Chapter 1656: I Don't Owe You Anything

He knew that if he were to refuse, she would leave without any hesitation.

Even 20 years ago, he would've definitely immediately refused. This was a matter of ideology, and he was the Battle God Hall Master, and a leader in the military.

However, he found himself unable to reject her. He knew that she was here just to use him as a source of information, but he simply couldn't muster up the urge to turn her down.

A hint of disappointment appeared in his eyes as he asked, "Is that why you came to see me?"

"That's right," Long Yeyue replied without any hesitation.

Chen Xinjie opened his mouth again, but couldn't find any words. 

Long Yeyue merely continued to look into his eyes in silence, offering no explanation nor persuasion.

Chen Xinjie suddenly asked, "Will you agree to be with me if I tell you?"

Long Yeyue faltered slightly upon hearing this, and she reflexively asked, "If I say yes, would you be willing to tell me?"

"I would," Chen Xinjie replied without any hesitation as a faint smile appeared on his face. Long Yeyue shuddered as if she had been electrocuted upon hearing this.

"What happened to your ideals? Your sense of duty? Your familial pride?" Long Yeyue interrogated as she took a step toward him.

Chen Xinjie replied in a calm voice, "None of that is important to me anymore. Otherwise, I wouldn't have said what I told you last time. I've lived for others for far too much of my life. Now that I'm approaching the end of my own life, I only want to live for myself and be with the one I love; nothing can stop me. I can tell you the location of Eternal Heaven, then resign right away. Even if you don't want to be with me, I'm satisfied as long as I can see you every day until the day I die. I won't interrupt your daily life; all that I ask is that I get to see you once every day, would you be willing to agree?"

A film of tears reappeared in Long Yeyue's eyes, and her voice suddenly spiked up a few octaves as she asked, "Do you think that you can claim the moral high ground just because of what you said? Do you think you can win me back now?"

"I don't!" Chen Xinjie's voice also became louder as he denied, "Such thoughts have never crossed my mind. Yeyue, please believe me when I say that there's nothing more important to me than you in this world. I missed my opportunity to be with you in my youth because I was too stubborn. For my family, the federation, and my teachers, I had no choice. At the time, you also chose to leave me to return to Shrek Academy. At the time, we were both too stubborn and unyielding. Now, none of that applies to me anymore.

"What happens to the continent and the federation isn't that important to me anymore. For you, I'm willing to give up everything; all I ask you now is whether you're willing to be with me."

Long Yeyue suddenly raised a hand and gave Chen Xinjie a vicious slap, using so much force that he was only able to steady himself after stumbling around in a full pirouette.

Chen Xinjie stared at her in a slack-jawed manner, and in that instant, it was as if the overbearing Long Yeyue had returned.

"I'm willing to be with you." The tears finally began to flow down Long Yeyue's face, and it was if she felt extremely disgraced to say those words.

Chen Xinjie stared blankly at her, and asked, "You still haven't given up, have you? You only agreed for the sake of Shrek Academy, didn't you?"

"That's right!" Long Yeyue replied in a proud manner, "The glory of Shrek Academy is a part of my very being. For the sake of Shrek Academy, I'm willing to endure anything. I swore in my younger days that I would never forgive you, but I'm willing to revoke my vow for the sake of Shrek Academy. In my heart, Shrek Academy is always number one."

Chen Xinjie's face took on an ashy complexion as he stumbled back into his chair and closed his eyes with a pained expression. "Why, Yeyue? Why would you do this to me?"

Long Yeyue pressed in a cold voice, "I've already agreed to your condition; it's time for you to tell me the location."

Chen Xinjie paused for a moment with a heartbroken expression before finally replying, "Eternal Heaven is situated in the deepest part of the Battle God Hall headquarters' 18th floor."

A weight seemed to have been lifted from Long Yeyue's shoulders, and a hint of complex emotion suddenly appeared in her eyes as she waved a hand through the air, conjuring up another door of light. As she stepped into the door of light, she asked, "Chen Xinjie, I don't owe you anything, and you don't owe me anything, either. Do you know why I swore a vow to never forgive you?"

Chen Xinjie opened his eyes just in time to see Long Yeyue step into the door of light. "Why?"

Long Yeyue's cold voice rang out from deep within the door of light. "Because on the day you left me, I discovered that I was bearing your child..."

"Yeyue..." Chen Xinjie instantly rose to his feet and rushed toward the door of light like a madman, but it completely closed and vanished right before he could reach it.

All of a sudden, his entire body was instantly drenched in cold sweat. He finally understood why Long Yeyue had harbored so much resentment toward him for all these years and why she had married the Sea God's Pavilion Master.

He had heard that Long Yeyue and the Sea God's Pavilion Master had had a child, but that the child had died at birth, and even Yali had been powerless to save it.

That was his child!

Chen Xinjie gave himself a vicious slap with all his might.


"Eternal Heaven is situated in the deepest part of the Battle God Hall headquarters' 18th floor."

That was the only sentence spoken by Long Yeyue before she ended her call with Tang Wulin. Even so, Tang Wulin could clearly hear the exhaustion in her voice.

He didn't know how she had managed to secure this information, but it was undoubtedly reliable. With this all-important lead, all they had to do next was infiltrate the Battle God Hall and secure Eternal Heaven. At the very least, this situation was far better than compared to when they had no clue what they were doing.

Tang Wulin knew that this most likely had something to do with Long Yeyue and Chen Xinjie's complex relationship, but naturally couldn't figure out exactly what had happened.

In any case, he had no time to be thinking about this; nothing was more important than securing Eternal Heaven.

"Get me all of the information about the Battle God Hall that our Tang Sect has."

After issuing that order, Tang Wulin gave Cao Dezhi a call. "Your Majesty, do you know anything about the deepest part of the Battle God Hall headquarters' 18th floor?"

There had been three Blood Gods of the Blood God Battalion that had come from the Battle God Hall, and not only was Cao Dezhi one of the Blood Gods, he had also been a general, so he should know quite a bit about the Battle God Hall.

"Is this information reliable?" Cao Dezhi's voice instantly sprang up a few octaves.

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