Chapter 1745: Collapse

Golden light flashed from his entire body, and he instantly reached Qiangu Dongfeng before unleashing countless spear projections toward him with his Golden Dragon Spear.

Qiangu Dongfeng harrumphed coldly as he raised his Coiling Dragon Staff and let loose a thunderous roar, unleashing the third Unyielding Staff Technique, Supporting Heaven and Earth!

The core of the Coiling Dragon Staff lied in its unyielding will; it refused to yield in the face of anyone or anything, even heaven and earth itself.

This was the basis of the Coiling Dragon Staff's soul, and it was being perfectly captured in Qiangu Dongfeng's attack.

Even Qiangu Dieting couldn't help but give a nod of approval as he looked on from afar. Even if he were in his son's place, he wouldn't be able to execute this attack with any higher degree of perfection.

In the face of Shrek Academy's challenge, Qiangu Dongfeng's unyielding will became even more powerful, and a loud clang rang out as the two weapons clashed, sending powerful shockwaves surging through the air that created clear ripples proliferating through space.

Dazzling golden light radiated from Tang Wulin's eyes, and even though he was flying back in retreat, his Golden Dragon Spear was only glowing brighter and brighter.

After forcing back Tang Wulin with a single staff strike, Qiangu Dongfeng's aura elevated even further, and at the same time, pieces of golden battle armor gushed out of his body like a layer of liquid, instantly encapsulating him from head to toe.

Even though he was far older than Tang Wulin, he knew that he couldn't allow his pride to get the better of him in this battle of life and death.

In order to strike Tang Wulin down in a single blow, he had released his four-word battle armor first.

Qiangu Dongfeng's four-word battle armor was named Dominantly Seizing Heaven Earth, and it had already been with him through countless hardships and battles. In the instant Qiangu Dongfeng donned his suit of four-word battle armor, his entire body seemed to have become transparent, and it was as if he were threatening to pierce a hole through the very heavens itself.

The Coiling Dragon Staff in his grasp instantly swelled to over 100 meters in length, and this wasn't just mental manifestation; it was the true form of the staff!

"Battling Heaven and Earth!"

Countless staff projections appeared in the sky, swinging upward to smash countless cracks into the heavens. Immediately thereafter, the cracks devoured a vast amount of the natural energies in the surrounding area, including even the energy generated from his prior clash with Tang Wulin just now. All of this energy was then injected into the Coiling Dragon Staff, enhancing its power to a terrifying peak.

The Coiling Dragon Staff swung down with the intent to shatter heaven and earth, and it was imbued with a reckless sense of insanity.

All of the light glowing from Qiangu Dongfeng's four-word battle armor had already flowed into the staff, and the giant dragons etched onto the staff seemed to have sprung to life, conjuring up a total of nine giant dragon projections that came crashing down toward Tang Wulin alongside the Coiling Dragon Staff.

Even if a mountain were standing in the path of this staff, it would be instantly razed to the ground.

Qiangu Dongfeng hadn't thrown any experimental jabs; he was using his most powerful attack from the get-go.

At the same time, changes were also beginning to appear on Tang Wulin's body. A layer of golden light began to radiate from under his golden scales, and the golden light was intertwined with rainbow light, enveloping Tang Wulin's entire body.

The entire process was very fast, and there was nothing missing aside from a pair of wings.

The pieces of battle armor were all of a bright golden color, and as they appeared, time seemed to have suddenly stood still; even Qiangu Dongfeng's Coiling Dragon Staff faltered momentarily.

This suit of four-word battle armor could no longer be described simply as lavish or beautiful. The armor didn't have any dragon patterns on its surface, but it was glowing with a peculiar sheen that seemed to be reflecting the roars of countless dragons.

The pauldrons were sleek and extended all the way downward in a series of rhomboid shapes that were extremely harmonious.

As the suit of battle armor encapsulated Tang Wulin's body, he seemed to have undergone a total transformation. Even the Golden Dragon Spear in his grasp had become longer and sleeker, as if it had evolved as a result of the light flowing into it from the battle armor.

A layer of dragon patterns appeared on the Golden Dragon Spear, and even though the two tips of the spear were only releasing spear projections that were just over a foot in length, the projections seemed to hold substantial form.

Tang Wulin slowly took a step forward, making his way directly toward the Coiling Dragon Staff.

Immediately thereafter, an indescribably mighty aura erupted from his body.

This aura stemmed from both himself and his battle armor, and in that instant, it was as if he were standing on the summit of a giant mountain, releasing a will of peerless might.

This was the pride of an almighty being who stood at the pinnacle of all life forms, and even heaven and earth had to cower in the face of this fearsome pressure.

In the Spirit Pagoda camp, Han Tianyi suddenly gave a muffled groan as a stunned look appeared on his face.

He possessed the most powerful brain in the Soul Master world, thereby giving him the most potent spiritual power among everyone present, and he had been using his spiritual power this entire time to monitor the entire battlefield.

However, as Tang Wulin donned his suit of battle armor and released that almighty aura, a burst of terrifying intent suddenly crashed into his mind, almost causing it to instantly collapse.

He was given a massive fright by this and hurriedly withdrew his spiritual power, but even so, his mind had received a heavy blow.

One had to realize that his spiritual power was infinitely approaching the Divine Origin realm, so unless Tang Wulin's spiritual power had reached the Divine Origin realm in that instant, there was no way that Han Tianyi's mind would've been dealt such a heavy blow.

But how was this possible? Had Tang Wulin's spiritual power already reached the Divine Origin realm? If so, then this was terrible news for the Spirit Pagoda.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin and Qiangu Dongfeng's clash had already commenced.

At this moment, the ones who were most heavily affected by Tang Wulin's aura was actually the Qiangu Family, including Qiangu Dieting, Qiangu Dongfeng, Qiangu Qingfeng, and Qiangu Zhangting. Their expressions had changed drastically as soon as Tang Wulin had released that aura, and in that instant, they felt the unyielding will in their hearts instantly reach a pinnacle, except this unyielding will was stemming from Tang Wulin.

In the instant that this superior unyielding will erupted out of Tang Wulin's body, Qiangu Dongfeng's battle intent completely collapsed.

This was a purely spiritual clash, and for Limit Douluo level powerful beings like them, spiritual clashes were often even more fearsome than clashes of soul power.

The basis of Qiangu Dongfeng's power was built upon his unyielding will, which allowed him to attain absolute focus and the courage to face all opponents, even heaven and earth itself.

However, in the face of this aura that was of the same nature but on a higher level, the unyielding will in his heart crumbled, as did the spirit of his staff.

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