Chapter 1649: Latest Technology

He wasn't stunned by the fact that this was such a light and compact divine-grade mecha, nor by the utilization of source as the energy core. Instead, he was astonished to hear that even ordinary people could use this divine-grade mecha.

This meant that if this product could be mass-produced in the future, then any ordinary person could become a divine-grade mecha pilot after undergoing proper training.

This was downright incredible to think about! If this area of research were to succeed, then the status of Soul Masters would diminish even further.

"Are you scared?" Ling Zichen made a provocative gesture toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin asked, "Can this type of mecha be mass-produced?"

Ling Zichen replied without any hesitation, "No way. Do you know how much it cost to construct this mecha? Among all of the resources we've secured from the other two empires through trade, around 60% of it was used up by our department. Currently, I've successfully developed a small source positive circulation array, and all of the resources were only enough to create this one mecha. This thing is a prototype to display the results of our research, but it's very impractical and unsustainable to produce as it incurs over 10 times the cost required to construct a normal divine-grade mecha. I can't think of any way to mass-produce it right now, but I daresay that even in 1,000 years, this will still be an advanced piece of technology."

Tang Wulin heaved an internal sigh of relief upon hearing this. At the very least, Soul Masters wouldn't be completely replaced by this technology in a short time.

"However, if we can develop multiple combinations of source positive circulation systems to harness the effect of source fusion, then it'll be hard to say what we'd be able to do. Of course, this will require a lengthy process; perhaps even several generations of work. Just like what you were concerned about earlier, this type of research is extremely dangerous, and if anything goes wrong, then researchers could easily perish."

Ling Zichen's voice suddenly became a little forlorn as she spoke.

"Do you have friends who..."

Ling Zichen replied, "My parents were killed in the explosion caused by the first generation positive circulation array going out of control."

"My apologies." Tang Wulin heaved an internal sigh, and his impression of Ling Zichen improved slightly.

"It's alright, we've already dedicated our lives to our research; it's our ultimate goal in life. If I can get the opportunity to disassemble Eternal Heaven, then I'd gladly give my own life in exchange."

Tang Wulin really wanted to slam his head against a wall. How had they returned to this topic again? The thought processes of scientists really couldn't be fathomed by normal people.

"I need to test your combat prowess," Tang Wulin said.

"Sure! I also want to see if you're worthy of your status as the Tang Sect Master," Ling Zichen replied in an excited voice.

Tang Wulin was suddenly struck by the feeling that this woman was not just a mad scientist; it was very likely that she was also a big fan of violence...

Shrek Academy's drill ground was definitely the most advanced on the entire continent. The Tang Sect had designed this massive drill ground, which was situated on one side of Shrek Academy's plaza. In a sense, it was basically a sports stadium.

This sports stadium was around half the size of the Bright City Sports Stadium, and it possessed all types of advanced facilities that could be adjusted at any time to suit different needs. As such, it could be used for mecha battles, Soul Master battles, cultivation, practical combat drills, etc. This was the most important part of the rebuilt Shrek Academy.

Among the four classes that had just been accepted into the academy, there was one class that would be taught all types of different lessons in this venue.

On this day, it was the turn of Luo Guixing's first class to use the drill ground.

Yi Zichen had already been elected as class captain, and he was leading from the very front.

The sports stadium before them was extremely spacious, and there was a crystalline protective barrier that resembled glass all around the venue.

Back in the day, Luo Guixing had been quite renowned in the cohort with his spatial abilities, and he was rated as the best control system Soul Master in the cohort. At the very least, that was the case before the rise of Xu Xiaoyan.

Tang Wulin and the others had enrolled late, and when they had first entered the academy, they had been oppressed quite a bit. However, who could've imagined that over 10 years later, all of them would become pillars of Shrek Academy?

Back then, he had been a vigorous youth determined to uphold the glory of Shrek Academy, yet now, he was already a teacher of the academy. Everything had changed far too quickly.

Yi Zichen was standing at the front of the line with a confident expression. He didn't hail from a noble upbringing, nor did he have any powerful inheritance, but he possessed a very resilient personality and brilliant aptitude, which had allowed him to reach his current level at such a young age. He couldn't compare with Luo Guixing's cohort, but he was certainly one of the leading students of this cohort. Most importantly, Luo Guixing could see some qualities in Yi Zichen that reminded him of a young Tang Wulin.

Perhaps he could become another Tang Wulin in a decade or so.

"This is the Shrek Academy drill ground, sports stadium, or training ground. You'll be coming here on a regular basis for a very long time to come. Internal strife is strictly prohibited in the academy, but sparring is encouraged. What's the difference? It's simple: if you want to fight someone, tell a teacher, and we'll bring you here and act as referee for your battle; that's a sparring match. However, if you break the rules and fight in private, you'll be immediately expelled with no second chances given, understood?"

"Understood!" the entire class yelled without any hesitation.

Luo Guixing nodded with a pleased expression. "Alright, seeing as this is your first time here, I need to get a better understanding of all of you, so the lesson for today is very simple: you'll be engaging in sparring matches. Now then, split up into groups according to what system Soul Master you are. The first group will be assault system, the second group will be control system, the third group will be agility attack system, the fourth group will be battle soul masters of other systems, and the fifth group will be assistance system."

The students quickly arranged themselves into the five groups.

Yi Zichen hesitated momentarily before deciding to stand in the control system group. His martial soul could be categorized both in the assault system and the control system, but he preferred the control system as he liked the feeling of being able to control the entire battlefield.

Luo Guixing picked up the roll in his hand, and announced, "Yi Zichen, Chen Yuan, Zhuang Yu, Luo Rui, and Shangguan Ran will make up the first group. The second group will..."

Just as Luo Guixing was splitting everyone into groups, a layer of faint red light suddenly appeared in the sports stadium. Initially, the red light had appeared on the crystalline structure around the sports stadium, and it quickly spread to form a massive red light barrier.

All of a sudden, an electronic voice rang out. "Warning! Warning! A sparring match of the three-word battle armor master level is about to take place; please vacate the central area right away and evacuate into the safe zone!"

Luo Guixing's expression changed slightly upon hearing this, and he immediately waved a hand as he said, "Everyone, come with me; we might be treated to a good show today."

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