Chapter 1662: Full-frontal Clash

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face, and a band of reddish-golden light that was around five meters wide emerged from beneath his feet, instantly forging a connection between himself and Harosha.

As a result, Harosha was struck by the feeling that his aura was being suppressed; it was his bloodline that was being suppressed by Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King blood essence fluctuations. In the next instant, the reddish-golden light had reached him like a violent wave.

What was even more formidable was that in the instant that the wave of light reached him, it converged to form the sharp tip of the Golden Dragon Spear.

This was a combination of Tang Wulin's Path of Regal Domination and All or Nothing.

Under the enhancement of his Golden Blood Dragon domain, the two attacks were incredibly powerful, and were definitely at the Limit Douluo level.

At this point, Ling Zichen had already withdrawn her energy, and she had only just managed to stabilize her own mecha when this scene unfolded.

It was as if countless reddish-golden giant dragons had risen up in her field of view, guarding Tang Wulin from all sides, while Tang Wulin himself seemed to have become the ruler of this entire world. The image of the spear strike he was unleashing against Harosha left a deep impression in Ling Zichen's heart.

Never did she think that a man could put on such a spectacular and breathtaking display.

In the face of the reddish-golden spear projection, Harosha did nothing more than raise his head, yet as he did so, the entire time and space seemed to have instantly congealed.

Massive white web patterns appeared within Tang Wulin's Golden Blood Dragon domain, striking the onlooker with an involuntary sense of horror.

At the same time, Harosha's eyes had turned completely white.

His Infernal King Sword appeared in front of the spear projection as if it had been there all along, and as the tips of the two weapons clashed, a crisp clang rang out, following which the reddish-golden color quickly began to fade.

The giant reddish-golden dragons wailed as their bodies were shattered, and all of the reddish-golden color in the surrounding area was replaced by deathly greyness again.

Countless deathly beings were revived, forming another army that stormed directly toward Tang Wulin.

Harosha was one of the most powerful Evil Soul Masters in existence, and in this instant, he was unleashing his true power.

Tang Wulin could sense that Harosha's upper body had swayed upon being struck by the Golden Dragon Spear, but it had only swayed ever so slightly.

Tang Wulin was very satisfied with that spear strike. In the face of such immense pressure, the All or Nothing he had unleashed had been imbued with unprecedentedly powerful spear intent that was finally bordering on the realm of spear essence.

From spear intent to spear soul to spear essence, each step entailed a fundamental leap.

Tang Wulin was only a Hyper Douluo, yet he had been able to sway a quasigod like Harosha, and that was certainly something to be proud of.

However, Tang Wulin had no time to linger on that feeling as his three-word battle armor domain had been crushed, and even his suit of three-word battle armor had dimmed slightly. The infernal army had converged from all sides, and Harosha was also approaching.

Liu Jingyun was already struggling to ward off the surrounding death cavaliers, and it was Ling Zichen who had swooped in to save him. Harosha's Infernal Hell had sealed this entire area, so no messages or signals could be sent out.

Furthermore, he had chosen to attack right in between Shrek Academy and Heaven Dou City, so they were situated quite far away from both ends.

Two strangely-shaped skeletons pounced toward Tang Wulin, wielding massive bone sabers that were several meters in length.

Golden light flashed within Tang Wulin's eyes, and his battle intent was unshaken despite the destruction of his domain.

He stomped his left foot heavily onto the ground, and the gravity within a diameter of 100 meters around him abruptly changed.

All of the deathly beings in that area were instantly reduced to dust, clearing out a wide berth around him.

This was the gravitational control of his Mountain Dragon King torso bone!

Right at this moment, Harosha descended upon Tang Wulin before unleashing an unavoidable strike with his Infernal King Sword.

Tang Wulin lashed out with his Golden Dragon Spear once again, unleashing his Fury of the Masses in retaliation.

Another crisp clang rang out, and Tang Wulin was forced to stumble backward, but at the same time, he thrust his left hand toward the ground, using Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon to send himself flying horizontally to evade the second sword strike.

Immediately thereafter, he unleashed his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, unleashing countless spear projections to attack Harosha from all directions.

Harosha's movements seemed to maintain a constant rhythm that wasn't slowing down nor speeding up, but each sword strike that he unleashed was extremely difficult for Tang Wulin to nullify.

In the face of Harosha's fearsome offensive power, Tang Wulin was forced into constant retreat, but he was somehow able to hold his own.

At this point, Harosha's killing intent had been elevated to the very max. Even though he hadn't unleashed a full-power attack yet, he was already using the full power of his domain. Even a rookie Limit Douluo would struggle in the face of attacks of this caliber, yet Tang Wulin was able to withstand them, albeit with some difficulty.

This young man was already this formidable as a Hyper Douluo; once he became a Limit Douluo, he would be a truly fearsome opponent.

Furthermore, how was his soul power so abundant? Clashes of this level of intensity were extremely taxing on one's soul power, and generally speaking, a quasigod naturally had a significant advantage over a Hyper Douluo in this regard.

However, Tang Wulin didn't seem to be displaying any signs of weakness.

All of this proved that he was different, and the immense potential he was displaying as a Hyper Douluo was truly very disturbing for Harosha.

Harosha had been a quasigod for quite a long time, and it was exactly because of this that he knew just how difficult it was to make that final breakthrough into godhood.

In order to do so, one would have to break through the boundaries of this realm, and without the guidance of the Divine Realm, this was a virtually impossible task.

The Holy Spirit Cult had provided a theoretically viable plan to accomplish this, which was why he had joined them.

Even though Tang Wulin was still only a Hyper Douluo, Harosha could clearly sense that he had the potential to break through all limits in the future.

He definitely couldn't allow Tang Wulin to fully develop as once he did so, it was very likely that a new Divine Realm would be created. Once that happened, the Douluo Continent would have a new master, and as the ruler of this world, there was no way that Tang Wulin would allow Evil Soul Masters to become gods.

WIth that in mind, Harosha suddenly ceased in his attacks, and countless spear projections instantly fell upon his suit of grey battle armor.

However, even the formidable Golden Dragon Spear could only leave some slight indentations on Harosha's suit of four-word battle armor. 

Before Tang Wulin had a chance to consider why Harosha had abandoned his offensive efforts, Harosha's eyes suddenly turned a deathly white color again.

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