Chapter 1689: What a Fantastic Bath

Right at this moment, A'Ruheng sprang into action, rushing toward Ao Rui like a golden cannonball.

Ao Rui immediately responded by releasing his suit of battle armor.

His opponent's physical prowess was off the charts, while he excelled in energy attacks, so he definitely couldn't allow A'Ruheng to get close to him.

A suit of golden battle armor appeared over his entire body, and there was an extremely eye-catching ruby at the direct center of his helmet, giving him a valiant appearance.

Dazzling golden light rose up from beneath his feet, and the surrounding air became extremely viscous, while the ground had transformed into a scorching pool of lava that enveloped A'Ruheng from all sides.

After rushing into the pool of lava, A'Ruheng's speed was greatly impacted, and fearsome pillars of fire erupted forth to send him flying once again.

A'Ruheng was completely unfazed by this, and he leaped into the pool of lava again before swimming within it in a casual manner.

"What a fantastic bath!"

All of the Battle Gods were astonished to see this. They were all well aware of how fearsome Ao Rui's attacks were; his powers were truly fearsome enough to melt mountains and boil seas. However, in the face of the Body Douluo, all of his attacks seemed to have become a joke.

Pillars of light and fire rained down in a torrential barrage, and even an actual mountain would've most likely already melted away.

Ao Rui was throwing everything at A'Ruheng, but none of his attacks were achieving anything other than sending A'Ruheng flying over and over again.

What could he do?

Even Guan Yue was becoming increasingly alarmed as he spectated the battle from afar. Ao Rui wasn't a Limit Douluo yet, but in terms of pure offensive prowess, he wasn't far off from Guan Yue's level.

If he were in Ao Rui's place, would he be able to defeat this Body Douluo? It was very hard to say.

At this point, Tang Wulin had already figured out that his senior disciple brother had only recently attained this Invincible Vajra Body, and was using Ao Rui to test his own limits. Furthermore, he was using this extreme light and heat to further refine and consolidate this new form.

His opponent clearly hadn't identified this yet. Otherwise, he wouldn't be allowing A'Ruheng to take advantage of the situation like this. However, as a Body Sect disciple himself, this was very apparent to Tang Wulin. Many of the Body Sect's cultivation methods required withstanding physical trauma for progression, so A'Ruheng was intentionally provoking his opponent so that Ao Rui would unleash even more fearsome attacks.

After reaching the Titled Douluo level, all Soul Masters received significant stamina boosts due to the formation of soul cores. However, unleashing such a ferocious barrage was still very taxing on one's soul power, and after maintaining this fearsome assault for 10 minutes straight, Ao Rui had to stop to catch his breath.

Meanwhile, the air around A'Ruheng was twisting due to the extreme temperatures, but he remained completely unscathed. He turned to Ao Rui with a wide smile, and said, "Can you tell me more about her now, Old Man Ao? Look how good I've been to you; I haven't attacked you even once, and I've been holding back this entire time!"

Ao Rui immediately flared up with rage. "I don't need you to hold back! Come at me!"

"Alright, you asked for it; it's about time I went on the offensive." A'Ruheng suddenly squatted down as he spoke, and as he did so, the entire Battle God Hall tremored slightly; even the protective barrier was struggling to contain this pressure.

In the next instant, A'Ruheng sprang up before crashing directly toward Ao Rui like a reddish-golden shooting star.

In response, Ao Rui instantly retreated and fused as one with the scintillating sun behind him to unleash his martial soul true body. At the same time, he released his domain halo again, and the sea of lava reappeared.


A'Ruheng crashed directly into the radiant sun, and it exploded into balls of fire that erupted in all directions, sweeping across the entire battle area.

A'Ruheng landed on the ground before rubbing his own bald head, while a figure was sent flying out of the shattered sun, only just barely managing to steady itself and avoid crashing into the protective barrier.

This was none other than the Rising Sun Douluo, and his martial soul true body had just been destroyed by A'Ruheng like a freight train.

"Come on then!" A'Ruheng roared as his body abruptly swelled to the same height as the protective barrier.

He slammed his fists into the protective barrier with devastating force, and the entire battle area quaked violently amid a resounding boom.

Immediately thereafter, he doubled over and slammed his fists onto the ground amid another thunderous boom. The protective barrier was almost unable to withstand the fearsome shockwaves unleashed by his strikes, and even Ao Rui was forced to curl up into a ball to weather the devastating storm.

Even so, his entire body was trembling violently, and it was as if the very air had become his enemy.

In the face of this almighty opponent, he was struck by an unprecedented sense of powerlessness.

A'Ruheng's giant fists came crashing toward Ao Rui, and Ao Rui was unable to even evade.

If the battle area were of a sufficient size, perhaps he could try and contend with his opponent, but in this limited space, there was no way for him to take evasive measures.

As such, he had no choice but to fight fire with fire, unleashing his ninth soul skill, Rising Sun Yang Core. A terrifying explosion erupted, and A'Ruheng was sent stumbling backward as scorching flames that actually posed a threat to him were ignited on his body for the first time.

However, Ao Rui had also been sent flying by the devastating punch, crashing into the protective barrier, where he remained as if he had been glued there.

A'Ruheng quickly snuffed out the flames by slapping them with his hands, then smiled as all of the golden light radiating from his body injected itself into his right fist. Fearsome golden light erupted directly toward Ao Rui, and all Ao Rui could do was unleash his ninth soul skill over and over again to oppose his opponent's attacks.

However, there seemed to be no end to A'Ruheng's attacks as his punches rained down like machine-gun fire, creating a relentless barrage that refused to afford Ao Rui any respite.

The most fearsome part about the Invincible Vajra Body was the near limitless stamina. Only now did Tang Wulin understand why A'Ruheng had told him that he didn't want a suit of four-word battle armor.

Once one attained the Invincible Vajra Body, they would no longer be able to wear battle armor, nor would they need it.

The Invincible Vajra Body was superior even to the average suit of four-word battle armor, granting one limitless stamina and energy.

As such, the Invincible Vajra Body's stamina was unmatched, and upon reaching the quasigod level, A'Ruheng would be virtually unkillable. Perhaps his offensive prowess wasn't enough for him to defeat all opponents, but the problem was that he was virtually unkillable!

If A'Ruheng could reach the quasigod level, then he would have no issues at all escaping from two or three other quasigods.

At this moment, Ao Rui was facing the full extent of A'Ruheng's power, and there was nothing he could do aside from holding on for dear life.

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