Chapter 1690: Marry Me!

His attacks weren't powerful enough to defeat A'Ruheng, but if he ceased to attack, he would be overwhelmed by his opponent's attacks.

Never had Ao Rui ever experienced such an awkward battle. Having cultivated for so many years, he had encountered all types of strange opponents, but this one simply rendered him completely powerless.

Furthermore, he was confident that even Guan Yue wouldn't fare much better than him in the same situation. No matter how powerful you were, it didn't matter if you couldn't pose a substantial threat to your opponent.

At the moment, both sides were rapidly expending soul power, but his opponent's attacks were only becoming more and more fearsome; what could he do?

As the first Battle God, he couldn't afford to lose! His defeat would have a massive symbolic importance, not to mention the fact that the Battle God Hall had already suffered three losses and a tie.

Thus, Ao Rui persevered with gritted teeth, and he could only hope that his opponent wouldn't be able to maintain this form for too long.

He was confident in his own soul power reserves, and his opponent definitely wasn't at rank 98 yet.

However, he was underestimating the Invincible Vajra Body.

Upon attaining this form, one would possess immunity to all negative status effects, as well as become impervious to all poisons. Furthermore, all energy-based control system soul skills were ineffective against him.

All of the energy between heaven and earth could nourish him, so it was virtually impossible to outlast the duration of his Invincible Vajra Body.

There were only two ways to defeat him, one of which was to unleash an attack so devastating that it could instantly overwhelm his defensive capabilities, while the second option was to have several powerful beings taking turns to battle him until his Invincible Vajra Body ran out. However, neither of those options were easy to fulfill.

The Invincible Vajra Body wasn't actually the body of a god, but it really was very close to that level, and it granted one at least three times the stamina of a normal Soul Master of the same caliber.

A'Ruheng had only reached this level recently, so he hadn't achieved the threefold enhancement yet, but twofold was not an issue.

He was also a Hyper Douluo, and even though Ao Rui possessed a higher cultivation rank than he did, his soul power reserves certainly weren't twice those of A'Ruheng's!

It was already becoming apparent that Ao Rui's attacks were becoming weaker, while A'Ruheng seemed to be growing more powerful the longer the battle dragged on.

Guan Yue sighed as he cast his gaze toward Tang Wulin, then communicated something to him through voice transmission.

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "This match has been going on for too long, and I don't think either side can defeat the other, so how about we call it a tie and allow my senior disciple brother to progress to the next level?"

Guan Yue immediately replied without any hesitation, "Alright, we'll do as you say, Sect Master Tang."

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he turned toward the battle area. "Senior Disciple Brother, you can stop now."

"That was a really fun battle! As expected, this feeling can only come from battling a formidable opponent," A'Ruheng chortled as he slowly reverted back to his original size.

The only item of clothing that remained on his body was a pair of golden knee-length shorts, while the bulging muscles of his upper body were completely bared.

Ao Rui descended onto the ground, and his face was quite pale, while his chest was heaving incessantly. If A'Ruheng had continued that assault he really wouldn't have been able to hold on for much longer.

He was too embarrassed to say anything and made his way directly back to the Battle God Hall camp.

It was obvious to everyone that if Tang Wulin hadn't called off the match as a gesture of good faith, Ao Rui would've definitely been defeated.

Guan Yue couldn't help but heave an internal sigh as he looked at Tang Wulin. The young people of this generation were truly formidable!

A'Ruheng also made his way out of the battle area, but instead of returning to the Shrek Academy, he was following along behind Ao Rui.

"Over here, Senior Disciple Brother! You're going the wrong way," Tang Wulin hurriedly called out.

A'Ruheng turned to him with a smile on his face. "It's alright, I have something I need to take care of, so give me a moment."

He emerged from the light barrier as he spoke, then made his way directly over to Shi Mengshan.

At this moment, Shi Mengshan was still in shock, just as all of the other Battle Gods were.

This was the first time they had seen a battle style like A'Ruheng's, and in their eyes, he was like a monster.

In the face of such an opponent, none of them could think of a good strategy.

For some reason, Shi Mengshan's heart rate began to rise at the sight of the approaching A'Ruheng. She could clearly sense the scorching blood essence fluctuations emanating from his body, alongside his intoxicating masculine aura.

A'Ruheng stopped only one step away from her, and she appraised him with a wary gaze.

"I think you need a strong man," A'Ruheng said in a very earnest manner.

All of the Battle Gods' expressions instantly changed upon hearing this. Some of them were stunned, some were amused, and some were enraged.

If it weren't for the incredible power that A'Ruheng had displayed, one of the Battle Gods would've most likely already sent him flying with an almighty slap!

"Piss off!" Shi Mengshan said in a cold voice.

A'Ruheng ignored her, and flexed his own bicep as he said, "You can see that I'm very strong, and your poison won't work on me; there's no man more suitable for you than me, and I also need a strong woman."

"Piss off!" Shi Mengshan's voice cooled even further, and her hands had already balled up into tight fists.

Everyone from the Shrek Academy camp was also astonished; no one could've anticipated that he would suddenly pull a stunt like this!

Tang Wulin hurriedly made his way over to the opposing camp. There were 11 Battle Gods over there; what if they were to attack A'Ruheng together in a fit of rage? If a chaotic scuffle were to break out, then their plan would be negatively impacted. After all, their ultimate objective wasn't just to challenge the Battle God Hall.

A'Ruheng seemed to be completely oblivious to Shi Mengshan's frosty demeanor, and just as Tang Wulin was rushing over to him, he knelt down on one knee with a serious expression, and said, "Marry me. You'll be my only woman; no other woman can handle me."

On this occasion, Shi Mengshan didn't say anything, and her eyes were slightly out of focus as she stared at A'Ruheng.

An incredible thought sprang into Tang Wulin's mind upon seeing this, and he reflexively drew to a halt.

Right at this moment, Shi Mengshan suddenly reached out to accept A'Ruheng's outstretched hand. "Alright."

Deathly silence descended over everyone, and it was as if all of the bystanders had been transformed into stone statues.

A'Ruheng's proposal had been extremely brief, and Shi Mengshan's reply was even more concise.

Everyone looked on in astonishment as A'Ruheng rose to his feet, then led Shi Mengshan over to the Shrek Academy camp while still holding onto her hand.

As he arrived before Tang Wulin, he smiled, and said, "Look what I brought back, Junior Disciple Brother! What do you think?"

Tang Wulin had never admired anyone more than his senior disciple brother in this moment.

Shi Mengshan's expression remained cold and aloof, as if it were someone else's hand being held by A'Ruheng.

Tang Wulin forcibly repressed his shock, and said, "Welcome."

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