Chapter 1661: Can't You Have Some Confidence in Me

It was also right at this moment that Tang Wulin came plummeting out of the sky like a golden shooting star. 

A resounding explosion rang out, and Liu Jingyun had already drawn upon his soul power to ward off the resulting shockwaves, but he was still struck by a rush of dizziness, and the entire world around him had turned golden.

Tang Wulin had slammed violently onto the ground with scorching dragon's repulse erupting out of his body, transforming into a giant dragon's head with a diameter of dozens of meters.

The dragon's head let loose a thunderous roar, and the oncoming waves of grey energy were kept at bay, unable to reach the soul car.

Ling Zichen rose up into the air in her pink mecha, but just as she was about to do something, she was suddenly struck by the feeling that her body, soul, and mind had all been frozen solid.

Specks of pink light appeared on her mecha, and an energy barrier took shape, protecting her from all directions.

Looking down at the battlefield, Ling Zichen couldn't help but draw a sharp breath.

She wasn't a Soul Master; she was simply an ordinary person who had attained extraordinary power through technology, and her dedication to technological research could be partially attributed to the fact that she wasn't a Soul Master. She had always felt that the technology she developed would surpass all Soul Masters someday; she was going to surpass natural gifts with her technology.

She had constantly been striving toward this goal, and had made one breakthrough after another, which had instilled within her immense confidence.

However, she couldn't help but be stunned as she calculated the intensity of energy at the epicenter of the clash.

Was this the power of top-tier Soul Masters? She could clearly sense that Infernal King Douluo Harosha's aura was more powerful than that of any Soul Master she had ever encountered.

In terms of individual combat prowess, even Cao Dezhi seemed to be inferior.

However, Tang Wulin had charged into battle against such a formidable foe without any hesitation, and he really had managed to keep Harosha's first attack at bay.

Was he going easy on me during our sparring match? 

At this point, Liu Jingyun had already rushed out of the car as well. A clear ringing sound rang out as he quickly donned his suit of battle armor, and a white dragon projection emerged beneath his feet to carry him up into the air. At the same time, a white longsword appeared in his hand, and the tip of the sword was a dragon's head that was moving incessantly as if it were a living creature.

This was his martial soul, the Flying Dragon Sword.

The sound of horse hooves pounding on pavement suddenly rang out, and a series of massive figures emerged from within the darkness. At the same time, countless shadowy figures appeared in the grey world; this was Harosha's Infernal King Legion.

The legion was led by the 12 Infernal Horror Cavaliers, and they converged toward Tang Wulin from all directions.

The grey and golden colors on the ground subsided almost at the exact same moment, thus revealing Tang Wulin and Harosha.

Harosha looked at Tang Wulin's three-word battle armor, and remarked, "You've developed very quickly; it's a pity that everything ends here for you."

As soon as his voice trailed off, he slashed his Infernal King Sword through the air, and the grey world instantly turned transparent.

All of the grey mist abruptly took on a translucent quality, and Tang Wulin's body was instantly transformed into a grey crystalline statue that was rooted to the spot.

Ling Zichen's heart immediately jumped into her throat upon seeing this. Right at this moment, a massive figure appeared in the dark night sky, and a huge grey blade of light descended directly toward her.

Ling Zichen instinctively shot back in retreat, and a pair of short spears appeared in her grasp, releasing two slim beams of light that instantly fell upon the grey blade of light.

A resounding explosion of pink light erupted forth, and an armor-clad cavalier appeared before being blasted back through the air.

Immediately thereafter, a dragon's roar rang out, and a white dragon struck the cavalier's chest with a dull thump, forcing it back even further.

Instead of setting off in pursuit of the cavalier, Ling Zichen drew back her arms before hurling both of her spears toward Harosha in unison.

However, Harosha's gaze remained fixed entirely on Tang Wulin, and he slashed his Infernal King Sword through the air again. As a result, the pair of short spears were instantly transformed into grey crystalline structures, and were immobilized on the spot.

"This is my world, and it has no place for you!" He pointed his Infernal King Sword toward Tang Wulin's crystalline body as he spoke.

"No!" Ling Zichen screamed as scintillating pink light erupted from her body, and she instantly reached Tang Wulin before positioning herself in front of him. 

At the same time, the pink light around her body turned a bright red, and a burst of extremely fearsome energy fluctuations radiated forth.

All of the energy cores on her body were releasing energy fluctuations more than 10 times more powerful than before, but at the same time, the energy had become extremely violent and unstable.

Harosha's Infernal King Sword reached her in an instant, but was forced to a standstill in the instant before it struck her body.

The fact that even Harosha had been stopped cold in his tracks was sufficient testament to just how fearsome the energy fluctuations radiating from her body were.

The red light expanded and instantly struck Tang Wulin, sending him flying back through the air, while Ling Zichen took advantage of the propulsion force to launch herself toward Harosha.

Harosha was finally forced to direct his attention toward this woman, and he murmured to himself, "Where did this madwoman come from?"

At the same time, he flew back like a bolt of grey lightning, not daring to clash with Ling Zichen.

Right at this moment, the deathly grey ground was suddenly illuminated by a layer of piercing reddish-golden light, and a reddish-golden vine abruptly emerged from the ground, then wound itself around Ling Zichen, who was about to continue attacking Harosha.

At the same time, Tang Wulin's voice rang out. "Can't you have some confidence in me? Hurry up and control your energy."

The roars of countless dragons rang out, and a series of reddish-golden dragon patterns emerged from the ground, releasing powerful blood essence fluctuations that turned the entire grey world a reddish-golden color.

The statue in the distance abruptly exploded, and Tang Wulin re-emerged in his suit of three-word battle armor. His body had swelled to over three times its original size, and there was rainbow light shimmering all around while his battle armor had become a lot thicker and heavier than it normally was.

As he took a series of steps forward, a string of crisp clangs rang out.

Tang Wulin's suit of three-word battle armor had clearly undergone some type of change, making it seem quite bulky and oversized, but also resemble an immovable mountain.

His Golden Blood Dragon domain was released to its fullest extent, and a series of giant reddish-golden dragons were rising up out of the ground.

This was only a suit of three-word battle armor, but for some reason, it seemed to be different in Harosha's eyes. He couldn't pinpoint exactly what was different; all he could sense was that there was something hidden within this suit of bulky battle armor.

The slender Golden Dragon Spear had already appeared in Tang Wulin's grasp, and with the release of his Golden Blood Dragon domain, his aura was spiking at a drastic rate, as were his scorching blood essence fluctuations.

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