Chapter 1682: Dark Emperor Douluo

Not only did Shrek's Seven Monsters have a powerful food system Soul Master and a formidable agility attack system Soul Master, their assault system Soul Master wasn't letting them down, either.

All of the Battle Gods were watching the battle intently. They were very familiar with Luo Yuhang's power and battle style, and they knew that he excelled the most in direct clashes of power.

However, this little girl from Shrek Academy was fighting fire with fire, and she was completely holding her own; how could they not be astonished by this?

Neither side had donned their battle armor, but the battle had already reached an extremely high level of intensity.

As a Hyper Douluo, Luo Yuhang obviously held the advantage when it came to cultivation rank, but he hadn't attained an advantage at all.

The air was being constantly shredded by Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword, and the dark aura permeating throughout the battlefield was being devoured incessantly by the spatial rifts that were being torn open.

It was as if Ye Xinglan had transformed into a sword herself, and Luo Yuhang felt as if he were facing a meteor shower that was only growing more and more powerful.


Ye Xinglan's body was sent flying, and she crashed into the protective barrier in the distance.

However, Luo Yuhang wasn't in great shape, either; a large section of the scales on his right arm had been scraped off by the Stargod Sword, leaving a significant wound.

Ye Xinglan instantly rebounded from the barrier, and her eyes only became brighter.

All of a sudden, she switched to a two-handed grip on her sword, and her seventh soul ring lit up as she unleashed her Stargod Sword Body!

A burst of peerless sword intent erupted forth, and Ye Xinglan's entire body became the same color as starlight. In the next instant, her sixth soul ring lit up as she unleashed her Sword Star Soul!

Luo Yuhang's heart jolted slightly upon seeing this, and he knew that a ferocious storm was coming. He immediately unleashed his own martial soul true body, transforming into a giant Dark Emperor Dragon before opening his mouth to release a fierce burst of dragon's breath.

However, Ye Xinglan made no effort to take evasive measures as she charged directly toward Luo Yuhang's attack. The black dragon's breath was sliced apart by her sword, and she was on the verge of flying into Luo Yuhang's mouth.

In his Dark Emperor Dragon form, Luo Yuhang's body was around 30 meters in length with a single horn on the top of his head, and he had no choice but to close his mouth as he lowered his own head to withstand the attack using his horn.


In the instant that the sword came into contact with the Dark Emperor Dragon, its entire massive body began to spasm as it was forced down onto the ground, while Ye Xinglan was repelled upward.

Her fearsome sword intent continued to elevate as an indescribably reckless aura erupted out of her body. Her eyes were filled with determination, pride, and even a hint of insanity.

The true essence of the sword could be reflected through many forms, such as a sword of persistence and dedication, where life and death were inconsequential.

Ye Xinglan's personality wasn't suited for the path of regal domination that Tang Wulin had found for himself as she wasn't a natural leader. As such, she had found her own path through unwavering determination and dedication at all costs.

During her sparring matches with her friends, there was no way that she could unleash such an attack, but now that she was facing a formidable opponent outside of her circle of friends, she was finally able to completely let go and express herself to her heart's extent.

Eighth soul skill, Starfall!

Hovering high up in mid-air, Ye Xinglan was like a radiant star that was burning through the final part of its own life force. Everything around her paled into insignificance.

Luo Yuhang's cultivation base was superior to hers, but in the face of her radiance, Luo Yuhang felt as if his entire body had become stiff and paralyzed.

Is this still a sparring match? This girl is clearly putting her life on the line! 

The space near Ye Xinglan began to shatter, as inky-black spatial cracks appeared all around her. However, there seemed to be countless specks of starlight within these cracks, and they were all injecting their radiance into her body, causing her aura to spike at a drastic rate.

Luo Yuhang had a vast wealth of practical battle experience, and he knew that he couldn't wait any longer.

He didn't know what Ye Xinglan was doing, but what he did know was that if he were to allow her to do as she pleased, he would be facing an attack that would pose a huge threat to his life. Ye Xinglan seemed to be unleashing some type of self-sacrificial attack that was drawing upon the power of celestial bodies.

With that in mind, Luo Yuhang immediately sprang into action, reverting back to his human form while a suit of dark purple three-word battle armor encapsulated his entire body. At the same time, a purple halo appeared beneath his feet, and his aura of darkness instantly spiked drastically.

In the next instant, his eighth soul ring lit up as he prepared his Dark Emperor Devil Dragon Strike.

A cyclone of darkness instantly rose up into the air directly toward Ye Xinglan.

In this situation, Luo Yuhang couldn't afford to hold back any longer and was unleashing a full-power attack under the enhancement of his three-word battle armor.

At this moment, Ye Xinglan had her eyes closed rather than watching her opponent; it was as if she were completely immersed in another world.

Right as the cyclone was about to reach her, she finally sprang into action.

Dazzling starlight exploded, illuminating the entire area, and all of the darkness was instantly dispelled.

There was no explosion or loud commotion; it was as if space and time had fallen completely still in that instant.

In the instant that the explosion of light took place, Tang Wulin was no longer able to sense Ye Xinglan's aura, and he immediately took a step forward in an alarmed manner, only to be stopped by a firm hand on his arm.

Tang Wulin turned to find Xu Lizhi looking on with an anxious yet determined expression. "Sister Xinglan has been waiting for this opportunity for a very, very long time, so we can't stop her. Otherwise, there would be an even greater chance for things to go wrong."

Tang Wulin instantly understood what he was saying. "Is she trying to attain enlightenment by risking her own life?"

Xu Lizhi nodded in response.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath upon hearing this. He really wanted to ask why Xu Lizhi hadn't stopped her. She could've easily pursued sword essence in a more gradual and safer method; why did she insist on going to such extremes?

This was an extremely perilous situation, and the slightest misstep could result in her death!

Xu Lizhi sighed, "Sister Xinglan has already been a Titled Douluo for some time now, but she still doesn't have a ninth soul skill as she's been forcibly repressing her ninth soul skill from taking shape. I didn't try to dissuade her as I support all of her decisions."

Tang Wulin heaved a faint sigh and patted Xu Lizhi on the shoulder before falling silent.

Ye Xinglan was a proud person; that was something that Tang Wulin had figured out from their very first meeting. Her unwillingness to accept defeat was constantly pushing her forward, and if it weren't for Tang Wulin, perhaps her pride would be even further elevated.

Her defeats to Tang Wulin did nothing to dent her pride; they simply made her pride more condensed and repressed.

She had always been pursuing the extreme upper limit of swordsmanship, but the world wasn't fair, and it was often the case that aptitude was a decisive factor in many things.

It was exactly because of this that no matter how hard Ye Xinglan worked, she continued to lag behind in her cultivation rank compared with Yuanen Yehui, who possessed supreme aptitude.

With her twin martial souls and the guidance from Er Ming, Yuanen Yehui was rapidly becoming more powerful.

In the past, she and Ye Xinglan had been roughly evenly matched, but recently, a widening gap had begun to appear between them.

Ye Xinglan was already struggling to come to terms with the fact that she simply couldn't defeat Tang Wulin, and it was unacceptable for her to lose to Yuanen Yehui as well.

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