Chapter 1734: Facing the Lightning Tribulation with the Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques

The soul power within his body abruptly began to churn, and he felt as if he had become completely submerged in scorching air currents.

He had made a breakthrough in his soul power!

He had made a breakthrough earlier after attaining spear essence and returning to Shrek Academy, and now, he was making another breakthrough after truly becoming a Divine Blacksmith.

The current Tang Wulin was now at rank 98 soul power, and he was racing toward the pinnacle at an inexplicable speed.

However, he didn't have any spare mental capacity to examine the changes that had taken place within his own body; he was currently focused wholeheartedly on the piece of metal hovering in mid-air, and all he wanted at this moment was to help it transcend its tribulation. If he could do that successfully, then he would be completing heavenly refinement on a seven-metal alloy for the very first time!

He took a step forward, bringing him directly in front of the piece of metal, then released his Infernal Lightning Vine in preparation to withstand part of the lightning tribulation.

However, the golden statue suddenly turned around and shook his head at Tang Wulin in a decisive manner.

It was clear that it was telling Tang Wulin that it didn't need his help in facing the lightning tribulation.

In Tang Wulin's past experience, all of the metals that he had completed heavenly refinement on had been overcome by fear in the face of their elemental tribulations.

At that point, they still weren't able to shapeshift or move freely. Otherwise, Tang Wulin was certain that they would've flown around him and cowered behind him for protection. 

However, this piece of metal was displaying the complete opposite reaction, actively requesting Tang Wulin not to get involved, and this was completely unprecedented!

Tang Wulin didn't hesitate and immediately took a few steps backward. Seeing as the metal wanted to try and transcend this tribulation on its own, then there was no reason to stop it.


The elemental tribulation made its first move, sending a bolt of lightning crashing down from above.

The forging hammers in the golden statue's hands suddenly vanished, and in that instant, an astonishing scene transpired.

The golden statue raised its right hand, and a dual-tipped spear appeared in its grasp; this was a miniature version of the Golden Dragon Spear.

At the same time, Tang Wulin was astonished to discover that the Golden Dragon Spear within his body was nowhere to be found.

What just happened? How was this piece of metal able to borrow his Golden Dragon Spear?

However, the most stunning events were still yet to come. 

As Tang Wulin continued to look on in an astonished manner, the golden statue thrust its Golden Dragon Spear forward, releasing countless spear projections that ultimately fused as one; this was Fury of the Masses!


Rainbow lightning surged along the Golden Dragon Spear, crashing into the golden statue's body, causing it to shudder violently. However, it only took a split-second for the rainbow lightning to be completely absorbed into its body.

After that, the golden statue raised its head and gestured for more in a provocative display.

As the lightning was absorbed into the golden statue's body, Tang Wulin was also struck by a numb sensation, as if he were the one who had been struck by the lightning instead.


A second bolt of lightning fell, this one clearly more powerful than the first.

Perhaps the tribulation clouds had been infuriated by the golden statue's provocative gesture, and it rained down three bolts of lightning in succession.

The golden statue made no attempt to evade, unleashing one spear projection after another with its Golden Dragon Spear to fight fire with fire. At the same time, a suit of battle armor that was identical to Tang Wulin's three-word battle armor appeared over its body.

"Boom, boom, boom!" 

The three consecutive lightning strikes were far more fearsome than the first one, and even though the golden statue had managed to withstand the barrage, it was sent flying down from above before crashing heavily onto the ground.

Tang Wulin was also struck by a rush of dizziness and numbness.

Didn't the metal indicate that it was going to transcend the tribulation on its own? Why was the impact being duplicated?

Right at this moment, a loud clang rang out, and the golden statue sprang up into the air.

After withstanding that barrage of three lightning strikes, its body was already glowing with extremely bright rainbow light.

It seemed to have also been enraged by this, and it transferred the Golden Dragon Spear into its left hand before raising its right hand upward. Immediately thereafter, what appeared to be a black hole appeared over its tiny palm.

The five subsequent bolts of elemental lightning that fell from above were instantly torn apart, then forcibly devoured by the black hole as specks of rainbow light.

This was Dragon Emperor Break! It was even capable of using the Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques!

This was basically a miniature and metallic version of Tang Wulin himself!

Ling Zichen was also completely rooted to the spot, and she was even struck by the feeling that she was watching Tang Wulin's child in action.


A string of rumbling thunderclaps rang out as the elemental tribulation intensified. What was even more terrifying was that a ball of rainbow lightning was quickly beginning to take shape up above!

For the first time, the golden statue was struck by a hint of fear, and it tightened its grip around the Golden Dragon Spear as its aura seemed to be undergoing a change, while the air around it began to twist and warp.

The ball of lightning fell out of the sky like a shooting star, and as the golden statue gripped the Golden Dragon Spear with both hands, everything in the surrounding area suddenly stood still, including even the ball of lightning for a split second.

In the next instant, the Golden Dragon Spear slashed through the air, instantly slicing the ball of lightning in half. Scintillating rainbow light gushed into the golden statue's body, and Tang Wulin shuddered violently off to the side, but it was a strangely exhilarating sensation.

The golden statue was even capable of using his Dragon Emperor Slash!

After absorbing the ball of lightning, the rainbow light radiating from the golden statue's body had become extremely bright. 

All of a sudden, it pointed its Golden Dragon Spear up at the heavens, and an aura of reckless abandon erupted forth as it flew up directly toward the lightning clouds as a streak of rainbow light.

This was Tang Wulin's Dragon Emperor Charge!

A string of rumbling thunderclaps rang out up above, and the elemental tribulation seemed to have become even more enraged by the golden statue's provocation.

A peerlessly unyielding will erupted out of the golden statue's body, causing even the tribulation clouds to dim slightly.

Restrict Heaven and Earth, Dragon Emperor Fight!

This was one of the two new Dragon Emperor Restriction Techniques that Tang Wulin had created, and it was an extremely powerful auxiliary skill rather than a directly offensive ability.

Tang Wulin could sense that his Dragon Emperor Fight was already able to emulate roughly 1% of that staff-wielding figure's aura, but just this 1% was already beyond the boundaries of the Spirit Domain realm.

Above the Spirit Domain realm was the Divine Origin realm, which was a realm that was only attainable to the gods!

As soon as Dragon Emperor Fight was unleashed, even the rainbow tribulation clouds dimmed significantly. Tang Wulin had never had a chance to use this Dragon Emperor Restriction Technique in battle, but the golden statue was testing it in his stead.

All of a sudden, everything turned dark, and it was as if heaven and earth had been flipped around as a terrifying aura spread through the air.

The tribulation clouds in the sky suddenly felt as if they were on the verge of crumbling away, and right at this moment, Tang Wulin could sense that the Infernal Lightning Vine within his body was absorbing the power of the lightning tribulation in an ecstatic frenzy.

Everything suddenly seemed to have fallen into darkness and destruction, and the sudden change caused Ling Zichen to let loose an agonized cry.

Even the defenses of her divine-grade mecha were on the verge of being overwhelmed.

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