Chapter 1732: Seven-metal Forging

The first time Tang Wulin used this Rainbow Lotus Flame, he had almost destroyed his forging bench. The flame appeared to be very gentle, but it contained an enormous amount of energy.

Tang Wulin had once enlisted A'Ruheng's services as a lab rat, and even his Invincible Vajra Body was unable to withstand being scorched by this flame for long; over a minute of exposure would result in substantial harm. That was a clear indication of just how fearsome this Rainbow Lotus Flame was.

Tang Wulin raised his hands, and a pair of forging hammers appeared in his grasp. He then lunged forward to his forging bench and raised his arms up into the air, quickly bringing his forging hammers down upon the seven pieces of metal as if he were playing a musical instrument.

If Zhen Hua had been present to see this, he would've been stunned by what Tang Wulin was doing, which was forging seven pieces of metal at once!

Each type of metal had its own unique properties and characteristics, so the forging methods required were all completely different.

This method of forging required outstanding calculation abilities, as well as extraordinary spiritual power and strength control.

Zhen Hua would perhaps be able to accomplish this in his mind, but there was no way he could actually do this in practice, and this was entirely due to the difference in power between the two.

For individuals working in all occupations, it would benefit them immensely if they were also top-tier Soul Masters.

The seven pieces of metal were clanging rhythmically in different pitches and tones under Tang Wulin's forging hammers, and during the striking process, the Rainbow Lotus Flame also adhered itself to the forging hammers.

As the strikes continued to rain down, the seven pieces of metal began to melt, but all to different extents. Tang Wulin's hammers were constantly striking them from different directions to improve their composition, and the Rainbow Lotus Flames were also fluctuating in intensity at his behest, releasing just the right amount of heat for the situation.

Within the span of just a few minutes, sweat was already beginning to appear on Tang Wulin's forehead.

He was a Hyper Douluo with mental manifestation level spiritual power, yet even he was beginning to display signs of strain; it was clear that forging in this manner was very taxing for him.

Furthermore, he was only in the process of completing hundred refinement!

He was already at a level where he could complete thousand refinement with a single hammer blow, yet he was taking so long to complete hundred refinement, and that was a clear testament to how meticulous he was being.

It was most likely the first time in history that anyone had ever attempted to forge seven pieces of metal at once, and with his current skills, he was only able to complete hundred refinement. Upon completing thousand refinements, the metals would undergo massive changes, requiring corresponding changes in his forging methods, and even his current spiritual power wouldn't be sufficient to allow him to keep up.

As he continued his forging, he could clearly sense that the seven pieces of metal were all constantly shrinking under his hammers.

Each time the pieces of metal shrank, certain changes would take place within them, and even though their size was constantly diminishing, the metals were only glowing brighter and brighter.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he took a deep breath, and the seven bursts of Rainbow Lotus Flames on the seven pieces of metal suddenly vanished back into his palm at his behest.

At this point, the pieces of metal were all as soft as balls of dough.

Tang Wulin's eyes began to glow brightly, and golden light erupted from his body as he transferred the forging hammer in his right hand to his left hand, then made a grabbing motion toward the seven pieces of metal.

The surrounding air instantly congealed, and elements of all attributes instantly disappeared, as if the entire room had been sealed away.

Even through her mecha, Ling Zichen was still struck by a strong sense of unease in the wake of this change.

In contrast to when he had first used this technique, it had now virtually become second nature to Tang Wulin.

This was his Dragon Emperor Break!

Everything around the seven pieces of metal was instantly sealed, and that temporarily put all of the changes taking place in the pieces of metal on pause. Immediately thereafter, the seven pieces of metal instantly came into contact with one another at his behest, and he returned one of his forging hammers to his right hand before sending them crashing toward the pieces of metal like a whirlwind.

The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Technique of the Tang Sect was being sped up countless times by him, and one deafening boom rang out after another on the forging bench.

After conducting careful calculations, Ling Zichen discovered that the higher the number of metals used to forge an alloy, the more difficult the process would be, and the greater the amount of data that would have to be calculated.

For seven metals to be used at once, the amount of data that had to be calculated was astronomical, so it was virtually impossible to forge a seven-metal alloy at the heavenly refinement level through experience.

As such, why not go the opposite way? That was the suggestion that Ling Zichen had given to Tang Wulin.

As opposed to trying to fuse the metals into an alloy at their strongest state, why not fuse them at their weakest?

The downside to this was that it would become extremely difficult to further refine the resulting alloy, but no matter how difficult that would be, the difficulty would only be in terms of energy expenditure for Tang Wulin; there would be far less data that had to be calculated by adopting this plan.

As it turned out, her suggestion was very sound. During his prior experiments, Tang Wulin had already completed soul refinement on a seven-metal alloy, which meant that he had already created an alloy that could be used in a suit of three-word battle armor, the first alloy of its kind in all of history.

Tang Wulin had even attempted to forge this alloy into a suit of three-word battle armor. Its power was still inferior to that of a suit of four-word battle armor, but its explosiveness wasn't far off from a suit of four-word battle armor, and of course, it was also lacking in sentience.

At this moment, the seven metals were gradually fusing together under his frenzied storm of hammer blows, and it was still quite easy to tell one metal from another, but as the metals began to integrate further with one another, they were starting to look more and more like a single metal.

Furthermore, the Rainbow Lotus Flame was ridding the metals of their impurities, making them softer and more supple as a result, thereby allowing Tang Wulin to better fuse them.

One hammer blow rained down after another, and instead of injecting his soul power into the metals to improve their quality, Tang Wulin was using the purest and most basic forging techniques to integrate them.

This was a slow process, and even a low-grade blacksmith wouldn't spend so long striking a piece of metal. However, Tang Wulin's hands remained steady, and he was constantly monitoring the power of his hammer blows as he continued unleashing the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Technique. 

Soul power was often able to trigger fundamental changes in metals, which was why he was able to complete thousand refinement with a single hammer strike.

However, without the injection of soul power, the process became purer.

Thus, the hammers continued to fall, triggering one change after another. The seven pieces of metal gradually fused as one, and its color was also changing as the forging continued.

Meanwhile, Ling Zichen was waiting patiently off to the side. She knew that forging required time and had to be completed in a single unbroken session.

Soon, he was already past 1,000 hammer blows, but due to the caliber of the metal, there was no fundamental change.

After a full three hours, 10,000 hammer blows were completed. Finally, the seven metals had fused as one, turning into a special color.

Back when the seven pieces of metal were still independent of one another, they were each giving off their own radiance under the illumination of the Rainbow Lotus Flame.

However, now that they were fused together, their radiance seemed to have been concealed and was no longer being released. Thus, the piece of metal was left with a dull yellow color, but it was riddled with layer upon layer of fine patterns that resembled miniature ravines, and one could easily find themselves lost in the patterns if they were to look deep into them.

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