Chapter 1674: Entering the Gates of Hell

"Take them to the military law department!" Tang Wulin yelled.

The situation had become quite heated and chaotic, and the thing that the military feared the most was internal turmoil.

At this moment, he was fanning the flames by infusing his words with some of his spiritual power, and all of the soldiers had become extremely worked up.

Meanwhile, everyone else in Tang Wulin's group had already snuck away toward the mountain peak, and Tang Wulin quickly followed suit.

Thus, they finally managed to pass through the market, and Tang Wulin was able to heave a faint sigh of relief.

At this point, everyone else had already separated. He had instructed everyone to go on ahead as it would be far easier to handle the situation on his own.

The ones who had stayed behind were Sima Jinchi, A'Ruheng, and Ling Zichen, and they were the ones who had been complaining about the toilet paper and female sanitary products.

As a result, all of the soldiers had been stirred up into a frenzy, allowing them to sneak away without being noticed. Thus, they quickly sped up the mountain toward the entrance of the Battle God Hall.

As expected of an outstanding soul computer expert, Shen Xing had reset the entire internal soul system of the Central Legion, granting Tang Wulin's group smooth passage.

The higher they scaled up the mountain, the fewer detection soul tools there were. Most of the Central Legion's facilities were focused on the bottom half of the mountain, while the top half belonged to the Battle God Hall. Regardless of whether it was in the military or the federation, the Battle God Hall had a transcendent status.

Finally, they reached an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level, and the entire mountain peak above this point was covered in snow.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but think back to the Blood God Legion upon seeing this. Back then, she was still by his side.

Right at this moment, a metal ball with a probe attached to it descended from above before stopping in front of Tang Wulin's group. "Stop! You're about to enter the territory of the Battle God Hall; do you have a recommendation letter?"

Tang Wulin replied with a faint smile, "We were able to make it here, so our identities are no longer important. According to the safe harbor rule of the Battle God Hall, we have a right to challenge the Battle God Hall."

"The rules have changed," the metal ball declared, immediately following which a loud alarm was raised.

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon seeing this. This wasn't what Cao Dezhi had said would happen! According to Cao Dezhi, reaching an altitude of 2,500 meters above sea level would officially take them into Battle God Hall territory, and under normal circumstances, the safe harbor rule would apply at that point. Could it be that there were some extraordinary circumstances?

As the alarm rang out, several dozen light beams immediately flashed toward the mountain summit from the Central Legion.

The metal ball continued, "In order to avoid unnecessary wastage of time, those without recommendation letters must pass the trial of the Central Legion and reach the mountain summit before they'll be able to challenge the Battle God Hall." As soon as its voice trailed off, the metal ball sped up toward the mountain summit.

The mountain peak was at an altitude of over 4,000 meters above sea level, which meant that they still had over a kilometer to go.

Tang Wulin couldn't afford to dwell on this mishap, and immediately yelled, "Let's go!"

Thus, everyone no longer disguised their powers and released the full extent of their soul power, propelling themselves up the mountain like cannonballs.

Several dozen mechas were flying toward them from down below, and Tang Wulin harrumphed coldly as purplish-blue lightning erupted out of his body.

This was his Lightning Forest!

With his current powers, Lightning Forest could encompass an enormous area, and even though the group of oncoming mechas was led by three black mechas, their internal soul cores would still be severely affected by the lightning, thereby resulting in major issues.

Thus, all of the mechas immediately dispersed to avoid the Lightning Forest.

Only then did Tang Wulin launch himself toward the mountain summit. With their powers, a distance of less than two kilometers could be covered in virtually the blink of an eye.

Upon reaching the mountain summit, they discovered a massive metal gate embedded into the surface of the mountain.

The gate was entirely black with countless menacing images carved onto its surface, some of which resembled soul beasts, while others resembled humans.

Tang Wulin knew these were the Gates of Hell of the Battle God Hall. Entering through these gates, one would arrive in the Battle God Hall, and these gates were an examination in themselves. Without strength that exceeded three tons, it would be impossible to push them open.

"I'll get it!" A'Ruheng chuckled as he strode over to the Gates of Hell and pushed them open with ease, as if he were pushing open a door in his own house.

Everyone flew into the Battle God Hall before the pursuing mechas could arrive, and the Gates of Hell swung shut again.

The Central Legion mechas arrived right after the gates had swung completely shut, but at this point, they were already powerless to do anything.

Beyond the Gates of Hell, the entire surrounding area was completely enshrouded in darkness.

"Welcome to the 18 Levels of Hell." A cold voice rang out, following which the ground began to tremor before slowly descending.

Everyone gathered together with Ling Zichen at the center, and Tang Wulin released his spiritual power to keep tabs on the surrounding area.

After around a minute, a dull thump rang out, and the tremors abruptly ceased.

Immediately thereafter, the ground vanished beneath their feet without any warning.

Tang Wulin and the others were already prepared, and they were able to hover in mid-air without plummeting downward.

There was a massive net around 30 meters down below, so there was no risk of injury even if one were to fall straight down.

A wide passageway appeared in their field of view, and the passageway was over 20 meters wide and around five meters tall.

In the distance, dark red light could be seen up ahead.

Having entered the Battle God Hall, a large portion of their mission was already complete.

After advancing for around 100 meters through the passageway, a huge hall appeared.

The hall was circular in shape, and there were complex soul arrays engraved into the ground, the walls, and the ceiling. The red light that they had seen earlier was being released by none other than these soul arrays.

At this moment, there was another group of 10 people awaiting them.

The rules of the Battle God Hall dictated that the number of Battle Gods deployed would match the number of challengers, and the powers of the Battle Gods deployed would be determined based on the cultivation ranks of the challengers.

A group of 10 people like theirs was extremely rare, and it was impossible for there to be 10 Battle Gods on every level as there simply weren't enough Battle Gods. This was why Cao Dezhi had suggested that Tang Wulin bring so many people along with him.

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