Chapter 169 - The Backgrounds of the Four Spirit Items

Chapter 169 - The Backgrounds of the Four Spirit Items

Tang Wulin’s eyes were instantly drawn to the last category: battle armors. His interest was piqued. He had never seen one before.

Wu Zhangkong diverted Tang Wulin’s attention to the miscellaneous treasures category with a pointed finger. Following his finger, his gaze landed on the three intermediate entry cards listed, starting at 5,000,000 federal coins each.

At least it was better than having no entry cards; furthermore, he had already contributed 3,000,000 coins of his own. Still, Tang Wulin’s heart ached; that money was saved to buy the spirit items needed to break the next seal!

Hearing Wu Zhangkong’s explanation of his naturally advancing spirit soul the other day, Tang Wulin inwardly knew that his situation wasn’t natural at all. After all, his powerful physique was a consequence of absorbing the sealed Golden Dragon King’s soul.

Ah! That’s right! Wouldn’t a big auction like this have the four spirit items I need for the next seal?

Thinking of this, Tang Wulin shifted his gaze to the section containing spirit fruit.

He was taken aback by the very first item. Thousand-year! Those two words popped out at him. Even all the spirit fruits that followed were at the minimum of a thousand-years.

This auction doesn’t sell any spirit fruit at the hundred-year level? It really is a high-class auction!

He recalled the four items he needed, two of which were spirit fruit. Will they have it?

Scanning the catalog once more, it didn’t take long to find what he was looking for. His eyes shined upon reading the sixth line.

Thousand-year Dragonscale Fruit!

It’s a thousand-year Dragonscale Fruit! Isn’t that one of the items I need? Tang Wulin trembled at the thought. Although he had a few years until he turned 15 and had to break the second seal, the necessary items were far too rare! He had already searched Eastsea City’s auction houses and even the Eastsea Museum’s auction in hopes of finding them but had come out empty-handed. He couldn’t enter the higher levels of the auctions, and the common level wouldn’t sell anything at the thousand-year level or higher.

How could he not be thrilled by the sudden appearance of something he absolutely needed?

But when he saw the price… his face began to twitch.

The starting price was 2,000,000 federal coins and the estimated sale price was between 3,000,000 and 5,000,000.

So expensive…

It took half a year of hard work to earn three million, but this thousand-year spirit fruit is going to cost three to five million! So expensive!

Nonetheless, this was his first time coming across one of the necessary items.

Compared to when he had needed the hundred-year Ice Crystal Fruit and Scarlet Flame, his mentality now was completely different. He was no longer skeptical, his belief cemented by the rapid grow he experienced after breaking the seal. He also wondered about Old Tang’s promised surprise that was waiting beyond the second seal.

“Teacher Wu, I want to buy this.” Tang Wulin pointed at the thousand-year Dragonscale Fruit.

Wu Zhangkong frowned, asking, “Why do you want it?”

Tang Wulin lowered his head to think. A moment later, he answered, “Actually, Teacher Wu, I have a secret.

“When my bloodline awakened, I instinctively knew what my body needed. Sometimes I could even visualize them in my mind. Do you remember my growth after the hurricane? I had used a hundred-year Ice Crystal Fruit and a hundred-year Scarlet Flame Fruit to break through during the storm. Back then, I wasn’t sure if I was just imagining things or not, but after testing things out, my strength really did grow exponentially. Now new spirit items have appeared in my mind, and the thousand-year Dragonscale Fruit is one of them.”

Astonishment rippled through Wu Zhangkong’s eyes. “So you’re saying that your body is this strong because you ate those two hundred-year spirit fruits?”


It only took a moment for Tang Wulin to determine the necessity of telling Wu Zhangkong. Of course, he couldn’t reveal the sealed Golden Dragon King or Old Tang. Those were his greatest secrets, never to be divulged. But he knew he’d be with Wu Zhangkong for years to come and it’d be discovered sooner or later anyway, so he needed to give an abridged version of his situation at the very least. It was also imperative that he obtain the thousand-year Dragonscale Fruit; he knew Wu Zhangkong wouldn’t aid him without a good reason, and without his teacher’s help, he wouldn’t have enough money!

Wu Zhangkong’s mulled over Tang Wulin’s story, his icy eyes pensive. He can feel what items his body needs? What kind of ability is that? It’s unprecedented.

He would have scoffed at Tang Wulin a few years ago, but he was different now. He had been forced to acknowledge Gu Yue’s control over six elements, so he couldn’t immediately reject the possible reality of Tang Wulin’s strange body.

He was once again reminded of Shrek Academy’s motto: “Shrek Academy only accepts monsters, not ordinary people.”

Maybe my students really are monsters?

“Alright, I will help you buy it. What else do you need?” Wu Zhangkong’s gaze bore into Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin shook his head after looking through the catalog once more. “There isn’t anything else in the catalog. The other three items I need are a thousand-year Azure-veined Vine, a thousand-year Land Dragon Tendon, and a thousand-year Sea Dragon Marrow.” Tang Wulin could only force out an embarrassed smile.

He only knew the names and nothing else, but it was clear that the thousand-year Land Dragon Tendon was the tendon from a thousand-year land dragon. As for the other two, he hadn’t been able to find any records on them. The only reason he was still so relaxed was because there was still plenty of time left.

“How will you benefit from these four items?” asked Wu Zhangkong. “Will your body transform again? Is there any danger?”

Tang Wulin was at a loss. He himself didn’t know how to answer because he was just as clueless! The pain from breaking the first seal had left him on the verge of death, but he didn’t know if it would be the same for the second seal.

But how could he tell Wu Zhangkong the truth? If he knew, Wu Zhangkong would never support his decision to break the seals. “My physique will improve and my bloodline will transform, and I’m certain the change will be for the better. I’m not sure how much my body will improve though.”

His words were both true and false. While it was true that his body would grow more powerful and his bloodline stronger by breaking of a seal, he skirted around the topic of danger.  

Wu Zhangkong nodded. “Sea Dragons are a type of deep sea soul beasts and they’ve already vanished from the continent. Their marrow is mainly used for consolidating  foundations by strengthening the qi and blood, and since it’s doesn’t have any side effects, it’s in high demand and extremely rare. You don’t need to lose hope though; Eastsea City is one of the largest coastal cities on the continent so there’s a chance we can find it there. As for the thousand-year Azure-veined Vine, I vaguely recall hearing in Shrek City that it’s a plant-type soul beast that used to be abundant in the Great Star Dou Forest ages ago. The forest is dilapidated now, but if it’s to be found anywhere, it will likely be in Shrek City.

“The thousand-year Land Dragon Tendon should be fairly easy to find in any large city, but it will be expensive. Just like the Sea Dragon Marrow, it strengthens the body without any side effects, thus is another priceless and in-demand item.”

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