Chapter 1700: Slaying the Dark Demonic Dragon

A beam of bright light flashed through the air as Tang Wulin descended beside Sima Jinchi, and the two of them exchanged a quick glance before the latter said, "It's still in slumber just up ahead; I'll wake it up right now."

Sima Jinchi sprang up into the air as he spoke, flying to the top of a large tree before a series of soul rings rose up from beneath his feet. All nine of his soul rings were black, but curiously enough, they were riddled with golden patterns, setting them apart from normal 10,000-year-old soul rings.

This was a result of the nourishment he was receiving from Tang Wulin.

Sima Jinchi was the law-enforcing saber of the dragon clan, while Tang Wulin possessed the bloodline of the Dragon God. Even though the Golden Dragon King was only a part of the Dragon God, it possessed the purest Dragon God bloodline. Hence, just by being with Tang Wulin, Sima Jinchi was naturally nurtured by him, and as a result, his cultivation rank would continue to elevate. At the same time, the quality of the law-enforcing saber was gradually recovering.

Furthermore, the Golden Dragon Spear and the Dragonslaying Saber were acting as whetstones for one another, making each other sharper and more powerful.

Under the illumination of the faint golden patterns on his nine black soul rings, Sima Jinchi stood in the heavens like a proud deity.

He raised the Dragonslaying Saber in his right hand before slashing it downward, and a faint black dragon projection appeared not far away from him before being instantly sliced in half.

Not a single sound was made, but all of the spectating Battle Gods were struck by a strong sense of oppression upon seeing this, as if their minds had been heavily impacted somehow.

It was also right at this moment that a furious dragon's roar rang out up ahead.

At the center of the dark forest was a valley, and every single thing inside that valley, including the plants and stones, were all completely black.

The dragon's roar had rung out from the deepest point within this world of darkness, and at the same time, a massive dragon's head reared up.

However, in the next instant, it sensed the aura of the Dragonslaying Saber.

At this point, Sima Jinchi was already a Titled Douluo, and he was far more powerful than he had once been.

After all, how could he regularly spar with A'Ruheng, who had already attained the Invincible Vajra Body, without being a formidable warrior himself?

Even with his Invincible Vajra Body, A'Ruheng didn't dare to allow himself to be struck by a full-power strike from the Dragonslaying Saber, and that was sufficient testament to the divine weapon's power.

At this moment, the oppressive power that the Dragonslaying Saber had over all dragons was put on full display, and the Dark Demonic Dragon's roar of fury suddenly turned into a hesitant whimper. It could sense just how fearsome the approaching enemy was, but this was its territory, and the order that had been implanted into its mind was that it had to destroy all humans who ventured into its territory with no exceptions.

Thus, the giant dragon began to slowly rise up from within its massive lair.

The Dark Demonic Dragon was completely inky-black in color, and it was over 100 meters in length from head to tail.

It spread its massive wings, and a plume of purplish-black mist erupted out of its body.

The mist was extremely corrosive and infectious, which was why the entire area of this forest had been tainted black.

A fearsome aura erupted out of its body as it flapped its wings and quickly flew up from its lair.

In response, Sima Jinchi raised his Dragonslaying Saber high above his head, and his nine soul rings began to glow with dazzling light.

The Dark Demonic Dragon had already spotted him at this point, and it immediately let loose a roar of fury.

It could sense the animosity from Sima Jinchi and the massive threat posed to it by the Dragonslaying Saber, but it couldn't back down now as doing so would spell its doom. Regardless of what happened, it had no choice but to fight for its life.

Furthermore, the Dragonslaying Saber was extremely intimidating and destructive to dragons, but don't forget that it was once a part of the Dragon God's horn, making it extremely revered among the dragon clan.

Even though this 100,000-year-old Dark Demonic Dragon was only a simulation, it could sense that if it could fuse with the saber in Sima Jinchi's hand, it would undergo a stunning transformation; perhaps it would even be able to transcend beyond this plane.

Thus, the Dark Demonic Dragon was appraising Sima Jinchi with both fear and intense yearning in its eyes.

Another thunderous dragon's roar rang out as the Dark Demonic Dragon blasted a burst of dark dragon breath toward Sima Jinchi.

However, Sima Jinchi merely smiled upon seeing this.

He was confident that he would be able to defeat this Dark Demonic Dragon alone, but even with the Dragonslaying Saber, it would take him a long time to dispatch such a powerful foe. However, he wasn't alone! He was joined by a true ruler of the dragon clan!

A figure appeared behind Sima Jinchi in a stealthy manner, just as Sima Jinchi parted the dark breath with his Dragonslaying Saber. At the same time, he rose up higher into the air with rainbow light erupting out of his body.

At the same time, Tang Wulin's entire body began to glow with radiant golden light, and even though he still only had a suit of three-word battle armor without any pieces of four-word battle armor, the air around him had completely congealed.

He reached out with his right hand, and the giant saber formed by Sima Jinchi landed in his grasp. It was also in this instant that the Golden Dragon King aura he had been repressing and hiding this entire time erupted forth like a tsunami wave.

The Dark Demonic Dragon was just about to unleash a full-power attack, but it felt as if its blood had frozen solid in its veins in the face of this aura, and it was left completely immobilized.

Even Beast God Di Tian, who was close to the 1,000,000-year level was affected to a certain extent by Tang Wulin's bloodline, let alone this 100,000-year old Dark Demonic Dragon.

In this Battle God Arena, its power was second to that of the Golden-eyed Black Dragon King, and in the face of the Dragonslaying Saber and the Golden Dragon King aura, it was barely able to keep itself aloft.

Right at this moment, the space around the Dark Demonic Dragon suddenly warped violently, completely locking it into place.

A burst of dazzling nine-colored light flashed past, leaving a beautiful arc in the sky.

The Dark Demonic Dragon's eyes instantly glazed over as it hovered in mid-air in a completely still manner. At this point, Tang Wulin had already landed on the other side of the valley, and the Dragonslaying Saber in his hand had reverted back into Sima Jinchi. The two of them didn't even take a single glance at the Dark Demonic Dragon before they sped toward the right path.

A golden line that was shimmering with nine-colored light appeared on the Dark Demonic Dragon's forehead, then extended past its neck, chest, and all the way to its tail.

Immediately thereafter, rays of nine-colored light erupted out of the golden line, and the Dark Demonic Dragon's massive body abruptly exploded into a cloud of purplish-black mist.

The entire Battle God Arena tremored violently, and an omniscient voice in the sky declared, "The Dark Demonic Dragon has been slain."

The purplish-black mist spread through the air in all directions, and elsewhere in the Battle God Arena, Guan Yue, who was in the process of rapidly killing soul beasts, faltered as an incredulous look appeared in his eyes.

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