Chapter 1668: Why is it Him?

Shen Yue's voice immediately mellowed out upon hearing this. "Oh, silly me. I reserved the booth, so just give the employees my name. It's almost time, so he should've arrived as well. Make sure to report back to me after your blind date!"

"Alright, I'm hanging up!" Shen Xing ended the call and grumbled to herself for a moment before emerging from the car with her purse.

Xing Mei Holiday Resort was a very large resort, but Shen Xing had come here before, so she was quite familiar with this place.

Long Cui restaurant was on the first floor of the resort's main building, so it was very easy to find, and the restaurant was renowned for its authentic Bright City dishes. The restaurants had many booths as this was a place for military officials to dine and relax, so they didn't want to meet too many of their colleagues.

"Booth for Shen Yue," Shen Xing said as she reached the front desk.

"Please come with me." The waitress made an inviting hand gesture, then led the way for Shen Xing to a booth named "Skysea Pavilion".

"Your friend has already arrived," the waitress said as she gently knocked on the door before pushing it open. For some reason, a hint of envy had appeared on the waitress's face as she spoke.

Shen Xing intentionally put on a cold and forbidding expression before making her way into the booth.

The booth was rather antiquated in design and decor, with a four-seater dining table, and a small sofa beside it. Across from the door was a window, through which a picturesque small lake was visible.

As Shen Xing made her way into the booth, she caught sight of a man standing in front of the window, looking out at the scenery outside.

Shen Xing's expression immediately turned into one of surprise at the sight of him. She could only see his profile from the back, but a peculiar feeling had welled up in her heart.

The man was tall and not particularly muscular, but his back was very straight, and he had an extremely well-proportioned figure, as well as a head of even black hair.

His white military uniform was tight-fitting and perfectly highlighted his figure, which was comprised of broad shoulders, a wide back, and a streamlined, athletic waist. Shen Xing was stunned to discover that from the back profile alone, he was completely impeccable.

In the next instant, her attention was drawn to his epaulets.

This man was a major general?

Didn't Shen Yue say that he was only a lieutenant colonel? How could Shen Yue do this to her? A major general had to be an old man already!

His figure was exceptional, but he had to at least be 40!

With that in mind, Shen Xing couldn't help but clear her throat.

"Attention!" An authoritative command suddenly rang out.

Having been in the military for so many years, obeying orders from superiors had become second nature for Shen Yue, and she reflexively raised her head, puffed her chest out, and brought her feet together.

She then immediately realized that she had been pranked, but before she had a chance to get angry, the man had already turned around.

He had a pair of large and bright eyes that were very gentle, accompanied by long eyelashes that women would die for.

His nose was pronounced and chiseled, and his beautiful lips were currently curved upward slightly in an amused smile.

Shen Xing's mind immediately went blank as her eyes were filled with incredulity, and she stared at the man before her in stunned silence.

This was the face that had appeared in her dreams night upon night for so many years! It had taken her a Herculean effort to escape those nightmares, but now, the subject of those nightmares had appeared before her!

Due to the fact that Xing Mei Holiday Resort was a military facility, disguises were prohibited, so Tang Wulin was currently presenting himself in his true appearance.

Shen Xing took a reflexive step backward as Tang Wulin approached her, and she suddenly yelped as she tripped over her own feet and fell backward.

Thankfully, Tang Wulin reacted very quickly and caught her by the waist so that she didn't fall over.

At such close proximity, she could already clearly smell his refreshing scent, and all of a sudden, her entire body began to burn up, as if approaching him was like approaching a giant furnace. An indescribable sensation welled up in her heart, and she wanted nothing more than for the ground to open up and swallow her whole.

Tang Wulin was rather perplexed by Shen Xing's dazed and flushed appearance.

He had investigated and planned extensively to set up this meeting with Shen Xing, and he had envisioned many of Shen Xing's possible reactions to seeing him, the likeliest of which he thought would be screaming.

As such, as he turned around, he had released his soul power to seal this entire room, preventing all sound and soul power from escaping; even soul communicators would malfunction under the influence of his immense spiritual power.

However, never did he think that Shen Xing would instantly become a statue; it was as if she had seen a ghost!

Tang Wulin asked, "Am I that shocking to you, Ms. Shen?"

"You, you, you..." Shen Xing was finally able to speak, but she was stuttering incessantly, and even her breathing was accelerating.

Tang Wulin injected a burst of gentle Mysterious Heaven Method soul power into Shen Xing's body in a resigned manner, calming her rampant blood essence fluctuations, and only then did Shen Xing gradually calm down.

She blinked forcefully a few times, then quickly struggled out of Tang Wulin's arms and took a few steps backward.

"Why are you here?"

She had even surreptitiously pinched herself to ensure that she wasn't dreaming, and sure enough, it had hurt a lot.

All of the information she had seen about him quickly flashed through her mind.

He had defeated the entire Star Luo Empire in the Trial of Five Gods, forging an undying legend.

He was the Tang Sect Master and Sea God's Pavilion Master, yet he had been defeated by Silver Dragon Princess Gu Yuena during the joust for a spouse event.

She was always full of resentment whenever she saw news reports about him, but she couldn't help but pay attention to those reports. She had always thought that she had already forgotten him, but as it turned out, that was far from the truth.

Just as she thought that she would never meet this man again, he had suddenly appeared before her, AND he was in the military uniform of a general!

"Go! Get out of here! Posing as a general is a major crime!" Shen Xing blurted out, and even she was stunned by what she was saying.

Wasn't she supposed to be hurling abuse at him or quickly exposing him so that he could be captured? Why was she saying something like this instead?

She really wanted the earth to swallow her up so she could have some peace and quiet and interrogate herself to see exactly what was going through her mind!

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