Chapter 1702: Demonic Depravity

Ultimately, Tang Wulin wasn't infallible, and he had made a mistake in thinking that Guan Yue was going to be the one guarding the middle path. Thus, he had organized for Ling Zichen to station herself at the middle path mainly for intimidation purposes. Her source positive circulation core was an extremely fearsome system, and once she put on that deranged act to threaten self-detonation, even a Limit Douluo would have to consider whether they wanted to push her any further.

However, he failed to foresee that Ling Zichen would encounter the natural bane of a mecha pilot like her, which was a control system Soul Master, and a soundwave type control system Soul Master, at that.

In reality, Mo Zihong was also very perplexed.

He had been very surprised at the sight of Ling Zichen's pink mecha. Was this a suit of battle armor? It didn't look like one, but it was giving off extremely powerful energy fluctuations.

Could it be a mecha? But surely this thing was too small to be a mecha?

Thus, he had begun playing his zither to test out his opponent's capabilities.

Mo Zihong excelled in releasing all types of curses using his Demonic Zither, and he was certainly very much deserving of the title of the number one control system Soul Master in the Battle God Hall.

As expected, as soon as he began playing his zither, his opponent conjured up a layer of pink light to keep out the melody. After that, she merely stood still on the spot, not unleashing any attacks, choosing to engage in passive defense instead.

Unbeknownst to him, if he were to attack at this time, Ling Zichen would most likely be unable to defend herself.

It was exactly due to the fact that he couldn't understand this situation that Mo Zihong continued to play his zither. Meanwhile, Ling Zichen was already in a semi-unconscious state, but thankfully, her divine-grade mecha was able to keep out the melody, and could stand on its own, which was why she was able to remain standing.

On the left path, Xu Xiaoyan and Yuanen Yehui had arrived at the river. The mission assigned to them by Tang Wulin was to attack the enemy as a test of their capabilities, and they were the only ones that had been assigned with an offensive role.

After arriving at the river, Yuanen Yehui looked across to find their opponent in the form of Vigorous Dragon Douluo Nangong Yi.

Inside the Battle God Arena, all soul communicators were disabled, which meant that communication would have to be facilitated through speech or other special avenues, such as communicative soul skills.

Even though everyone participating in this battle possessed Titled Douluo level powers, none of them were proficient in this area. Thus, neither the Shrek Academy camp nor the Battle God Hall camp was able to communicate among themselves effectively.

As a result, Yuanen Yehui didn't know if they were facing only one person, or if there were another opponent hiding in the shadows. Thus, both sides looked across at one another, and neither side made any rash moves.

However, Yuanen Yehui was a lot more confident than Nangong Yi as she had heard the announcement of the Dark Demonic Dragon's demise, following which she clearly sensed the resulting enhancements, which were quite significant given that she was already a Titled Douluo. Thus, her eyes immediately lit up at the sight of Nangong Yi, who was the lowest-ranked Battle God among their five opponents.

Nangong Yi had naturally caught sight of them as well, and he didn't know much about Xu Xiaoyan, but the Battle God Hall had no lack of information about Yuanen Yehui.

During Shrek Academy's enrollment day, Yuanen Yehui had displayed incredible power, revealing her Titled Douluo cultivation rank, as well as a piece of four-word battle armor. In addition to that, everyone from the Shrek Academy had put on stunning displays, so he was feeling rather hesitant, especially as this was a two-on-one situation. According to the information he had received, Yuanen Yehui's companion was also a member of Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

Even the food system Soul Master of Shrek’s Seven Monsters was that powerful; all of the other members had to be even more formidable. With that in mind, he immediately retreated back into the forest on his side before Yuanen Yehui and Xu Xiaoyan had a chance to decide on a strategy.

"What do we do, Yuanen? Should we follow him?" Xu Xiaoyan asked.

Yuanen Yehui's brows furrowed slightly as she replied, "There might be a trap, so we'll hold off on that for now. Let's observe while we take out some of the water-dwelling soul beasts in this river."

She rose up into the air as she spoke, and a pair of inky-black wings appeared on her back. At the same time, she reverted back into her true female appearance instead of her male facade.

In her Fallen Angel form, Yuanen Yehui had a sinful allure. She had benefited immensely from the battle against the demonic plane, particularly in the form of bloodline purification. As such, her Fallen Angel form was far more powerful than it had once been.

Ye Xinglan was having to work extremely hard to keep up with Yuanen Yehui precisely because the latter was improving far too quickly, not just in terms of cultivation rank, but also in terms of overall power.

The advantages brought to her by her twin martial souls were truly beginning to shine through following her breakthrough to the Titled Douluo level, and aside from Tang Wulin, she was the fastest improving member of Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

She was the first one to become a Titled Douluo, and in a short span of time, she had already reached rank 93 in soul power, drawing closer and closer to the Hyper Douluo level. With her twin martial souls, her Titan Giant Ape bloodline purification from Er Ming, and her Fallen Angel bloodline purification from the demonic monarch, she would definitely encounter no bottleneck en route to becoming a Hyper Douluo.

Everyone else was also improving very quickly, but they still couldn't keep up with Yuanen Yehui.

Ye Xinglan had never been willing to accept inferiority, even when compared with Tang Wulin, let alone Yuanen Yehui, and that was why she had chosen to take such a massive risk to force herself to attain sword essence.

In terms of overall power, Yuanen Yehui was comparable to Ye Xinglan after the latter attained sword essence, and she was currently the undisputed second most powerful member of Shrek's Seven Monsters.

Dark purple light revolved around her body, and it was tinged with hints of gold. The bloodline of demonic royalty was of the purplish-golden color, and it reflected the purest power of depravity. After taking on her Fallen Angel form, Yuanen Yehui's aura also began to change, and aside from her eyes, which remained clear and lucid, her entire body was giving off an intensely evil aura.

She raised her right hand, and her Dark Demonic Sword appeared in her grasp. At this point, the water-dwelling soul beasts below had already detected her presence, and a large fish suddenly stuck out its head before opening its mouth to shoot an arrow of water directly toward Yuanen Yehui.

The arrow was extremely fast, and it was giving off a sharp odor, clearly indicating that it was poisonous.

All of a sudden, the purplish-golden light beneath Yuanen Yehui's feet suddenly began to revolve violently, and she stomped down to send tremors surging through the air, not only destroying the arrow of water but also causing the entire river down below to cave in significantly. As a result, the head of the fish was instantly flattened, and at the same time, Yuanen Yehui slashed her Dark Demonic Sword downward while bright purplish-golden light radiated from her body.

Her sword slashed through the air, and a huge section of the river instantly took on a purplish-black color while bubbling incessantly as if it were boiling.

Specks of light then began to rise up from the river, flowing into her and Xu Xiaoyan's bodies.

Nangong Yi had already retreated into the forest across the river, but instead of departing, he was observing his opponents in secret.

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