Chapter 170 - Thousand-Year Frozen Grass

Chapter 170 - Thousand-Year Frozen Grass

At Wu Zhangkong’s words, Tang Wulin was delighted. He knew he wouldn’t have to worry about finding the items needed to break the second seal in the future with Wu Zhangkong by his side.

“Thank you, Teacher Wu. I’ll work hard to earn enough money to buy them all in a few years.” Tang Wulin glowed with optimism; he saw hope now!

According to the current estimated timeline, he still had five years to break the second seal and when he did, he probably would not have to worry about the next seal until he turned 20. He was only ten right now. He was certain that an opportunity to break the third seal would appear in those ten years of peace.

Wu Zhangkong responded with a slight nod and didn’t continue the conversation.

Although he certainly could help Tang Wulin find the items and it would be easier for Tang Wulin, he had no intentions of doing so. One would never truly cherish something if one didn’t obtain it one’s self. Only by relying on one’s self could one walk forward steadily. This wasn’t for the sake of cultivating one’s strength, but for growing one’s character. Though the items Tang Wulin spoke of were expensive, they were not impossible to obtain when considering the blacksmith rank he had achieved at such a young age. It was only a matter of time before he could buy them. Wu Zhangkong determined that it was best for Tang Wulin’s growth if he worked for it himself.

“Honored guests, we will begin the auction shortly.” A tender and melodious female voice resounded throughout the hall. The lights dimmed while the stage lights glowed, serving as a signal for a beautiful lady in a dark red dress to make her entrance onto the stage. She gave a slight bow to the seated guests.

Several staff members that were each charged with an area of bidders appeared from the side to aid the auctioneer in controlling the bidders once the bidding started. The moment a bidder raised their sign, the staff member would point them out to the auctioneer, helping facilitate the proceedings.

“First, let me welcome all of our honored guests on behalf of the Heaven Dou Imperial Auction. Now for the first item…” The lady didn’t waste any words and cut straight to the point as she walked to the back of a gilded wooden table with a smile.

A cart was pushed onto the stage while a screen at the back of the stage lit up.

“Our first item today is the very rare spirit fruit Frozen Grass. As everyone knows, the Frozen Grass is a top-tier ice-attribute spirit fruits and will be of great assistance to any ice-attribute Soul Master. We sacrificed much to acquire this thousand-year Frozen Grass so I will tell you, our honored guests, that this is the best spirit fruit we are auctioning today.”

The cart was covered by a red cloth; sitting on it was a jade-white box. Mist as cold as ice overflowed from its opening, enshrouding the light blue grass that was swaying gently within.

A faint halo of purity surrounded the crystal-clear grass as if it was carved from a gem.

So pretty! That was Tang Wulin’s first thought upon seeing it.

Wu Zhangkong’s voice cut in from beside him. “She’s not wrong; the Frozen Grass really is the best spirit grass for those of the ice-attribute.”

Tang Wulin turned to Wu Zhangkong and asked with a quiet tone of consideration, “Then is it of any use to you, Teacher Wu?”

Wu Zhangkong bluntly answered, “It does, but not this particular one; it's too young. When the Frozen Grass reaches a certain age, its leaf will produce a point. Each point represents 15,000 years of its life. Do you remember the sculpture of the Spirit Pagoda’s founder you saw in the Tang Sect?”

“You mean the Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yuhao?” Tang Wulin asked.

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “Correct. One of his spirit souls was an Eight-Points Frozen Grass, meaning it was a hundred-thousand-year level spirit grass with its own consciousness. It truly was a powerful plant-type soul beast and the fact that it became the Spirit Ice Douluo’s spirit soul shows that.”

Understanding dawned upon Tang Wulin. So it’s like that! This spirit item is actually really ordinary!

“The starting price is 1,000,000 federal coins, and each bid must exceed the previous by at least 100,000 federal coins. Let the bidding begin.”

A wave of signs flew up throughout the auction house the moment the bidding started. This was the auctioneer’s goal and why they placed it first. Auction houses would always sell their best items within the first three to five shown—this way, they could set the most profitable mood of the auction. What the auctioneers wanted most was for the bidders to lose their rationality and make bids well over the market value of an item, thus selling the items for an exorbitantly high price and reap the profits.

The price soon exceeded three million. While the starting price was low, anyone with a discerning eye could see just how valuable it was. It may not be worth much to a Soul Emperor like Wu Zhangkong, but it was a priceless treasure for two to three-ringed Soul Masters that could increase their soul power by two ranks and improve the basic qualities of their martial soul! The allure of such potential was irresistible.

The chaotic bidding soon quieted down when the price reached a level where only the bidders on the second floor had wallets deep enough to afford it.

“Five million!” A bidder on the second floor cried out a jaw-dropping bid.

The thousand-year Frozen Grass flickered with a blue light as though it was responding to the bidder.

The silence was cut short, however, when another bidder on the second floor announced, “Six million.” They immediately raised the price by one million.

“Six million five hundred thousand!” The previous bidder called out.

“Seven million!” The second bidder firmly stated.

The smile on the female auctioneer’s face grew wider and wider. Seven million exceeded the market value of the item, a mere six million. Although it was a rare species, its was simply too young, only having one point. If it had two points instead, the price would have truly been sky-high.

“Seven million five hundred thousand!”

Tang Wulin couldn’t see the bidder inside the box clearly, but then he remembered he had the Purple Demon Eyes. He activated it and his eyes easily pierced through the darkness. The bidder in the fourth box was beginning to fume with anger, gnashing his teeth.

“Eight million!” An unwilling voice called out from the sixth box.

The fourth box finally ceded defeat. The price had clearly exceeded the true value of the thousand-year Frozen Grass.

“Nine million!” The eighth box dropped a number that left everyone speechless.

“Ten million!” Yet, the bidder of the sixth box was more resolute.

Silence filled the hall.

This time, no one raised their sign to contend.

“Ten million going once! Ten million going twice! Three times! Sold!” The auctioneer slammed her hammer down.

The first item of the auction, thousand-year Frozen Grass, had been sold at the astounding price of ten million.

Tang Wulin made a somewhat unsightly expression. He hadn’t expected that a thousand-year spirit grass could sell for such a preposterous price. How much would the thousand-year Dragonscale Fruit sell for then? If it reached a similar price, he definitely couldn’t afford it! If all the four items he needed were this expensive, he feared he wouldn’t have enough money by the time he turned fifteen even if he poured all his efforts into completing forging tasks.

“Frozen Grass is special. The only reason I can imagine they paid such a high price is that they wanted to continue raising it. This isn’t a normal price; you don’t need to worry.” Wu Zhangkong whispered assurances into his ear.

When Tang Wulin turned to look at Wu Zhangkong, he found Wu Zhangkong sitting upright and still with his usual icy expression.

Is Teacher Wu really a cold person? Why does my heart feel so warm now?

Sure enough, things proceeded according to Wu Zhangkong’s words. The thousand-year spirit fruits and spirit grass auctioned afterward sold for high prices, but nowhere near as high as the thousand-year Frozen Grass. Tang Wulin let out a breath of relief.

“Next, our fourth item for today, a thousand-year Dragonscale Fruit.”

“Dragons are the most powerful soul beasts according to legends, and the Dragonscale Fruit thrives on soil that has been soaked in the blood of a dragon. Its name comes from the faint traces of dragon scales on it.  We don’t know whether the legend is true or not, but we are certain that it really does need to be watered with dragon’s blood to grow, making it extremely difficult to nurture. From our examination,it is highly probable that this Dragonscale Fruit has absorbed the blood of a highly powerful dragon-type soul beast, and thus more potent than other fruits.”

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