Chapter 1681: Challenging the Third Battle God

Her gaze fell directly upon the few highest-ranking Battle Gods, yet just as she was about to say something, Tang Wulin's voice rang out beside her ears, and her brows furrowed slightly as she declared, "I want to challenge the third Battle God."

The Battle God Hall held the group from Shrek Academy in very high regard, so the first, second, and third Battle Gods were all present. The fourth Battle God was absent, and this was followed by the fifth, seventh, and eighth Battle Gods.

Ye Xinglan had originally intended to challenge the first Battle God, but she reluctantly changed her mind upon being dissuaded by Tang Wulin.

The third Battle God was a Hyper Douluo, and he cast his gaze toward Guan Yue, while all of his companions directed their attention toward him.

The Battle God Hall had already suffered two losses; they couldn't afford to lose anymore. If that were to happen, the Battle God Hall's reputation would be swept to the ground.

Furthermore, their side had made the challenge during the second round, and that was already breaking some rules of the Battle God Hall, but they still hadn't won that match.

Xu Lizhi had held back, so the Gluttony Douluo was actually already awake, but he refused to open his eyes as he felt far too embarrassed.

He didn't even get a chance to use his most powerful soul skills before he was literally cooked!

The third Battle God strode forward while appraising Ye Xinglan with an intense gaze, then made an inviting hand gesture toward her.

The two of them entered the battle area, and in the instant that they did so, both their auras immediately began to spike.

A peerlessly sharp aura erupted out of Ye Xinglan's body, and a series of rifts had appeared in the surrounding air in the face of her unmatched sword intent.

In contrast, the third Battle God was as still and resolute as a mountain, and even though his outward appearance was very ordinary, his mountainous aura struck one with a sense of immense pressure.

This match was different from the first two in that it was a clash between a pair of assault system Soul Masters.

Ling Zichen was standing by Tang Wulin's side, appraising the battlefield with an unblinking gaze, and a series of emotions had welled up in her heart as the battles had progressed.

The emotion that she was struck by while witnessing Xie Xie's battle was surprise; Xie Xie's instantaneous explosive prowess made her feel as if she were witnessing the rise of the future king of agility attack system Soul Masters. She had interacted with Xie Xie on many occasions, and she had even scolded him in the past, but he always reacted with a lackadaisical smile, completely contrasting with the image of a powerful being.

As for Xu Lizhi, she had always known that he was a food system Soul Master, and in her eyes, all he was good for was making steamed buns. However, he was a four-word battle armor master.

Despite her immense pride, she was well aware of what a four-word battle armor master entailed.

She stole a glance at the man standing beside her, and only now was she realizing just how powerful his companions were. It seemed that her fixation on her research had made her very narrow-minded. While it was true that technology had made the human race more powerful overall, the most powerful human beings in this world were still Soul Masters.

"Third Battle God of the Battle God Hall, Dark Emperor Douluo Luo Yuhang, please enlighten me!"

The third Battle God of the Battle God Hall was a vastly renowned powerful being, and he was a veteran Hyper Douluo who was close to rank 97 in soul power.

"Stargod Douluo Ye Xinglan of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, please enlighten me."

Ye Xinglan was the first person from the Shrek Academy camp to declare a Douluo Title.

Indeed, this young woman, who appeared to only be in her twenties, was also a Titled Douluo.

In addition to Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui, the latter of whom had displayed powers exceeding the Titled Douluo level on enrolment day, Shrek's Seven Monsters already had four Titled Douluos!

This was a stunning revelation for the Battle God Hall camp.

One had to realize that Shrek Academy had been completely annihilated not too long ago. In the face of the two godslayer missiles, almost all of the powerful beings of Shrek Academy from the older generation had perished. 

However, during just a few short years, Shrek Academy had been rebuilt, and there were already so many formidable individuals among Shrek’s Seven Monsters. Furthermore, there was still a whole host of Limit Douluos in Shrek Academy. It seemed that the foundation that Shrek Academy had built up over the past 20,000 years had allowed it to recover at an astonishing rate.

Guan Yue gave an internal nod as a hint of approval flashed through his eyes. Of course, he didn't allow the other Battle Gods to detect this.

