Chapter 1688: Invincible Vajra Body

What powerful blood essence fluctuations!

Ao Rui had never faced a powerful being from the Body Sect before, and he had only heard about the state of the current Body Sect. The aura currently being displayed by A'Ruheng had already exceeded his expectations.

The members of the Body Sect used their bodies as their martial souls, and they were the most proficient Soul Masters when it came to bodily control in order to enhance their powers. Now, Ao Rui was beginning to truly experience just what the human body was capable of at an extreme capacity.

A'Ruheng joined his palms in front of his own chest, and his entire body turned a reddish-golden color, while his eyes had taken on a dazzling golden hue.

At this moment, he didn't even look human anymore. Instead, he was looking like a divine Buddha.

A'Ruheng's transformation naturally drew the attention of both camps, and a hint of elation appeared in Tang Wulin's eyes upon seeing this.

A'Ruheng had finally reached the pinnacle of the Body Sect's congenital secret method.

He didn't know when A'Ruheng had made the breakthrough, but knew that this was a level that even he would never be able to reach.

It was said that once a Body Douluo cultivated the Body Sect's congenital secret method to its extreme, they would be able to attain this form, and at this level, their body would become powerful enough to rival that of a god; it could be said that this was the most powerful physical form of this world.

With his Golden Dragon King bloodline, Tang Wulin was able to reach full mastery of the Body Sect's congenital secret method, but he could never reach that extreme pinnacle. After all, he wasn't the sect master of the Body Sect.

There were many prerequisites that had to be satisfied before this form could be attained. For example, one had to begin building a foundation to cultivate the congenital secret method from birth. This was an extremely tortuous and perilous process, and the congenital secret method was also known as the process of creating a god!

Tang Wulin had picked up the congenital secret method too late, and the fact that he had reached full mastery was already sufficient testament to his extraordinary aptitude, but never did he think that A'Ruheng would attain this Invincible Vajra Body, which no one had done for thousands of years.

In reality, A'Ruheng had Tang Wulin partially to thank for this.

Tang Wulin had inspired him greatly during their sparring matches, conversations about the cultivation of the congenital secret method, and most importantly, his integration of the congenital secret method with his dragon's repulse. In addition to that, A'Ruheng was also supremely talented, and he had finally achieved this form not long ago.

Once a Body Douluo attained this form, they would truly stand at the pinnacle of the Soul Master world, and on the back of this breakthrough, A'Ruheng was able to progress to rank 97 in soul power.

Furthermore, he wouldn't encounter any bottlenecks in his future cultivation until he reached the quasigod level, and barring any mishaps, he would definitely reach that level in a very short time.

Throughout history, all those who had attained this form had gone on to become quasigods.

As such, Tang Wulin was ecstatic to see that A'Ruheng had reached this level.

Even though the two Limit Douluos of the Yuanen Family had joined Shrek Academy, they weren't directly related to the academy. In contrast, A'Ruheng was his senior disciple brother, and that was an extremely close bond. Once he became a quasigod, Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, and even the Body Sect would all benefit immensely. In particular, the Body Sect would definitely enjoy a strong resurgence.

The Battle Gods possessed extensive experience and knowledge when it came to martial souls, but they weren't sufficiently familiar with the Body Sect. Furthermore, it had been several thousand years since the Invincible Vajra Body had last appeared. Even in the entire history of the Body Sect, this was a lofty height that had only been reached a handful of times.

As such, in the face of A'Ruheng's Invincible Vajra Body, Ao Rui could only sense that his opponent was extremely powerful and possessed ridiculously abundant blood essence, but he didn't know exactly what this form entailed.

The other Battle Gods were also stunned to see this, but it was clear that they didn't know what this form signified, either.

In reality, A'Ruheng hadn't planned to reveal this form so early, but he wanted to show off to his new love interest. In this form, his blood essence had been elevated to the extreme.

Ao Rui didn't dare to allow this to continue, and nine black soul rings immediately appeared beneath his feet as a scintillating sun emerged above him.

His martial soul was the sun. This had always been a type of top-tier martial soul, but it varied from person to person. For example, some were more inclined toward heat, while others were more inclined toward light. In Ao Rui's case, his Rising Sun was the perfect combination of all of these factors, and it was renowned as the most powerful sun.

Nine enormous balls of light instantly shot forth, hurtling directly toward A'Ruheng.

The air twisted and warped, and the humidity within the entire battle area instantly plummeted to zero. The heat from A'Ruheng's blood essence and Ao Rui's Rising Sun was making all of the light in the area shimmer and warp.

A wide smile appeared on A'Ruheng's face as he stepped forward and puffed his chest out, making no effort to evade as he met the nine balls of light with his barrel chest.


The first ball of light exploded on his body, but couldn't budge him even in the slightest. He then lowered his head and charged headfirst into the second ball of light, causing it to explode while he remained unscathed.

After that came the third ball of light, then the fourth...

By the time all nine balls of light had exploded, the surrounding temperature had reached an extremely fearsome level. 

However, A'Ruheng remained standing on the spot, and the reddish-golden light radiating from his body had only become brighter.

"That was awesome! Keep the bathwater coming!" A'Ruheng chortled as he strode directly toward Ao Rui.

As the first Battle God, Ao Rui was an extremely seasoned combatant, but he had never encountered a situation like this before.

Was this guy even a human anymore? How was his defensive prowess this insane? The Nine Consecutive Star Beads unleashed with his rank 98 soul power hadn't left so much as a single scratch on A'Ruheng; this was downright unimaginable!

All of a sudden, a pillar of bright light struck A'Ruheng without any warning, and he was sent flying before crashing into the protective barrier in the distance.

In the face of that pillar of light, he had made no attempt to evade or defend himself.

Ao Rui's brows furrowed tightly upon seeing this. He was confident in his own attack, but he could sense that the power of his attack hadn't managed to infiltrate his opponent's body.

Sure enough, A'Ruheng rose to his feet right after falling onto the ground, then dusted himself off before giving his opponent a wide smile.

Right at this moment, his eyes abruptly lit up, and two beams of light erupted out of his eyes like lightning.

His martial soul was his body, and any part of his body could be used as a weapon.

Ao Rui's Rising Sun transformed into a giant light shield before him, and the shield exploded as Ao Rui took a half-step backward.

Meanwhile, A'Ruheng massaged his own temples as he nodded to himself. "That wasn't bad at all!"

At this point, Ao Rui's expression had darkened significantly. This was the first time he had ever encountered such an opponent, and he felt as if he were facing a monster!

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