Chapter 1687: Rising Sun Douluo

Only the past sect masters of the Body Sect had the right to inherit this title.

"First Battle God of the Battle God Hall, Rising Sun Douluo Ao Rui, please enlighten me!" Ao Rui responded in kind. As the first Battle God, he was ranked only below the hall master and vice-hall masters, and he was a rank 98 Hyper Douluo, only one step away from the LImit Douluo level.

The fact that the Body Douluo was an ally of Shrek Academy's was something that the Battle God Hall had been previously unaware of.

Even though the Body Sect had fallen into decline, it had once reigned supreme over all other sects on this continent, and it was not to be disregarded. As such, A'Ruheng's declaration of support toward Shrek Academy was going to force the Battle God Hall and even the entire federation to re-evaluate the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy.

At this moment, A'Ruheng's gaze wasn't fixed on his opponent. Instead, he was appraising Shi Mengshan from afar.

He took a deep breath, and an unprecedentedly focused and serious look suddenly appeared in his eyes. His aura also became a lot more restrained and far less overbearing, and even Tang Wulin was only seeing this side of A'Ruheng for the very first time.

He had always known that beneath A'Ruheng's rough and rowdy exterior was a very shrewd and intelligent mind.

After he and Sima Jinchi had been tricked by Mirror Douluo Zhang Huanyun, he had quickly realized what had happened and discussed this with Tang Wulin in private, but he never mentioned this to Sima Jinchi.

If anyone were to judge A'Ruheng by his cover, then they were about to be in for a rude awakening.

A faint smile appeared on A'Ruheng's face as he heaved a faint sigh, and he crossed his arms as the air around him shimmered and warped.

He was over 30 years of age, fast approaching 40, yet he had never met a woman who had been able to capture his heart.

He knew that his body was different from that of the average person. Due to the special Body Sect cultivation methods he had used since he was a child, he was simply far too strong for normal women to bear, which meant that he couldn't engage in physical relations with the average woman as he could easily slip up and kill them.

As such, A'Ruheng had always wanted to find a strong woman to become his wife. However, the strong ones were ugly, but the beautiful ones weren't strong.

In his eyes, even a woman like Yuanen Yehui, who was internally very strong and resilient, wasn't to his liking; he wanted someone who was strong both on the inside and on the outside.

Shi Mengshan had quite a burly physique, but her facial features were still quite elegant, and it was love at first sight for A'Ruheng.

"Let's hold on for a minute," A'Ruheng said as he raised a hand.

Ao Rui faltered slightly upon hearing this. What was this request? Were they not going to commence their battle right away?

A'Ruheng's lips tremored as he transmitted his voice toward Ao Rui. "Old Man Ao, I want to ask you something: is the seventh Battle God married?"

Old Man Ao? Ao Rui's eyelids twitched slightly upon hearing this. Were they supposed to be old friends or something? Even the palace masters didn't refer to him like this!

Then again, this man was the current sect master of the Body Sect, so it wasn't entirely unacceptable for him to refer to the first Battle God in this manner.

As such, Ao Rui wasn't offered any objections to this. However, why was he asking about Shi Mengshan's marriage status?

"I think she had a boyfriend in the past, but they split up because she was too big for his liking," Ao Rui reflexively replied. As soon as the words escaped his mouth, he was left regretting his decision. What right did he have to tell someone else about Shi Mengshan's private life?

A'Ruheng's eyes lit up upon hearing this, and he hurriedly asked, "Did she find anyone after that?"

Ao Rui replied, "I'm afraid that's not for me to tell."

A'Ruheng's expression fell slightly upon hearing this. "Why you gotta be like this, Old Man Ao? As the first Battle God, you should think for the sake of your colleagues. The Begonia Douluo should be around 40 years of age already, right? Don't you think she's lonely without a companion at this age? I'll admit that I've fallen in love with her at first sight; can you create an opportunity for the two of us?"

Ao Rui didn't know how to respond. Was this guy supposed to be a comedian? If it weren't for the fact that A'Ruheng was the current Body Douluo, he would've already lashed out!

All of the Battle Gods were Titled Douluos, and at that level, everyone had a world of their own; even as the first Battle God, he couldn't interfere with the personal lives of his colleagues, especially when it came to someone as cold and forbidding as Shi Mengshan.

Furthermore, this was happening right in the middle of a challenge, so technically, they were in opposition against the Battle God Hall; surely it was inappropriate to be bringing up something like this now!

However, it was clear that A'Ruheng was fully serious about this, so Ao Rui couldn't just reject him outright. On top of that, just as he said, it was extremely difficult for someone like Shi Mengshan to find a spouse.

She was a Titled Douluo at quite an advanced age when it came to marriage, and she didn't exactly fit the aesthetic mold that most men were searching for.

With that in mind, Ao Rui cast a hesitant gaze toward Shi Mengshan, who currently had her eyes closed as she reviewed her battle in her mind, so she didn't notice his scrutiny.

However, the other Battle Gods all saw this, and they felt very befuddled.

What were the two of them doing? Why did it look like they were having a chat? Weren't they supposed to be engaging in battle?

After an extended period of contemplation, Ao Rui replied, "I'm sorry, but I can't help you. If you want to pursue the Begonia Douluo, then you'll have to work hard yourself; I can't tell you anything."

After all, this was only their first meeting, and even though A'Ruheng held a very lofty status, it was difficult to say whether he would be a suitable match for Shi Mengshan.

A'Ruheng's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. "If that's your decision, then I won't be holding back, Old Man Ao!"

Ao Rui almost rolled his eyes upon hearing this.

Who needs you to hold back? I'm a rank 98 Hyper Douluo, for god's sake! 

Ao Rui was growing rather disgruntled from being slighted by his opponent, and he said, "There's no need to hold back; give me all you've got!"

"Fine, I'll satisfy that request!" A'Ruheng harrumphed coldly as he took a step forward.

Before Ao Rui even had a chance to react, an incredibly powerful aura had already erupted out of A'Ruheng's body.

The air began to buzz in a peculiar rhythmic manner, and a round wheel of light lit up behind A'Ruheng acting as a glowing backdrop.

As the wheel of light rose up, his enormous blood essence erupted out of his body, and the entire battle area instantly became scorching hot, as if magma were pouring out of the ground.

Even Ao Rui felt as if his blood had been ignited, and this was an extremely uncomfortable sensation.

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