Chapter 1650: Ling Zichen's Combat Prowess

A layer of silver light proliferated from his body as he spoke, and the silver light quickly encompassed all of the students in the first class, following which they were all teleported to the edge of the sports stadium over 100 meters away.

Right at this moment, two figures descended from the sky.

Even without looking, Tang Wulin could sense that Luo Guixing and his class were nearby. He communicated a message to Luo Guixing through voice transmission, and a hint of elation surfaced in the latter's eyes as he immediately nodded in response. "I understand. Alright, all of you are in for a treat. Come with me."

Luo Guixing quickly took his students to a room with a massive glass wall on the second floor of the sports stadium.

Faint red light was surging outside the glass wall; this was the most powerful defensive measure in the venue. Even without requiring any instructions from Luo Guixing, all of the students had already rushed over to the glass wall to look out at the two people at the center of the drill ground.

"Teacher Luo, is there about to be a sparring match between three-word battle armor masters?" Yi Zichen asked with an excited expression.

Luo Guixing nodded in response. "Take a look for yourself; you should be able to recognize one of them."

Yi Zichen did as he was told, and his eyes immediately widened as he caught sight of his young idol, who had appeared during the opening ceremony.

The first time Yi Zichen had seen him was in the broadcast of the Trial of Five Gods; he could never forget how one man was able to best an entire empire on his own.

Even now, that memory never ceased to inspire him, and it motivated him to endure even the most grueling cultivation.

Back when he had intended to apply for Spirit Academy, he had been unaware that this man was the leader of Shrek Academy. When he first saw Tang Wulin in the flesh during the opening ceremony, he was almost unable to contain himself.

A positive idol had an immeasurably beneficial impact on the growth of a young man or woman, just like how Tang Wulin had been inspired by Wu Zhangkong.

Now, he was Yi Zichen's idol. Who was his idol going to battle? Was that a battle armor master as well?

It was quite apparent that the pink-armored figure standing across from Tang Wulin was a woman, and one with an exceptional figure, at that. However, her entire body was encapsulated within that suit of armor, so it was impossible to glean her appearance.

Tang Wulin turned to Ling Zichen and made an inviting hand gesture. "Let's begin. I'm very curious to see just how powerful your source positive circulation core is."

Even though this tiny divine-grade mecha couldn't be mass-produced, this was the first time he had come into contact with the concept of a source positive circulation core. If all godslayer missiles had been created with this type of core as its foundation, then just how powerful would this mecha be?

Source could very well become one of the most important topics of research in human history. At the same time, Tang Wulin had also begun construction of his own mecha, so if possible, he naturally also wanted to infuse this cutting-edge technology into his own mecha, provided that it was a good fit for him.

A faint smile appeared on Ling Zichen's face.

Of course, Tang Wulin was unable to see her expression, but what he did see was a bolt of pink lightning that appeared before him in an instant.

With Tang Wulin's enormous spiritual power, it would naturally cover a very large area around him even without being intentionally released. However, this initial eruption from Ling Zichen had only raised a slight alarm in his spiritual power as she had simply been far too fast!

Despite her incredible speed, Tang Wulin still had the chance to raise a hand to protect himself, but he chose not to do so. Instead, he allowed Ling Zichen's fist to ram heavily into his chest, and in the same instant, he released the full extent of his spiritual power.

The bolt of pink lightning suddenly became slower in his eyes, allowing him to assess it properly.

As a result, he could see that all of the specks of light over Ling Zichen's entire mecha had instantly lit up, making it seem as if she were suddenly radiating scintillating light.

In the next instant, her fist slammed into his chest, and due to the impact, his Golden Dragon Body was automatically released.

A series of golden scales appeared all over his chest, and these scales immediately compressed alongside his pectoral muscles to nullify the force of the impact.

All of this was clearly sensed by Tang Wulin, but in the eyes of all of the first class students, the first clash had unfolded in an instant.

"Boom!" A burst of powerful shockwaves erupted forth as Tang Wulin's body glided backward.

At the same time, a layer of reddish-golden light appeared around him, rapidly nullifying the force of that terrifying attack as he drifted backward.

Only after traveling for over 100 meters was Tang Wulin able to arrest his own backward momentum, and he cast his gaze toward Ling Zichen before giving her a slight nod.

Ling Zichen said, "That attack was imbued with roughly 1,000,000 tons of power.  [1]  Generally speaking, even a Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear would be sent flying by that attack, which means that at the very least, your defensive prowess is comparable to that of a 10,000-year-old Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear. However, that was only a very small portion of my power; I'm about to step it up now!"

The bolt of pink lightning appeared once again, covering a distance of over 100 meters in a flash. On this occasion, Tang Wulin decided to lash out in retaliation with his right hand.

This mecha possessed considerable offensive prowess, and if Ling Zichen really had been holding back, then this level of combat prowess was indeed befitting of a divine-grade mecha.

However, it was still yet to be seen whether this mecha had defensive prowess to match.

Golden and pink light instantly clashed, and on this occasion, Tang Wulin remained completely unmoved, while the bolt of pink light was sent flying backward. However, it didn't pause in the slightest as it released countless bursts of pink light, which converged toward Tang Wulin like a pink shower of light.

Tang Wulin withdrew his right hand and clasped both hands behind his back, then let loose a thunderous dragon's roar, and it could be clearly seen that a massive golden dragon's head had erupted out of his body.

Powerful soundwaves surged forth as a series of golden halos, instantly devouring the oncoming specks of pink light. The pink mecha re-emerged in mid-air, and a ball of protective red light with a diameter of around five meters emerged around it. The surface of the ball of light rippled violently in the face of the Golden Dragon Roar, but right at this moment, a pair of short spears that were around 1.5 meters in length appeared in the pink mecha's hands, and it was clear that it was those spears that had unleashed those bolts of pink lightning.

A spear battle, eh? 

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin's face as he made a grabbing motion with his right hand, and his Golden Dragon Spear appeared in his grasp amid a flash of golden light.

Tang Wulin thrust his Golden Dragon Spear forward, and the pink mecha suddenly seemed to have stiffened in mid-air.

In that instant, Ling Zichen was struck by an unprecedented sense of discomfort; not physical discomfort, but discomfort that arose from within her heart.

[1] [Not sure if this is correct as it seems too high. The exact phrase used here is 一万百千公斤, which directly translates to one ten thousand hundred thousand kilograms, hence 1,000,000 tons. I can’t quite recall what the strength scale was meant to be like, so if anyone has any suggestions for what it could be, feel free to post them in the comments.]

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