Chapter 1664: Tang San's Battle Against the Gods

A transcendent divine weapon would definitely be unimaginably beneficial to a quasigod. If he could obtain that transcendent divine weapon and completely master it, there was a very good chance that he would be able to break through the restriction of this realm and become a god; he could even go on to create his very own Divine Realm.

Never did he think that this would be the outcome of this operation.

However, after a brief moment of regret and frustration, a scorching flame was ignited in his heart. A transcendent divine weapon was even more alluring to him than the project that the Holy Spirit Cult was currently undertaking as a transcendent divine weapon could be controlled by a single person, so he didn't need anyone else.

If he could obtain that transcendent divine weapon, then the possibilities were endless.

The deathly aura subsided, and everything returned to darkness. Harosha cast a cold glance toward Shrek Academy with greed in his eyes, then vanished into the night sky.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin, Ling Zichen, and Liu Jingyun reappeared amid a flash of green light, and Ling Zichen and Liu Jingyun were surprised to discover that they had fallen into a body of water.

Enveloped within the layer of green light, there was no need for them to worry about their ability to breathe.

"Where are we?" Ling Zichen asked.

Tang Wulin placed a finger over his lips in a shushing gesture, then said, "I have to go, but I won't be gone for too long. Go back and wait for me for now." He swept his hands through the water as he spoke, releasing two bursts of enormous propulsion force that ejected Ling Zichen and Liu Jingyun out of the water like a pair of cannonballs.

The entire world spun around the two of them, and in the next instant, they found themselves hovering in mid-air.

Both of them hurriedly controlled their own bodies to prevent themselves from falling, and only then did they discover that they were currently situated above the Sea God's Lake with Shrek Academy looming in the distance.

How had they come back?

The two of them exchanged a bewildered glance, then looked down at the lake to find a burst of golden light vanishing into it.

"What do we do, Head Researcher Ling?"

"Let's go back to the academy; don't tell anyone what happened today," Ling Zichen replied without any hesitation.

"I understand," Liu Jingyun hurriedly replied.

Ling Zichen's brows were tightly furrowed as she contemplated everything that had just happened. None of this could be explained using science, and that was extremely frustrating for a scientist like her.

After returning to the academy, she decided to go and find Yali. Yali was Tang Wulin's godmother, so she felt that Yali was the most trustworthy figure to approach.

In the Sea God's Lake, Tang Wulin only had a chance to extend a bow toward the tree of life before he vanished amid a flash of golden light.

As a transcendent divine weapon, the Sea God's Trident wasn't that easy to use. Tang Wulin had already passed two trials of the Sea God, so he could already use it as a normal weapon, but if he wanted to unleash a divine skill like Unpredictable Storm with the golden trident, then he would have to face another trial.

He would at least have to complete another trial to go back, and if he couldn't complete the trial, then he would lose the right to use the golden trident.

If he had been alone, he could've teleported himself back to Shrek Academy through his connection with the tree of life at any time. However, Ling Zichen and Liu Jingyu were accompanying him, so he couldn't escape alone. Thus, in that dire situation, he was forced to unleash Unpredictable Storm to temporarily immobilize Harosha, thereby giving all three of them a chance to escape. Teleporting the two of them along with him didn't affect him at all, but it was far more taxing for the tree of life.

Now, it was time for him to face the third trial of the Sea God.

Golden light flashed, and Tang Wulin was instantly transported into a golden world. All of a sudden, he heard a series of affectionate calls that seemed to come from his loved ones, and they included the voices of his father and mother.

In the next instant, the surrounding area suddenly became clear, and the golden world was replaced by an astonishing scene.

Countless valleys appeared in his field of view, all of which were unfathomably deep. However, all of them were of a brownish-yellow color and were devoid of any plant life, striking one with a sense of barren hopelessness.

He looked up to discover that there were three suns in the sky, two of which were purple, while one was white, and the light they were giving off was rather unsettling somehow.

Tang Wulin tried to move his own body, but he discovered that he was unable to do so and could only observe.

In the next instant, he caught sight of a familiar figure.

This was a man with long, disheveled blue hair, and he seemed to be quite exhausted, but the look in his eyes was one of unrivaled determination. He stood on a mountain peak, looking into the distance with bluish-golden light radiating from his body.

His body was riddled with wounds, but his back was still ramrod straight.

Tang Wulin cast his gaze toward the same direction and discovered that there was another figure standing atop a mountain peak at least 10,000 meters away.

In fact, there were several other figures standing on the neighboring mountain peaks as well.

The central figure was tall and broad with a long staff in his hand, and for some reason, Tang Wulin was reminded of Qiangu Dongfeng's Coiling Dragon Staff at the sight of this staff.

The two of them gave off the same unyielding aura, but in contrast with this imposing figure, Qiangu Dongfeng was as insignificant as a mere ant. The staff in the imposing figure's grasp was shimmering with radiant light, and his unyielding will seemed to be threatening to destroy this entire world.

Atop the mountain peak to his left stood an ordinary-looking man, remarkable only for the look in his eyes, which was extremely cold and completely dead. From this man, Tang Wulin could sense the aura of Harosha, whom he had just battled earlier.

However, this man was wielding a claymore with both hands, and the claymore was giving off exuberant vitality, yet at the same time, he had a short sword strapped diagonally across his chest, and that sword was giving off a fearsome deathly aura. The auras of life and death intertwined, resulting in a culmination that was no less formidable than that of the staff-wielding figure.

As for the figure on the right, he was most eye-catching as he had six pairs of wings, all of which were currently flapping gently.

He had a horrifying aura of bloodlust and insanity, and every single inch of his body, including his full suit of armor, were all of a deep crimson color.

The three of them were also riddled with wounds, but they were clearly standing against the blue-haired figure.

Are they Father's enemies? 

That's right, the blue-haired figure was none other than Tang Wulin's father, Sea God Tang San.

"Just give up. In our hearts, you've already won, but the final outcome can't be altered," the staff-wielding man said.

Tang San smiled, and asked, "Do you think you've already won?"

The staff-wielding man's brows furrowed slightly upon hearing this. "What unforeseen circumstances could there be at our level?"

Tang San replied, "There normally wouldn't be anything, but my son's here, so maybe something will change. Wulin, take a good look; I'm going to show you the true power of the Sea God's Trident."

He swept a hand through the air as he spoke, and Tang Wulin instantly plummeted out of the sky.

In the next instant, he was stunned to discover that he had become the Sea God's Trident, and in the instant Tang San gripped onto the trident, it seemed to have completely sprung to life.

This was a sensation that couldn't be described using words. All Tang Wulin could sense was that in that instant, something extra seemed to have appeared in his heart.

He could see that a trident seal had appeared in his spiritual world, and this seal had come from the Sea God.

In the next instant, Tang San let loose a long roar akin to the deafening crashing of countless waves in the sea.

The golden trident was swept through the air, and the entire surrounding area was transformed into a sea of gold.

"Father!" Tang Wulin yelled in his own heart. He didn't know what his father was currently facing, but he was definitely up against powerful enemies.

He wanted nothing more than to go to his father's side to help him, but he was unable to do anything; he couldn't even see what was going on anymore.

"Wulin, this is a battle between gods. I'm going to win no matter what as only then will I be able to return and find you. Wait for me, my son!"


Tang Wulin's mind turned completely blank, and after what seemed like an eternity, he returned to that golden world.

The shimmering golden Sea God's Trident stood right before him, but it was riddled with countless gashes of different sizes and depths; only the tines of the trident remained completely unscathed.

"The third trial of the Sea God, Seal, has been completed. You can choose to return or continue undertaking more trials."

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