Chapter 1692: Dual Imperial Divine Swords

They had to face Guan Yue, as well as the second, fifth, eighth, and 13th Battle Gods, which was close to the most powerful lineup from the Battle God Hall.

Aside from Chen Xinjie's absence, the Battle God Hall was at full strength, and the four Battle Gods were all exceptionally powerful with their own individual characteristics. 

Judging from their numbers and the descriptions of the Battle Gods provided to him by Cao Dezhi, he could roughly guess the identities of these Battle Gods.

The one standing at the very back was the female 13th Battle God, who had carried the Gluttony Douluo away for treatment following his defeat.

The passage of time had left its mark on her appearance, but it was obvious that she would've been a stunning beauty in her youth.

Cao Dezhi had told him that there was only a single Battle God who could be considered to be a beauty, and that was Divine Sword Douluo Su Mengjun, so that had to be her.

She still hadn't reached the Hyper Douluo level yet, but that didn't mean that she was weak. On the contrary, her inclusion would make it a lot more difficult for Tang Wulin and the others to win this five-on-five battle.

This was because the Divine Sword Douluo was always accompanied by the Imperial Sword Douluo, who had never once fallen out of the top three Battle Gods in the past 20 years.

The first and third Battle Gods had already been challenged in one-on-one battles, so the second Battle God had to be Imperial Sword Douluo Long Tianwu.

He was a true pillar of the Battle God Hall, and what was most terrifying of all was that he was the spouse of the Divine Sword Douluo, with whom he shared a soul fusion skill. Once their soul fusion skill was unleashed, they would be comparable to a Limit Douluo, which meant that there were essentially two Limit Douluos among the five remaining Battle Gods!

Furthermore, Tang Wulin had also guessed the identity of the fifth Battle God, who was quite handsome with a set of long and slim fingers. This was most likely the most powerful control system Soul Master of the Battle God Hall, Demonic Zither Douluo Mo Zihong, who possessed the Demonic Curse Zither martial soul. He had always been renowned as one of the most difficult Battle Gods to overcome.

As for the eighth Battle God, regardless of who he was, he definitely wouldn't be an easy opponent. Thus, this was a very formidable lineup, and with the exception of Chen Xinjie, it was definitely one of the most fearsome five-man lineups that the Battle God Hall could muster up.

Could Tang Wulin and the others really defeat them in a five-on-five battle?

Tang Wulin hesitated momentarily before replying, "Surely this place isn't big enough for a five-on-five battle."

Indeed, the battle area was quite large for one-on-one battles, but it was far too restrictive for a five-on-five battle, and that wasn't even taking into account the fact that the protective barrier definitely wouldn't be able to handle a battle between so many powerful beings.

Guan Yue smiled, and replied, "There's no need to worry about that, Sect Master Tang. Our Battle God Hall has a small world, and the battle will take place there. The rules are very simple and fair, the small world won't assist us unfairly in any way, and you can all have an hour to acclimate yourselves with the environment in there."

It was clear that Guan Yue was trying to turn the tables in one fell swoop. Thus far, they had suffered three losses and two ties, although it could be argued that it was more like four losses and one tie.

If they could win this five-on-five battle, then they would win the overall match. This was quite a cunning plan from Guan Yue.

Tang Wulin suddenly smiled and nodded in response. "Alright, we'll do as you say then."

Guan Yue replied, "Alright, then come with me, everyone."

Xu Lizhi said, "Go on, Captain; I'll stay here with Sister Xinglan."

Tang Wulin patted him on the shoulder and nodded in response.

Guan Yue said, "You can rest assured, we'll be sure to protect her and ensure that no harm befalls her in our Battle God Hall."

"Thank you," Tang Wulin replied.

"Come with me."

The innermost wall on the first floor parted to reveal a huge passageway.

The Battle Gods led from the front, while Tang Wulin and his friends followed along behind them, with the exceptions of Xu Lizhi and Ye Xinglan.

Ling Zichen tugged on Tang Wulin's sleeve, and said in a low voice, "Are you stupid? Our chances of victory would be much higher in one-on-one battles."

"You don't seem like the type to lack self-confidence," Tang Wulin countered.

Ling Zichen grumbled, "I'm not lacking self-confidence; I'm lacking confidence in you! Are you telling me you have a chance at defeating a Limit Douluo?"

"How do you know I don't have a chance?" Tang Wulin asked.

"Fine! Do what you want, but don't come crying to me when you lose!" Ling Zichen snapped.

Aside from Ling Zichen, no one else doubted Tang Wulin's decision. Having been together for so long, they knew that Tang Wulin had to have his reasons for accepting this seemingly disadvantageous arrangement. They knew that Tang Wulin wasn't the type of person to take such an important matter lightly.

After walking for around 100 meters along the passageway, a round platform with a diameter of roughly 20 meters appeared up ahead.

Everyone piled onto the platform, and there was not a lot of space to move around.

Even Ling Zichen was struck by a sense of awe by this situation. After all, there were over 10 Titled Douluos gathered on this small platform!

The battles she had just witnessed had left a very deep impression on her, particularly the final battle between A'Ruheng and Ao Rui; that battle had completely changed her outlook on the limits of the human body.

During their past interactions, A'Ruheng had always been a very easy-going and happy-go-lucky character, and Ling Zichen had always been under the impression that he was like Tang Wulin's sidekick; who could've imagined that he would possess powers close to the Limit Douluo level? Shrek Academy really was a den for monsters!

It was exactly because of this that she was struggling to see through Tang Wulin. Why was it that everyone around him was so powerful, but they were all willing to follow his lead?

The platform began to slowly descend, and gentle white light emanated from the surrounding walls. It was clear that this light was being emitted by soul circuits.

As expected of the central hub for the most powerful beings in the federation, every single place in the Battle God Hall seemed to be extremely resolute and well-constructed.

The platform gradually began to accelerate during its descent, causing the surroundings to blur in a surreal manner.

Tang Wulin was very calm as he stood still on the spot, while most of the Battle Gods had their eyes fixed on A'Ruheng.

The power he had displayed earlier had been truly terrifying, and even now, Ao Rui still hadn't fully recovered from their battle.

If possible, he never wanted to face an opponent like this again. Throughout that entire battle, he was completely suffocated and powerless; never had a battle felt so terrible for him!

Thankfully, he wasn't going to be participating in the five-on-five battle.

This was a must-win battle for the Battle God Hall. Otherwise, they would suffer nine losses and a tie to the Shrek Academy camp, and that would be a historically monumental outcome, but for all the wrong reasons.

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