Chapter 1663: Withering Death

Harosha gripped onto his Infernal King Sword with both hands, then plunged it into the ground before him.

All of a sudden, grey light erupted around his body like a blooming flower.

This was not good!

As soon as the grey light began to spread, Tang Wulin was immediately struck by a sense of severe peril, and he immediately reacted.

The passage of time was instantly altered, and even though the Time Reversal domain was restricted to a certain extent within Harosha's domain, it still slowed down Harosha's attack ever so slightly.

An explosive boom erupted from Tang Wulin's body as seven golden rings appeared around him. Using his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion, he was able to free himself from the restriction of the surrounding domain and launch himself backward.

On top of that, he was releasing his dragon's repulse with all his might to form the most resolute defense.

The grey flower petals only faltered for an instant before descending, and his dragon's repulse was almost instantly dispelled by the grey light without being able to offer any resistance. Not only was energy being dispelled, the same applied to space. In the wake of the grey flower petals, the surrounding area had turned a pitch-black color that threatened to devour the entire world.

This was Harosha's eighth soul skill, Withering Death!

The eighth soul skill unleashed by a Soul Douluo would pose next to no threat to Tang Wulin, but the eighth soul skill of a quasigod was a completely different story.

Even though Tang Wulin had reacted very quickly, his body was still slightly corrupted by that grey color. His battle armor immediately displayed its immense defensive prowess to try and keep the grey color at bay, but it refused to be stopped, quickly spreading over Tang Wulin's suit of battle armor, causing it to turn grey and brittle.

Right at this moment, bursts of lightning erupted out of Tang Wulin's body. Initially, the lightning was of a purplish-blue color, but immediately thereafter, hints of rainbow light began to appear, and all of it was directed toward Tang Wulin himself.

The rainbow light was able to stop the greyness in its tracks, but the latter still refused to be completely dispelled.

Tang Wulin drew a sharp breath upon seeing this. This rainbow light was the power of elemental tribulation that he had accumulated within his own body. It stood at the pinnacle of all powers in this plane, and in a sense, it could even be referred to as godly power. However, the grey energy was able to hold its own against this power. If it weren't for this elemental tribulation power within his body, his battle armor would be beyond salvation.

If he had reacted any slower and been contaminated by more of this energy, his entire body would've most likely withered away just like his dragon's repulse.

Little did Tang Wulin know, Harosha was even more astonished than he was, and he exclaimed, "That's essential elemental power!"

His Withering Death contained his understanding of godly power. As a quasigod, he already possessed some of the traits of a god, and that was exemplified through this Withering Death.

Thus, as soon as the energy came into contact with Tang Wulin's body, he had thought that Tang Wulin's fate was sealed. Even the tiniest drop of Withering Death would quickly spread over his entire body and reduce him to nothingness.

However, never did he think that Tang Wulin would be able to release so much essential elemental power to nullify Withering Death.

Even for a being of Harosha's caliber, Withering Death was extremely taxing and couldn't be used in succession. 

As such, both sides appeared to be quite calm, but that was far from the actual case.

Harosha drew his Infernal King Sword and unleashed a sword projection directly toward Tang Wulin. At the same time, his ninth soul ring lit up.


Judging from the Withering Death, it was clear that Tang Wulin would be unable to withstand Harosha's ninth soul skill.

Much to Harosha's surprise, instead of taking defensive or evasive measures, Tang Wulin drew back his arm before hurling his Golden Dragon Spear through the air.

The spear strike wasn't directed toward Harosha. Instead, it was aimed up into the air.

Harosha was already preparing to unleash his ninth soul skill, determined to kill Tang Wulin even at the expense of a massive expenditure of power.

The Golden Dragon Spear almost instantly pierced through a death cavalier, and even its infernal energy couldn't avoid being devoured by the spear.

As the owner of the Golden Dragon Spear, Tang Wulin was immediately reciprocated in the form of an influx of energy, and at the same time as he hurled his Golden Dragon Spear away, he had also summoned a burst of golden light that stopped Harosha's sword projection just in the nick of time.

The two clashed, and the sword projection was quickly dispelled, while the golden light remained completely unmoved.

The golden light then quickly took on a substantial form, and its top end was plunged into the ground, while its shaft had withstood Harosha's attack.

This was a shimmering golden trident with a large glowing gem at the base of the trident's central spike. It was none other than the Sea God's Trident!

Tang Wulin reached out to grab the Sea God's Trident, and due to the fact that he had passed two of the Nine Trials of the Sea God, he had developed a high level of affinity with the weapon.

He took a step forward and waved the Sea God's Trident through the air, releasing a string of golden halos that encompassed this entire space.

The grey domain power was completely unable to stop the golden halos, and it was as if they didn't even exist in the same plane of reality.

Harosha was in the process of preparing his ninth soul skill, and his pupils instantly contracted as the words "transcendent divine weapon" crossed his mind.

A divine weapon was a weapon that had been used by a god and possessed godly power, whereas a transcendent divine weapon had to be the main weapon of a first-rank god or above.

Even on the entire Douluo Continent, Harosha only knew of one or two transcendent divine weapons in existence; never did he think that Tang Wulin would be in possession of one.

Even a quasigod may not be able to stand against a transcendent divine weapon.

Thus, Harosha immediately relinquished the preparation of his ninth soul skill, directing his Infernal King Sword toward the oncoming golden halos instead.

However, the surrounding space seemed to have instantly become layered, and before he knew it, he was completely immobilized and could only look on as the giant golden trident slammed into his body.

"Boom!" Harosha was sent flying like a cannonball, but Tang Wulin's face also paled significantly in the wake of that strike.

He immediately rushed over to Ling Zichen and Liu Jingyun, then swept his golden trident through the air to unleash a powerful eruption of golden light that sent all of the surrounding death cavaliers flying. In the next instant, green light enveloped all three of them, and they suddenly vanished on the spot.

Harosha was sent flying for over a kilometer, and only stopped after crashing through countless rocks and trees. By the time he drew to a halt, the golden halos around him had already disappeared, and in reality, he had only been immobilized for just over a second.

Harosha immediately came to the realization that Tang Wulin hadn't fully mastered the transcendent divine weapon, and he was immediately overcome by a sense of frustration. Of course there was no way that a Hyper Douluo could fully master a transcendent divine weapon; one had to gain the acknowledgment of such a weapon if they wanted to use it to its full potential.

As such, if he had continued and unleashed his ninth soul skill, there was a very good chance that Tang Wulin wouldn't even have been able to unleash that soul skill with his transcendent divine weapon.

Not only was Harosha regretting the fact that he had let Tang Wulin get away, he was even more frustrated that he hadn't obtained that transcendent divine weapon.

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