Chapter 1673: Intelligent Handling

The captain continued, "You reported me, but look what's happened to me: nothing! If you know what's good for you, then kowtow and apologize, then compensate me, and I'll let bygones be bygones. Otherwise, I'll give you a beating every time I see you; you'll be forced to withdraw from the legion!"

Tang Wulin couldn't help but scoff internally upon hearing this. Wasn't the Central Legion a legion of elites? Why was there scum like this around?

Tang Wulin gave the captain a derisive glare before making a provocative hand gesture. "If you're a man, then fight me one-on-one. If you win, I'll let you do as you please, but if you lose, then piss off!"

As a past soldier himself, he knew that power was most revered in the military, and that one-on-one battles were the simplest way to resolve conflicts.

This was how he had tamed Jiang Wuyue back in the Blood God Legion.

"So? Are you scared?" Tang Wulin raised his chin slightly in another provocative gesture.

"Fight! Fight! Fight!" Sure enough, there were already soldiers urging for the fight to take place.

Life in the military was simply far too bland and boring, so one-on-one fights were very attention-grabbing.

"You dare to challenge me? Great! I'm going to knock all of your teeth out!" The captain lunged toward Tang Wulin, throwing a punch directly at Tang Wulin's face as he spoke.

Tang Wulin was rather surprised by the power and speed of this punch; this was definitely not a punch that a normal soldier would be capable of unleashing, and his fist was even imbued with soul power.

Tang Wulin slapped the captain's fist, and even though he had intentionally held back, the captain was still sent stumbling backward.

Tang Wulin then raised a leg and aimed a vicious kick at the captain's chest, sending him flying back five to six meters.

Everyone immediately fell silent upon seeing this.

The captain that had provoked Huang Zeran was quite powerful among military officials of his rank, and no one anticipated that he would be handled so easily by Huang Zeran.

"Bastard!" The captain instantly sprang to his feet, and four soul rings emerged from beneath his feet, comprised of three yellows and one purple.

At the same time, his arms expanded noticeably, particularly his fists, which had taken on a metallic grey hue.

This captain's name was Deng Shun, and his martial soul was his fists. He hadn't cultivated them to the body martial soul level yet, but he was still an extremely powerful being among captains, which was why he was so arrogant.

He had been reported by Huang Zeran for taking rebates while purchasing supplies, and he wasn't punished too severely due to the connections he had, but this avenue of earnings had been cut off, so he was naturally quite resentful toward Huang Zeran.

Tang Wulin heaved a faint internal sigh. This was rather troublesome, and he had to end this battle as quickly as possible. He was currently impersonating Huang Zeran, but he didn't even know what Huang Zeran's martial soul was. A disguise was easy to arrange, but emulating a martial soul was far too troublesome, especially in the presence of so many people.

His main concern was that a high-ranking military official would step in, and that would be disastrous.

Thus, after a brief moment of contemplation, Tang Wulin sprang forward without any hesitation.

Deng Shun threw a vicious right punch, unleashing his second soul skill, Iron Fist, at the same time.

Right before Tang Wulin was about to be struck by Deng Shun's fist, he dodged to evade the attack, then grabbed onto Deng Shun's right wrist before aiming a kick at his shin, sending him flying once again.

On this occasion, Deng Shun was very unlucky, and his head struck a wall, upon which he immediately fainted.

Tang Wulin dusted some imaginary lint off his shoulders, and scoffed, "Pathetic! Who else wants to have a go?"

Everyone's expressions had changed drastically at this point. He had just taken care of Deng Shun so easily without even using his martial soul; this was a truly stunning display of power.

"Alright, take him to the infirmary," Tang Wulin said before departing, and everyone else in his group had already split up, but they were all making their way toward the same direction as well.

"Hold on!" A loud cry suddenly rang out.

Tang Wulin stopped before turning to discover another captain appraising him with a suspicious expression.

"You're not Huang Zeran! Huang Zeran is still recovering from an illness he contracted a few days ago, and he's only a Soul Grandmaster; how could he possibly defeat Deng Shun? Who are you?" the captain interrogated.

Tang Wulin heaved an internal sigh, then transmitted a message of reassurance to his friends through his spiritual power before making his way toward the captain.

"I had intended to hide my power, but it looks like I'll have to reveal some of it to silence pesky little pests like you! Who told you I'm only a Soul Grandmaster? Who told you I'm not Huang Zeran?" He tossed his identification badge forward as he spoke, and at the same time, six soul rings, comprised of two yellows and four purples, rose up from beneath his feet, revealing him to be a Soul Emperor.

The majority of people present were normal soldiers, and the rest were all low-ranking military officials, and they couldn't help but stumble back in the face of the Soul Emperor level aura that Tang Wulin was releasing.

Tang Wulin stopped around three steps away from the captain before making an inviting hand gesture. "Check to see if that's my identification badge."

The captain hurriedly examined the badge using his soul communicator, and there were naturally no issues with it.

Tang Wulin harrumphed coldly, "I didn't want to reveal everything this early, but it looks like I have no choice. Deng Shun has taken rebates on multiple occasions while purchasing supplies, and he harbored resentment toward me after I reported him. I don't know why the higher-ups didn't punish him, allowing him to come and confront me. All of these people must be his lackeys, and I'm going to report them all to the higher-ups again!"

If one were to look closely into Tang Wulin's eyes, they'd discover faint purple light flashing within them, and at this point, the expression on the captain's face had become completely vacant.

Through the use of his immense spiritual power, Tang Wulin had forcibly read the captain's memories. At the mental manifestation level, Tang Wulin still couldn't read one's complete memories, but with such a massive disparity in power, it was a simple matter for him to read a few memory fragments, and those were enough for him to string together the full story.

Thus, he immediately declared the reason behind Deng Shun's vendetta toward him, thereby further proving his identity.

"Punish them!" A loud cry suddenly rang out.

"I was wondering why my toilet paper was so hard and thin; it's all because of these scumbags!" Another vehement voice quickly rang out.

"Our female sanitary products are also of a very bad quality; this must be why! We can't just let things slide; let's all report them together!"

All of the surrounding soldiers were stirred up into a frenzy.

Deng Shun had just been helped to his feet, and he hadn't even regained his consciousness before he was completely surrounded, as was the captain who had just interrogated Tang Wulin.

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