Chapter 1699: Targeting the Dragon

Only then did they recall that Tang Wulin had secured a resounding victory during the soul spirit battle in the Trial of Five Gods, and this victory could be attributed, in large part, to these two soul spirits.

Compared to that time, the two soul spirits had undergone another transformation, and in particular, the Tyrant Dragon was simply awe-inspiring to behold. From its outward appearance alone, it looked even more powerful than a 100,000-year-old soul beast.

Soul spirits could act as allies for all Soul Masters, but upon attaining a suit of battle armor, one's soul spirits would inevitably become next to useless in battle, which was why most Soul Masters chose to develop their soul spirits in a direction that would allow them to assist the Soul Master. Thus, it was extremely rare to see soul spirits directly participating in battles between Soul Masters.

There were several important reasons for this, one of which was that the vast majority of soul spirits were simply far too weak to contend with battle armor masters. Another problem was that once a soul spirit perished in battle, they could only recover after being nurtured in the Soul Master's body for a long time, and this process also significantly affected the Soul Master.

Soul spirits and Soul Masters were connected entities, so any harm that befell the soul spirits would reflect back on the Soul Master as well. Thus, beyond the two-word battle armor master level, it was extremely rare to see Soul Masters releasing their soul spirits for battle.

However, these two soul spirits of Tang Wulin's were complete outliers. Just a single stomp from the Tyrant Dragon could crush all of the weak soul beasts in a huge area, while Goldsong was extremely fast and efficient, dispatching one soul beast after another with ease.

Furthermore, its Golden Dragon King aura was significantly weakening the opposing soul beasts, making them even easier to kill.

In contrast, the Tyrant Dragon seemed to be more interested in demolishing the forest than focusing on killing soul beasts, and the soul beasts that it did kill seemed to only be byproducts of its demolition job.

Soul beasts could be resurrected quite quickly, but it took a lot longer for the forests to recover. All of this required energy for support, and the destruction being caused by the Tyrant Dragon would require a huge amount of energy to repair.

This was the property of the Battle God Hall, so the Battle Gods always refrained from destruction as much as possible during their training, but Tang Wulin and the others had no such qualms.

Thus the spectating Battle Gods' expressions darkened slightly upon seeing this, but of course, they weren't worried that two soul spirits could turn the tables.

All of a sudden, they were greeted by the sight of Sima Jinchi charging toward the river in the exact same direction that Long Tianwu and Su Mengjun were advancing toward.

The two sides were both about to reach the river, and excitement was welling up in the hearts of the spectating Battle Gods.

In terms of individual combat prowess, Ao Rui was naturally the most fearsome Battle God below the hall masters, but in terms of overall power, the soul fusion skill between Long Tianwu and Su Mengjun was something that even the hall masters had been wary of.

Chen Xinjie had once praised their soul fusion skill to possess no less combat prowess than a Limit Douluo, so all of the Battle Gods were very much looking forward to this clash.

If they could take care of a powerful being from the Shrek Academy from the get-go, then the rest of the battle would be made a lot simpler.

However, just as the two sides were about to clash, Sima Jinchi suddenly changed directions and also charged into the forest. Thus, the right path in the territory of the Shrek Academy was completely empty and unguarded.

What were they doing?

The Battle Gods were all quite confused.

Right at this moment, Jiang Zhanheng suddenly exclaimed, "Could it be that they're targeting the Dark Demonic Dragon?"

Indeed, Sima Jinchi was advancing directly toward the area where the Dark Demonic Dragon was lying in slumber, and he was about to enter the dark area of the forest soon.

"So this is your plan?" Ao Rui was suddenly in a fantastic mood, and all of his frustration washed away as he glanced at A'Ruheng out of the corner of his eyes with a smile on his face.

A'Ruheng replied with a cold expression, "So what if it is?"

"What do you take a 100,000-year-old Dark Demonic Dragon for? Perhaps you've never encountered a 100,000-year-old soul beast of this caliber," Ao Rui said in a mocking voice.

A hint of concern appeared in A'Ruheng's eyes upon hearing this. "Is it supposed to be very powerful?"

Ao Rui replied, "It's comparable in power to a Limit Douluo, so you tell me. It doesn't have a suit of battle armor, but tens of thousands of years ago, a soul beast of its caliber would've reigned supreme on our continent; you're completely delusional if you think the Dark Demonic Dragon can be brought down by a single person. It's true that it can bring you significant enhancements, but you have to kill it first." 

Long Tianwu and Su Mengjun had determined that the Shrek Academy camp could be preparing a trap for them, but Ao Rui wasn't of the same opinion. Through the big screen, he could clearly see that Sima Jinchi was the only one to have entered the dark area of the forest; what kind of trap could a single person possibly prepare?

A'Ruheng's brows furrowed tightly as he said, "So you're saying the Dark Demonic Dragon is very powerful?"

Ao Rui replied, "Of course. Even the five of them combined would take quite some time to kill it, and we could take advantage of this period of time to infiltrate your starting point. I don't know who devised your strategy, but your right path is already deserted, and once we capture this opportunity, your loss will be sealed."

"Ok." All of the concern in A'Ruheng's eyes suddenly vanished, and he gave Ao Rui a wide smile.

Ao Rui couldn't help but falter slightly upon seeing this. How could he still smile at a time like this?

Right at this moment, Jiang Zhanheng exclaimed, "Tang Wulin has also entered the forest!"

Ao Rui hurriedly turned toward the big screen upon hearing this, and sure enough, Tang Wulin had rushed into the dark area of the forest like lightning.

He was traveling extremely quickly, and Sima Jinchi seemed to be intentionally waiting for him, so it didn't take long before the two of them were reunited.

Were they going to attack the Dark Demonic Dragon together?

Tang Wulin was definitely extremely formidable, but even so, it would surely take them a long time to defeat the Dark Demonic Dragon.

At this point, Long Tianwu and Su Mengjun had already reached the opposite bank of the river, which was very close to the dark area of the forest.

Under these circumstances, Tang Wulin and Sima Jinchi had no chance. Did they think that Long Tianwu and Su Mengjun were idiots? If they were to engage the Dark Demonic Dragon in battle, they would definitely be severely taxed by the end, thereby making them easy pickings for Long Tianwu and Su Mengjun.

Meanwhile, inside the Battle God Arena, Tang Wulin spread open his wings and flew through the forest at a low altitude.

There was a spiritual connection between Sima Jinchi and himself, so they could clearly sense one another's locations, and they were rapidly drawing closer to each other.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he could clearly sense a continuous stream of energy flowing into his body from behind him, and his aura was being elevated as a result.

This was clearly a result of the Tyrant Dragon and Goldsong's killing rampage.

Through his prior observation, he had already discovered this opportunity. He had agreed to this five-on-five battle against the Battle Gods as he was confident that he and his friends would emerge victorious.

This was the territory of the Battle God Hall, but there were some things about them that the Battle Gods weren't unaware of, such as the effect that his Golden Dragon King bloodline had on all dragon-type soul beasts and martial souls. If they had known about this beforehand, they most likely wouldn't have been so confident.

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