Chapter 1684: Begonia Douluo

As such, none of the Battle Gods dared to look down on their opponents any longer.

"Yue Zhengyu of Shrek Academy, please enlighten me!" Yue Zhengyu declared.

"Seventh Battle God of the Battle God Hall, Begonia Douluo Shi Mengshan, please enlighten me!" Shi Mengshan responded in kind.

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly upon hearing Shi Mengshan's Douluo Title, and he immediately thought of an extremely rare type of martial soul.

Meanwhile, Yue Zhengyu was appraising his opponent with a solemn expression.

Prior to coming here, they had based their training drills on the information they had about the Battle God Hall. The rankings of the 18 Battle Gods regularly changed, so it would be impossible to choose their opponents based on the numbers alone.

However, there were some Battle Gods who were renowned due to certain characteristics. For example, female Battle Gods were very rare.

As such, Yue Zhengyu had already guessed his opponent's identity before making his choice, and upon hearing confirmation of this, a faint smile appeared on his face.

In terms of appearance, Yue Zhengyu was roughly on par with Tang Wulin, and with his bright and energetic aura, his smile was very alluring. However, in the eyes of Shi Mengshan, this smile was a sign that she was being slighted by her opponent.

Her eyes narrowed slightly, and a suit of rose-red battle armor instantly encapsulated her entire body. That's right, she had released her battle armor right away and was displaying no intention of holding back.

At the same time, she had also summoned her weapon, and it came as quite a surprise to Yue Zhengyu.

This was a gigantic hammer with a rectangular head. The two sides of the head were tapered toward the center, making them appear even larger than they were, and the total length of the hammer's head was close to Shi Mengshan's height. The shaft of the hammer also exceeded two meters in length, and overall, it was no less impressive than the forging hammers that Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui had used in the past.

The hammer was also of a rose-red color, and there were extremely complex soul circuits engraved on its surface. A red hexagram appeared beneath her feet, and even though it only had a diameter of roughly five meters, her entire aura transformed into one of explosive violence with the emergence of her battle armor domain. Air currents surged around her body, and it was as if the very air was exploding in her immediate vicinity.

Wasn't her martial soul supposed to be the Nine-heart Begonia? This was supposed to be a martial soul that was renowned for its lethal poison, so why did her battle armor appear as if it had been designed to maximize her strength?

In Yue Zhengyu's mind, Shi Mengshan was supposed to have staked a claim among the Battle Gods with her Begonia martial soul. Her combat prowess was nothing special among the Battle Gods, but her poison was extremely formidable, so overall, she was ranked above average.

However, it seemed that he had made a misjudgment; Shi Mengshan was completely different from how he had imagined her to be. Looking at that incredible weapon of hers, Yue Zhengyu knew that he was in for a grueling battle.

Thus, he also immediately donned his suit of battle armor.

This suit of golden battle armor was very elegant and streamlined, and the main color scheme was comprised of white and gold.

The breastplate was a single piece of armor, and the giant golden wings were extremely spectacular to behold. This was something that he had specifically requested during the construction of his battle armor. In his eyes, an angel had to have a pair of wings.

The armor around his torso and thighs was also in one unbroken piece, but he was still missing the armor for his limbs, as well as his helmet. Of course, the completed pieces of armor were all four-word battle armor.

At the center of the breastplate were 18 glowing golden gems that were arranged into a V shape, adding further flair and radiance to his battle armor.

Yue Zhengyu had always been a fan of spectacular and radiant things, and his battle armor perfectly reflected this. As soon as he donned these pieces of four-word battle armor, his aura instantly spiked to a whole new level.

He crossed his arms in front of his chest and closed his eyes as golden light radiated from his body.

A six-winged angel projection appears behind him, illuminating the entire battle area and filling it with abundant light elements.

Shi Mengshan made the first move, charging toward Yue Zhengyu before raising her giant hammer.

In her hands, the massive hammer was made to look as if it were completely weightless, and it came crashing down toward Yue Zhengyu's head like lightning.

Yue Zhengyu naturally didn't dare to take this attack head-on, and he immediately dodged to the side using his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track.

However, Shi Mengshan made no effort to alter the direction of her attack, allowing it to slam viciously onto the ground.

A resounding boom rang out as the entire protective barrier around the battle area flashed, and Yue Zhengyu shuddered violently in the face of the powerful shockwaves. As a result, his mind went completely blank for an instant, and he temporarily lost his sense of hearing.

Right at this moment, Shi Mengshan raised her giant hammer again, and bright red light radiated from the hammer while the domain halo beneath her feet expanded to resonate with her weapon. In that instant, it was as if her massive hammer had transformed into a glowing ruby as it came crashing down toward Yue Zhengyu again.

This style of battle was extremely brutal and straightforward, and outside the protective barrier, A'Ruheng was looking on with glowing eyes. "That's it! That's the way!"

Sima Jinchi raised an eyebrow as he asked, "Which side are you on?"

A'Ruheng replied, "I'm complimenting her style of battle! I love violent and straightforward women like her!"

Sima Jinchi's eyelids twitched slightly upon hearing this, and he reflexively stepped away to distance himself from A'Ruheng.

Thankfully for Yue Zhengyu, his battle armor nullified most of the impact, but by the time he returned to his senses, the giant hammer was already upon him.

He didn't possess a teleportation ability like Xie Xie, and he was caught completely off guard by such a major crisis.

Right at this moment, the golden gems on his breastplate lit up, and a golden v-shaped burst of light erupted out of his chest directly toward his opponent.

At the same time, he took a half step backward and summoned a holy sword in his hand, which he slashed up toward the oncoming hammer.

There was no way for him to evade, so he could only weather the storm.


The golden light struck Shi Mengshan's body, and she made no attempt to evade it as bright red light erupted from her battle armor, withstanding the attack for her.

She was only forced back half a step by the force of the impact, but her giant hammer was still crashing down upon Yue Zhengyu.


Yue Zhengyu was sent flying as bright red light flashed all over his body, and the holy sword in his hand was instantly shattered into specks of golden light.

No one from the Shrek Academy camp had imagined that Shi Mengshan's style of battle would be so simple and direct, but at the same time, they had to admit that it was very effective. The might of her giant hammer exceeded everyone's expectations, and just her strength alone would've been enough to make her the seventh Battle God.

The hammer struck the ground, and Shi Mengshan faltered momentarily. Her second hammer blow was extremely powerful, but she had to expend a certain price to unleash it.

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