Chapter 1667: Blind Date With Shen Xing

"There's no way we can go through the Central Legion by force, and as you outlined, they have the most advanced detection devices, so it won't be easy to sneak into the legion, either. As such, the only viable method for us is infiltration."

Ling Zichen was quite intrigued to hear this. "Infiltration? How is that different from sneaking into the legion?"

Tang Wulin smiled, and replied, "Sneaking in relies solely on our own power, whereas infiltration requires borrowing power from external sources, thereby drastically improving our chances of success."

Ling Zichen asked, "Then how do we infiltrate?"

Tang Wulin replied, "Any soldier of any rank can try to conquer the Battle God Hall, right? In that case, we have to all become soldiers."

As the most powerful legion of the Douluo Federation, the Central Legion had a funny nickname, which was the "Adored Child of the Federation".

The legion was fitted with almost all of the federation's most advanced weapons and equipment, and the federation would even take elite soldiers from other legions and place them in the Central Legion. Only the most elite soldiers and military officials could become a member of the Central Legion, and the legion was over 100,000 strong.

In fact, if all of the additional staff were taken into account, the legion would have over 300,000 members.

Logistics and work behind the scenes were extremely important for all legions, and an astronomical sum was spent on this area in the Central Legion every year.

The Central Legion was also the most powerful military force under the government's control. All other legions were influenced by some military families, but the Central Legion followed no orders aside from those of the federal government.

Any family who dared to try and seize control of the Central Legion would be severely punished by all of the other military families; this was already an unspoken rule.

It was exactly due to the existence of the Central Legion that the government was able to maintain its rule over the entire federation.

The Central Legion was situated in the Western Mountains, as well as all around Bright City to protect the capital city from all directions.

Around 50,000 troops from the Central Legion were gathered in the Western Mountains, and they were accompanied by all types of large soul weapons and facilities.

The largest mountain in the area had almost been completely hollowed out, and it contained many powerful soul weapons and high-grade soul missiles, all of which the government had full control over.

It was said that there were over 100 ninth-grade soul missiles in that mountain, as well as super launchers that could blast those soul missiles to any corner of the Douluo Continent at a moment's notice.

Some of the federation's most important research units were also situated in the Western Mountains, particularly those related to space exploration.

Shen Xing emerged from the legion's training ground and took a deep breath of the fresh air outside. Her epaulets indicated that she was now a lieutenant colonel.

Ever since she was transferred to the Central Legion, she had been nurtured as an elite member of the military, and her career had been set on the right path.

The major families couldn't control the Central Legion, but all of them were able to send some members into the Central Legion for training and to improve their resumes. If one were deemed to be an exceptional talent and were willing to swear a vow of fealty to the government alone, thereby cutting ties with their family, they could be promoted to a high rank in the Central Legion.

Of course, they couldn't become the highest-ranking officials of the Central Legion as there was a special rule that stated that only those who hailed from average families had the right to work their way up the ranks to the very top.

Shen Xing had already grown accustomed to daily life here. Her rigorous daily training regimen allowed her to make rapid improvement, and she was beginning to fall in love with the feeling of taking a hot shower after a laborious and sweaty training session, then emerging from the training ground in a set of clean clothes.

This was always when she felt like she was most in her element.

"Beep beep, beep beep!" The soul communicator on her wrist suddenly registered a call.

Shen Xing glanced down at the number, and an exasperated look appeared on her face, but she had no choice but to accept the call. "What is it, Big Sister? If you're trying to set me up on another blind date, then just forget about it."

As a lieutenant general, Shen Yue had a natural air of authority about her, and she replied, "Why can't I set you up on a blind date? Do you not know how old you are? Father has already said that you don't need to engage in any political marriage, and blind date partners we've chosen for you are handsome young talents; so what's your problem? Why aren't you willing to give it a chance? Didn't you say you already recovered from your mental trauma?"

At the mention of mental trauma, a figure instantly flashed through Shen Xing's mind, but she replied, "You're my target, Big Sister! Why do I need a man? I'm a woman who's going to become a general; who's going to be a match for me?"

Shen Yue heaved a resigned sigh. "Well, you still have to give it a try; you can't just go on like this. What am I supposed to tell our parents? I don't care what you say; Father chose the youngest colonel in the Sea God Legion for you this time, and his family background is very good as well, so you have to go and see him. If you fail to show up again, I'll transfer you back from the Central Legion, and I'll make sure your military career hits a dead-end!"

Shen Xing immediately protested, "How could you do that, Big Sister? You're mixing family matters with official duties; aren't you afraid of being punished by the military?"

Shen Yue chuckled coldly in response, "Don't forget that I'm a lieutenant general; the military won't punish me over some insignificant lieutenant colonel. Cut the chit-chat; are you going or not?"

Shen Xing pouted in an indignant manner, and replied, "Fine, I'll go, but I'm not making any guarantees aside from that!"

Only then did Shen Yue's voice become more gentle, and she said, "That's a good girl. Who knows? Maybe you'll like him. No one's going to force you into marriage anyway."

"What's the time and location?" Shen Xing asked.

"7pm tonight at the Long Cui Restaurant of the Xi Mei Holiday Resort."

"Tonight?" Shen Xing's voice exclaimed, "That's way too rushed! He clearly doesn't have any sincerity. I don't think I want to go anymore."

"Cut the crap! If I had informed you in advance, you would've come up with some other excuse. I know your schedule back to front; you have nothing going on today after training, so don't even think about canceling, and don't be late!"As soon as her voice trailed off, Shen Yue immediately ended the call.

Shen Xing stomped her foot onto the ground in a frustrated manner, but couldn't do anything.

"This is textbook bullying! How could she do this?" Shen Xing grumbled.

However, her anger quickly gave way to resignation. She was only a lieutenant colonel; how could she contend with her lieutenant general sister? Most importantly, her parents were standing against her as well.

Her cheeks were already slightly flushed from training, and the flush had deepened even further from her anger. However, she had no choice in the matter.

Thus, she returned to her dorm room and changed into some casual clothes. She didn't bother to put on any makeup, and arranged her hair into a simple ponytail before setting off in her car toward Xing Mei Holiday Resort.

Xing Mei Holiday Resort was situated on the western outskirts of Bright City, and it was quite close to the Central Legion, so it naturally had a military background. To put it in simpler terms, this was a recreational venue for military officials.

Soldiers were still people, and military officials had dedicated their entire lives to the military, so they needed a place for relaxation and recreation as well. Of course, the prerequisite for entry was quite high; only those at or above the captain rank would be granted entry.

Due to the fact that this place had been set up for military officials, the prices there were very cheap, so it was very popular among military officials.

Less than half an hour later, Shen Xing parked her car into the spacious carpark of Xing Mei Holiday Resort.

Even now, Shen Xing was still quite enraged.

She was definitely going to grill her blind date partner and give him a piece of her mind!

Now that she thought about it, Shen Yue hadn't told her which booth of Long Cui Restaurant she was supposed to go to.

She seriously considered whether this would be an excuse for her to not turn up, but she quickly decided that Shen Yue definitely wouldn't let her off the hook if she were to ditch the blind date with such a trivial excuse.

Thus, she dialed Shen Yue's number, and the call was quickly connected.

"What is it? I'm telling you, Shen Xing, if you don't go..."

"Alright, I know! I'm already here, but you didn't tell me which booth I need to go to!" Shen Xing replied in an exaggerated manner.

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