A burst of bright light flashed over the heavens, and in the next instant, Ye Xinglan's eyes were glowing like a pair of beacons. She was like a sharp sword that had just been drawn out of its scabbard as she instantly flew over to Luo Yuhang, who raised his right hand, which was completely covered in black scales at this point, just in time to block Ye Xinglan's lightning-fast attack.

Only then did a sharp screeching sound ring out, and this delay indicated that Ye Xinglan's sword had exceeded the speed of sound.

A burst of black energy surged out of Luo Yuhang's body like a volcanic eruption, forcing Ye Xinglan back into a retreat.

In the instant that the battle had commenced, Ye Xinglan's eyes had turned completely cold and emotionless. Another sharp screech rang out as bursts of scintillating light erupted out of her body, making her appear as if she were an incandescent star in the sky.

A dense sword net that was decorated with dazzling starlight then descended from the heavens; this was her Sword God Net.

The Sword God Net was giving off an indescribably formidable aura, as if everything in its presence was simply meant to be torn apart.

Luo Yuhang didn't dare to engage in passive defence any longer. He knew that when given the opportunity, a master swordsman would be able to continuously elevate their sword intent. At some point, even his mind and spirit would eventually be affected by her.

Thus, he stepped forward, and nine black soul rings emerged from beneath his feet.

The third soul ring lit up as he thrust his right fist forward, and a massive blackish-purple dragon's head erupted out of his fist, unleashing a thunderous roar that struck terror directly into one's heart.

"His martial soul is the Dark Emperor Dragon!" Sima Jinchi said.

Tang Wulin nodded in response.

The Dark Emperor Dragon was an extremely powerful type of true dragon in the dragon clan, and with one more evolution, it would become a Darkness Holy Dragon, ranking it alongside the Holy Radiant Dragon.

It was exactly because Luo Yuhang was yet to complete this evolution that he was struggling to reach the Limit Douluo rank. However, in any case, the Dark Emperor Dragon was still an extremely formidable martial soul.

A hint of irony appeared in Sima Jinchi's eyes at the thought that someone was displaying a dragon-type martial soul in the presence of himself and Tang Wulin.


The sword net was shattered, as was the dragon's head; neither side was able to gain an upper hand.

Ye Xinglan curled up into a ball, and scintillating light radiated from her body as she descended like a shooting star. This was her Sword Star Fall!

At the same time, Luo Yuhang's eyes turned a purple color, and he threw his head back to let loose a thunderous dragon's roar while a purple ball of light appeared between his two hands. A layer of dark purple light erupted out of his body, and he squatted down slightly before launching himself directly up toward Ye Xinglan.

A burst of thunderous rumbling rang out, and the entire protective barrier instantly brightened by severalfold.

Just as Ling Zichen had described, the protective barrier would adjust its power output in accordance to the eruptions of energy taking place within it.

This was a pure clash of power with devastating sword intent on one side and suffocating darkness on the other.

The two sides were constantly clashing, but neither could gain the upper hand.

Ye Xinglan's Stargod Sword was simply far too sharp; even a seasoned Hyper Douluo like Luo Yuhang had to reserve some of his power to nullify the sharpness of her sword intent. At the same time, his aura of darkness was also constantly trying to seep into Ye Xinglan's body, only to be torn apart by her sword intent every single time.

This match was clearly far more fierce than the first two. Ye Xinglan's attacks had already achieved return to simplicity. She had mastered sword intent, then sword soul, and she was now beginning to grasp sword essence.

There was no one more fixated, perhaps even obsessive, among all of Shrek’s Seven Monsters; it was as if she had been born to wield a sword.

She had completely immersed her heart in her Stargod Sword, and the longer the battle wore on, the brighter her eyes became.

She had always had the strongest desire for battle, and among Shrek’s Seven Monsters, she was the one who challenged Tang Wulin the most. Furthermore, the defeats that she suffered at Tang Wulin's hands only served to fuel her determination and desire.

Throughout their past sparring matches, Tang Wulin had learned that Ye Xinglan was at her most powerful in the instant before her soul power completely ran out. She was like a dazzling star that glowed brightest only as it became a supernova in its dying moments.

As such, Luo Yuhang could sense that his opponent was only becoming more and more formidable as their battle stretched on. Every single one of her movements and even the look in her eyes were filled with her sword intent, and it was scarcely believable that a person could give off such a fearsome aura of sharpness.

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