Chapter 1654: Elder Long's Involvement

Zang Xin immediately cut him off. "That's impossible. Her life force has already fused as one with thousands of source positive circulation cores; if any new life energy is introduced into her body, everything will instantly go out of balance and be detonated. Hence, no one can change her current condition unless she can make a huge breakthrough in her research."

Tang Wulin recalled back to how Ling Zichen had said that she would perhaps be able to attain immortality if she could make a breakthrough in her research.

No one was truly fearless toward death, and she was no exception. She also wanted to live a long life, yet she had made such a massive sacrifice for the Tang Sect.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath, and said, "Rest assured, Your Majesty, I'll be sure to protect her for the sake of the Tang Sect."

"Good. Just appease her as much as you can. Of course, if she gets too carried away, make sure to stop her before she does something rash," Zang Xin said.

That would be a simple task if she weren't constantly on the verge of getting carried away!

Now, there was nothing for Tang Wulin to do but wait for more information so he could form more sound judgments. Without a clear target, they couldn't do anything rash.

Half a month quickly passed by, and during this time, the federal military had been frequently mobilizing troops and resources; it was clear that a war was imminent.

However, there still wasn't any information about Eternal Heaven. Even the Sea God Legion was still situated in Bright City.

Zang Xin and Cao Dezhi had already been dismissed by the federal government and told to await further instructions.

It was clear that they didn't trust the Tang Sect, and were taking advantage of this opportunity to drag the Tang Sect down with them.

Everything at Shrek Academy was on the right track. The first cohort of new students were of quite a high caliber, and all of them were also very hard-working. Most of the teachers were quite new, but they were very motivated, and the construction around the Sea God's Lake was also coming along nicely.

What was even more encouraging was that the ecosystem within the Sea God's Lake had been constantly improving following the revival of the tree of life, and some aquatic grasses had already begun to appear on the lakebed. Once all of the destructive radiation was nullified, some life forms could be introduced to further improve the ecosystem in the lake.

It had to be said that setting the entrance to the Seven Saint Paradise in the Sea God's Lake had been a very correct decision. Not only had the Seven Saint Paradise become a part of Shrek Academy, its emergence had also accelerated the process in which the destructive radiation in the lake was being nullified. The seven old demons were able to use the destructive power within the Seven Saint Paradise to absorb the destructive energy in the Sea God's Lake, both stabilizing their small plane and easing the burden on the tree of life, so it was a win-win situation.

Only in the presence of the tree of life did the seven old demons act more normal. After all, that was the source of life on the entire continent, and they had to rely on it as well.

Spirit Academy had begun its school term as well, and the Spirit Pagoda had kept a low profile in the lead-up to this war, so no one knew what they were plotting. However, Tang Wulin was sure that they definitely wouldn't be able to stay quiet forever.

After another week had passed, Tang Wulin finally received news that the Sea God Legion was mobilizing toward the Northsea Legion.

The Sea God Legion was far too massive, so it couldn't possibly be mobilized in secret. Under current traffic conditions, it would require at least a week for the Sea God Legion to reach the Northsea Legion, and once these two legions were united, the war could commence at any time.

The time to act was now!

After hearing Tang Wulin's report, Long Yeyue said, "You can set off the day after tomorrow."

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. There was very little time to begin with; delaying a further two days was surely not advisable.

Long Yeyue continued, "I'll make a trip; wait for news from me."

Tang Wulin was quite surprised to hear this. It seemed that Long Yeyue had just made a very difficult decision, and Tang Wulin could see many complex emotions in her eyes, making it very apparent what she intended to do.

"Elder Long, you..."

Long Yeyue waved a dismissive hand, then said with a smile, "I've made up my mind; the resurgence of the academy and Tang Sect can't just fall onto the shoulders of the younger generation. Some things simply can't be avoided forever, and I've already avoided those things for a very long time. Alright, that's all."

After that, she strode forward and vanished into thin air before Tang Wulin could say anything further.

Tang Wulin could only heave a faint sigh in the wake of her departure. There was simply far too little information about Eternal Heaven, and Long Yeyue was naturally aware that their operation was very unlikely to succeed, which was why she had made this decision.

For the sake of Shrek Academy, she had already set aside her pride, which she had previously held in the highest of regard. The older generation of Shrek Academy really was worthy of respect.

On this occasion, the Sea God Legion was taking the land route. Transportation by land required them to be more vigilant, but the existence of soul trains made modern transportation by land far easier.

All of the large pieces of equipment had already arrived at the Northsea Legion through freight, and only the most advanced military equipment as well as around 80% of the entire Sea God Legion's troops would be making this journey.

For this purpose, the federation granted the Sea God Legion 30 trains to transport everything.

Chen Xinjie was among the final group of people to set off, and he was seated in his very own luxury train carriage, looking out at the scenery passing by outside the window.

As a quasigod, he didn't need to cultivate anymore as his body had formed a natural circulation with heaven and earth. At the very least, his cultivation rank would remain stable until he passed away.

It was very unlikely for him to make a further breakthrough due to the disappearance of the Divine Realm, and at his advanced age, he knew that he didn't have any hope of becoming a god.

There really was less greenery to be seen than in his youth. With all the skyscrapers and man-made structures around, greenery had become a very rare sight.

The federation had clearly already discovered the shortage of life energy on this planet, and that's why they were in such a hurry to secure more resources to support their space exploration projects.

The third batch of spaceships had already been launched. The first batch never made it back, while the second batch had discovered some neighboring planets and even brought back some samples. Even though no other planet fit for human habitation had been discovered thus far, at the very least, this seemed to be the right direction.

If the Douluo Star could support human life, then why couldn't there be other similar planets?

As such, he had always been in full support of space exploration research. However, he knew that this was not going to be an easy task. The federation had also become more environmentally conscious. At the very least, this planet had to last until they found a new one.

As such, research into godslayer missiles and the source of metals had already been terminated for many years, and many research projects that required large amounts of resource expenditure had also been stopped.

However, the environment was still worsening by the day.

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