in the distance, and Tang Wulin's heart throbbed with pain again upon seeing this.

None of the members of the Shrek Academy camp said anything. At a time like this, Tang Wulin had to make the final decision, and regardless of what decision he made, it would be on behalf of the two superpower organizations.

There was no doubt that the Qiangu Family's status in the Spirit Pagoda would plummet once the three Limit Douluos were detained, and the overall power of the Spirit Pagoda would also take a heavy hit. At the very least, it most likely wouldn't be able to pose a threat to Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect for the next 1,000 years.

As one of the most important Soul Master organizations on the continent, the Spirit Pagoda's existence had a purpose, and thus, Tang Wulin was left struggling to weigh up his options.

Right at this moment, Qiangu Dieting continued, "On top of that, we're willing to provide compensation. I can give you the 60 ninth-grade soul missiles that I mentioned earlier, and we're also willing to issue a sum of money that would be sufficient for Shrek City's reconstruction; all that I ask is that you spare Zhangting's life."

He knew that there was no way that Shrek Academy would destroy the entire Spirit Pagoda. Otherwise, all it had to do was use Eternal Heaven. After all, no one in the outside world knew that Eternal Heaven had already fallen into the Tang Sect's hands, but they had chosen to be direct and open, thereby giving them the moral high ground, but also placing certain moral shackles upon them.

Furthermore, it wasn't in the Tang Sect's style to punish the innocent simply due to association with the guilty party.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath, and just as he was about to make his decision, a voice suddenly rang out in the distance. "Wait!"

Everyone faltered slightly as two powerful auras quickly approached from the distance.

The two auras were quite powerful even to Tang Wulin and the others, so they had to belong to Limit Douluos.

Which side were these two Limit Douluos on?

Tang Wulin hurriedly turned toward that direction to discover two familiar figures, and he heaved an internal sigh of relief as he knew that these two definitely wouldn't stand against Shrek Academy.

The two figures were led by none other than Old Man Chen the sweeper, otherwise known as Boundless Ocean Douluo Chen Xinjie.

With Long Yeyue present, there was no way that he would oppose Shrek Academy.

However, the person accompanying Chen Xinjie came as quite a shock to Tang Wulin. This was someone whom he had fought under before; it was the current commander of the Blood God Legion, Mirror Douluo Zhang Huanyun!

Why was he here? Wasn't he supposed to be guarding the abyssal passageway? As the leader of the Blood God Legion, there was no way he would leave unless extremely special circumstances arose.

"What do you want, Chen Xinjie?" Long Yeyue immediately flew toward Chen Xinjie with a cold expression.

An awkward look immediately appeared on Chen Xinjie's face at the sight of her, and he replied, "I have something serious to share, Yeyue; this is something that concerns the safety of the entire continent. At a time like this, the Soul Master world must unite; we can't afford to be fighting among ourselves here."

Long Yeyue faltered slightly upon hearing this. She knew that Chen Xinjie wouldn't say something like this lightly, so there had to be something extremely urgent happening. She didn't recognize Zhang Huanyun, but his general uniform and the fact that he was a Limit Douluo was enough for her to guess his identity.

Chen Xinjie made his way past Long Yeyue before planting himself in between Tang Wulin and Qiangu Dieting. "I need all of you to set aside this conflict for now; this is not the time to be fighting."

Tang Wulin asked, "What's going on, Senior Chen?"

Chen Xinjie turned to Zhang Huanyun, and said, "Go ahead, Huanyun."

Only then did Tang Wulin notice that Zhang Huanyun was wearing a very grim expression, one that he had never seen on Zhang Huanyun's face before, even when during that massive abyssal tide.

Judging from his expression, it was clear that something serious had happened.

Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi also flew over to Zhang Huanyun. Having partnered with Zhang Huanyun for so long, he knew that Zhang Huanyun was an optimist and always treated everything with a positive attitude. At the same time, he was also a supporter of Shrek Academy, but he couldn't actively support the academy as he was bound by his duties in the Blood God Legion.

"What happened?" Cao Dezhi asked.

Zhang Huanyun sighed, "Something really bad."

"Is it an abyssal tide? It can't be; you wouldn't leave the Blood God Legion in the case of an abyssal tide. Tell me what happened," Cao Dezhi urged as a hint of foreboding welled up in his heart.

"There's nothing wrong in the abyssal passageway, but I just received news that a massive number of abyssal creatures have appeared in the northern region of the continent, far more than the numbers we had faced during the abyssal tide."

"What?" Both Tang Wulin and Cao Dezhi were astonished to hear this.

Abyssal creatures had appeared in the north?

Both of their hearts immediately sank upon hearing this.

Abyssal creatures yearned only for slaughter and destruction while being unkillable themselves.

Aside from Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear, no other weapon could truly slay an abyssal creature, making them an extremely fearsome race.

Furthermore, their objective was to devour the entire Douluo Plane!

According to Long Yeyue, the abyssal plane was a plane of an even higher caliber than the Douluo Plane; without the protection of the Divine Realm, there was no way that the Douluo Plane would be able to survive an all-out invasion from the abyssal plane.

6,000 years ago, the Douluo Plane had almost fallen, and countless powerful beings were sacrificed to seal the abyssal passageway.

Now, abyssal creatures had appeared in another place; what did this entail?

"Are you sure they're abyssal creatures?" Cao Dezhi asked.

Zhang Huanyun replied, "It's been confirmed. Photographs have been sent to us, and there are even Enchantresses among them. The towns near the northernmost region of the continent have already been wiped out. Those accursed creatures target anything and everything that possesses life energy, regardless of whether it's humans, soul beasts, or plants. We have to organize people to go to the northern region and stop their spread as soon as possible. Otherwise, the continent will be in grave danger."

A wry smile appeared on Chen Xinjie's face, and he said, "This is why you need to stop for now. At a time like this, we can't afford for any infighting to take place. The military is already transferring resources and soldiers to the north as quickly as possible, and the Northern Legion has already set off, while the Northsea Legion is also on the verge of departing. The Central Legion will also be departing at this time tomorrow, while the Southern Legion is going to take a bit more time to mobilize. The Sea God Legion will also be setting off around tomorrow, but even the most powerful legions need strong leaders like all of you.

"I'll be returning to the Sea God Legion, and if possible, I would like to recruit all of you to join this effort. The survival of the continent is at stake, and I'm requesting assistance from you on behalf of the continent."

Tang Wulin immediately replied, "It's our duty to protect the continent. Rest assured, Senior Chen, Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect will do everything in their power to contribute to this cause."

Chen Xinjie took a glance at Qiangu Dieting, then continued after a brief hesitation, "Then regarding what's going on here..."

Tang Wulin also turned to Qiangu Dieting, then looked back at the Shrek Academy camp before taking a deep breath. "We'll set our conflict aside for now to prioritize saving the continent."

It seemed to have required all of his energy to utter that short sentence.

They were on the cusp of exacting revenge, and it was very difficult for him to decide to back down now.

However, if he insisted on killing the Qiangu Family here, the entire Spirit Pagoda would be thrown into disarray, and it was a very important piece in this effort to protect the continent, so this wasn't the time to be taking revenge.

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