Chapter 1701: Demonic Zither

The Dark Demonic Dragon had been killed? He didn't feel anything, so it clearly wasn't anyone on their side who had killed it. In that case, it had to be the opposition!

These little rascals really are full of surprises! 

Guan Yue already had a very high opinion of the Shrek Academy camp, but they were still managing to surprise him.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face. Everything was going according to plan.

Killing a 100,000-year-old soul beast was supposed to grant his entire team a massive boost, and this was the opportunity they needed to turn the tables.

In terms of overall power, they were perhaps inferior to their opponents, but there was most likely no better dragon-hunting duo in this world than Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi.

He had stayed away from the areas where the two dragons resided during the one-hour inspection period to pull the wool over their opponents' eyes, and it was all so that he could kill one of them once the battle commenced.

The Dark Demonic Dragon had been killed in a single strike, but this was no ordinary attack; it was a Tang Wulin in his three-word battle armor, wielding the Dragonslaying Saber that was Sima Jinchi, and unleashing a full-power Dragon Emperor Slash.

It could be said that this was the most powerful attack Tang Wulin was currently capable of unleashing, and even a Limit Douluo may not be able to withstand it.

Guan Yue wasn't the only one astonished by this turn of events; Long Tianwu and Su Mengjun felt as if they were about to go insane after hearing the announcement that the Dark Demonic Dragon had been killed.

How had it been killed so quickly? They were still pondering whether this was a trap, and the Dark Demonic Dragon was already dead!

This had to have set the record for the fastest time the Dark Demonic Dragon had ever been killed in the Battle God Arena.

Even if they had decided to rush to the scene right away, they would've most likely still been too late to do anything. Could it be that all five members of the Shrek Academy camp had targeted the Dark Demonic Dragon together? But that didn't make sense; it was far too risky a strategy.

Outside the Battle God Arena, Ao Rui's eyes were wide with disbelief. Even now, he still couldn't believe his own eyes.

The Battle Gods in the Battle God Arena couldn't see what was happening, but he had clearly witnessed what Tang Wulin had just done.

There was no doubt that this was a soul fusion skill. That man had transformed into a saber for Tang Wulin to wield, but even so, how could that attack have been so fearsome?

Dragons possessed the most powerful bodies among all soul beasts, and the majority of a soul beast's power was derived from their body, yet a 100,000-year-old Dark Demonic Dragon had just been sliced in half in a single attack; no one would be willing to believe such a farcical tale!

However, Tang Wulin had accomplished this, and he had made it look very easy.

Ao Rui finally understood A'Ruheng's reaction now. It was clear that he knew what Tang Wulin was going to do.

For the first time, he realized that he wasn't necessarily guaranteed to win their bet because he knew just how significant the enhancements provided by a slain 100,000-year-old soul beast were.

All soul ring levels were raised by 10,000 years, and soul power was also elevated by two ranks. 

With two additional ranks of soul power, Tang Wulin would most likely be infinitely approaching the Limit Douluo level. Furthermore, there were potentially other Soul Masters in the Shrek Academy camp who could cross into Titled Douluo territory with this soul power boost.

Thus, the gap between the two camps was closed down significantly in an instant, thereby making the outcome of the battle a lot less predictable.

Meanwhile, A'Ruheng was looking at the big screen in a relaxed manner. He didn't know what enhancements slaying the Dark Demonic Dragon would bring to Tang Wulin and the others, but he knew that it had to be significant.

At this point, Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi had already caught sight of Long Tianwu and Su Mengjun, and they were appraising one another from across the river.

Tang Wulin wore a faint smile while dark purple light was flowing incessantly into his and Sima Jinchi's bodies.

With Tang Wulin's mental manifestation level spiritual power, he was naturally able to sense the changes taking place in his own body, and he was quite surprised at just how significantly he was being boosted after slaying that Dark Demonic Dragon.

Long Tianwu asked, "Were you the ones who killed the Dark Demonic Dragon?"

"That's right," Tang Wulin replied.

Long Tianwu merely nodded in response before disappearing into the forest with Su Mengjun, departing in a calm and decisive manner.

Tang Wulin's eyes narrowed slightly upon seeing this. He had been hoping to lure those two into attacking. He and Sima Jinchi had a soul fusion skill, just like they did, and in a two-on-two battle, he was very confident in their chances.

The thing that he was most concerned about was that Guan Yue was still in the nearby area.

At this moment, the one who was in the most trouble was actually Ling Zichen.

She had already arrived at the riverbank in her pink mecha, and there was a large bridge across the river, connecting the two parts of the battle God Arena.

From here, she could even see the enemy's starting point in the distance. However, one person stood in her way: it was Demonic Zither Douluo Mo Zihong.

Mo Zihong wore a calm and elegant expression with his long hair trailing down the sides of his cheeks, and he was giving off an inherently rhythmic disposition.

He was currently seated on the other side of the bridge with a purple crystalline zither sitting across his lap.

Ling Zichen had arrived earlier than he had, but she had followed Tang Wulin's instructions and refrained from crossing the bridge. Instead, she was calmly appraising Mo Zihong with her short spear in her grasp.

Ling Zichen's first impression of Mo Zihong was that she disliked him very much. There was no particular reason; she simply disliked him.

All of a sudden, Mo Zihong began to play his zither, and a strangely infectious melody sounded. 

Ling Zichen immediately activated the soundproofing defensive mechanism in her mecha, but she quickly discovered that this was a wasted effort.

The melody of the zither couldn't infiltrate her mecha, but it carried a type of spiritual fluctuations that resonated with the energy of her mecha. Even though a significant portion of it was kept out, it was still affecting her, and a very vexing hint of exhaustion had befallen her.

Ling Zichen wasn't a Soul Master, but her spiritual power was far superior to that of the average person. She would often go several days without sleep while conducting her research, and exhaustion was a term that was absent from her dictionary.

However, at this moment, she was feeling more exhausted than she ever had, and this feeling was originating from deep within her heart. Furthermore, it was accompanied by a series of negative emotions.

Why am I working so hard in my research? 

Why am I so intent on pursuing power? 

Why can't I find a man I love? 

Why is it that Tang Wulin is so annoying, but I still enjoy being with him? 

All types of complex thoughts were appearing in her mind, and she could even feel her own eyes going out of focus.

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