Chapter 1675: Ninth Battle God, Jiang Zhanheng

As such, once they conquered the first two levels, there was a very good chance that they would face some other trials instead of having to directly fight Battle Gods, and that would be far easier in comparison.

The 10 Battle Gods all had different heights and figures, but they were all wearing retro black tight-fitting robes with red patterns.

The one standing at the direct center of the group was a tall man with golden patterns instead of red on his robes, and it was clear that he was the leader of the group. [How do you stand at the direct center of 10 people?]

Tang Wulin recalled that he had seen this man once during the joust for a spouse event; he was none other than the Vice-Battle God Hall Master, Sky Crossing Douluo Guan Yue.

He was a veteran Battle God, and one of the three Limit Douluos of the Battle God Hall.

Just like Chen Xinjie, Guan Yue was also a veteran Limit Douluo, but he had been perpetually stuck at the quasidemigod level, unable to cross into the demigod realm, so he was significantly less powerful than Chen Xinjie.

Even so, he was still a Limit Douluo and a four-word battle armor master, making him one of the most powerful beings in this world.

A respectful look appeared on Tang Wulin's face at the sight of Guan Yue. "Greetings, Hall Master Guan."

He reverted back to his original appearance as he spoke, and Guan Yue didn't seem to be all that surprised to see this. Instead, he sighed, "So you came, after all. Why put yourselves through this?"

Tang Wulin sighed, "We have no choice. The federation has forced our hand, and our Tang Sect and Shrek Academy have always been ambassadors of peace."

Having already entered the Battle God Hall, there was no need for him to hide his intentions any further.

Guan Yue shook his head in response. "It won't be easy to pass through us. You can still choose to leave now. Otherwise, you might not be able to."

Tang Wulin smiled, and replied, "I've always wanted to come to the Battle God Hall; I can't squander this opportunity."

A meaningful look appeared in Guan Yue's eyes, and he said, "In that case, you'll have to pass through us. The number of Battle Gods you manage to defeat will determine the number of people that will get to progress to the next level; those who are defeated will be unable to progress. However, I'm sure the Central Legion is currently ready and waiting outside, and according to the rules of the Battle God Hall, once you leave, we have no duty to ensure your safety."

"I understand. Thank you for the reminder, Palace Master Guan; let's begin now."

Tang Wulin waved a hand as he spoke, and everyone fanned out beside him.

Tang Wulin swept his gaze over the array of Battle Gods before them.

It was undoubtedly the case that all of these Battle Gods were at the Titled Douluo level or above, and all of them, aside from Guan Yue, were wearing their corresponding numbers on their chests.

Just as Guan Yue had said, each of them had to defeat a Battle God if they wanted to progress.

As such, Tang Wulin could theoretically get a weaker teammate to challenge Guan Yue to avoid having to face the Limit Douluo, thereby granting him passage at the expense of a relatively unimportant member of the team.

However, Tang Wulin had his own plan, which involved getting everyone to progress to the next level.

One of the reasons he had revealed his own identity as soon as he had entered the Battle God Hall was as a display of power.

He wanted to show the Battle God Hall and the federation that aside from the older generation of Limit Douluos, the younger generation of the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy were also forces to be reckoned with.

Guan Yue declared, "You can choose any Battle God as your opponent, including myself. The winners will move on to the next level, while the losers will be asked to leave."

Tang Wulin turned to his friends. "Who wants to go first?"

"I'll go first," Xie Xie volunteered as he strode forward with a smile.

Tang Wulin didn't say anything, and merely patted him on the shoulder.

Xie Xie glanced at all of the Battle Gods before him, and said, "I want to challenge the ninth Battle God."

The Battle God Hall had 18 regular Battle Gods, as well as some backup Battle Gods. All of the Battle Gods present were regular ones, and the ninth one was right around the mid-range.

Choosing one of the more powerful Battle Gods would make things easier for everyone else, and Xie Xie had chosen one in the mid-range to give everyone an idea of how powerful these Battle Gods were.

The ninth Battle God strode forward, while the others retreated with Guan Yue.

The ninth Battle God was quite thin and very ordinary in appearance. If he were in casual clothes, he would've been able to easily blend into any crowd.

However, the fact that he was the ninth Battle God indicated that his powers definitely belied his appearance.

"Xie Xie of Shrek Academy, please enlighten me!" Xie Xie said with a serious expression as he made an inviting hand gesture.

Ever since he had begun pursuing Yuanen, he had worked extra hard in his cultivation in fear of being left too far behind by her, and the pressure on him had only increased since Yuanen had accepted her Yuanen Family heritage. This was a family with two Limit Douluos, and that wasn't even taking into account their quasigod level patriarch! If he didn't work harder, he would be truly left in the dust.

Thus, despite his usual happy-go-lucky demeanor, he had actually always been working extremely hard. Even his closest friends didn't know just how much he had sacrificed, and only Yuanen Yehui was aware of the full extent of his crazy work ethic. As such, she didn't even scold Xie Xie now as she didn't want to pile additional pressure on him.

"Ninth Battle God of the Battle God Hall, Lightning Douluo Jiang Zhanheng, please enlighten me," the ninth Battle God replied. Everything about him was very ordinary and placid, but for some reason, he gave off the feeling of the calm before the storm.

Everyone already knew that all of the regular Battle Gods were Titled Douluos, but this declaration still sent shivers down everyone's spines, particularly as they were in the Battle God Hall.

The patterns on the walls and the ground suddenly dimmed slightly, following which a gentle light barrier appeared.

A hint of intrigue appeared in Ling Zichen's eyes upon seeing this, and she murmured to herself, "This is a protective barrier formed solely by soul arrays with no enhancement devices involved."

Tang Wulin also had an extensive understanding of soul arrays, but he naturally couldn't compare with the likes of Ling Zichen. "What does that entail?"

Ling Zichen replied, "The fact that such a potent protective barrier can be released even without enhancement devices entails that the materials used to construct these soul arrays are quite exceptional; it must be some type of top-grade alloy, which means that the Battle God Hall is essentially a treasure in itself. This protective soul array definitely has external enhancement features, and once the energy within this place reaches a certain level, the enhancements will kick in to further bolster the barrier."

"I see. The Battle God Hall has the federation's full support, so it's no surprise that they have such good resources," Tang Wulin said.

Ling Zichen replied, "If I had these materials, I would've done a much better job!"

"Of course! You're the best!" Tang Wulin certainly wasn't going to argue against her.

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