Chapter 1647: Ling Zichen

"Pavilion Master, someone from the Tang Sect has come to see you," a clean-shaven young man reported in a respectful manner.

As the Sea God's Pavilion Master, he now had an assistant to take care of miscellaneous matters for him. This assistant, Li Ning, had been chosen from the past inner court disciples, and he wasn't all that powerful, but he was very smart and had great attention to detail.

"Alright, invite them to the guest hall; I'll be there right away."

"Pavilion Master, the visitor is a woman, and she doesn't seem easy to get along with," Li Ning cautioned.

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly upon hearing this. Could it be that this was the head of research with the eccentric personality that Cao Dezhi had been talking about?

"Let's go." 

Thus, Tang Wulin was led to the guest hall by Li Ning, where he was greeted by the sight of a woman looking out the window with her hands clasped behind her back.

Her attire was very simple, comprised of a black pencil skirt, a professional black blazer, and a plain white blouse. Her long black hair was arranged into a bun with a wooden hairpin stuck through it, but what was far from ordinary was her figure.

Her waist was very slender, but her backside was almost comically round, almost rotund. In conjunction with her long legs, she was the very definition of the word "thicc".  [1]

Furthermore, due to how exaggerated the curves of her backside were, it was often the first place that one's gaze naturally drifted toward.

The woman seemed to have heard the approaching footsteps, and she immediately turned around. "Don't look at my butt!" 

Her appearance was certainly nowhere near Gu Yuena's level, but her eyes were very large, and she had healthy-looking tanned skin. There were slight freckles on her face, and she was giving off an unruly disposition. However, she was wearing a set of black square-frame glasses, creating the image of a professional that completely contrasted with her unruly energy.

Tang Wulin was left feeling rather awkward as he did indeed reflexively look at her butt. Unless one was blind or mentally prepared, it would be very difficult to avoid reflexively looking at that region.

"Hi there, my name is Tang Wulin."

"You're the new sect master?" The woman strode over to him and sized him up without any inhibitions. She appeared to only be around 25 to 26 years of age, but her aura and the look in her eyes indicated that she was older than her appearance suggested.

Tang Wulin could clearly sense that her blood essence was very abundant, far more so than the average person, but strangely enough, she wasn't giving off any soul power fluctuations at all. Tang Wulin's spiritual power was at the mental manifestation level, so it was virtually impossible for one to hide their soul power in his presence, which meant that there was a very good chance that this woman was just an ordinary person.

"May I ask your name?" Tang Wulin asked in a calm manner.

The woman replied, "My name is Ling Zichen, and I come from the Tang Sect's soul missile research center; you can call me Head Researcher Ling."

Tang Wulin wasn't surprised to hear this answer, and he offered his hand to Ling Zichen. "Welcome to Shrek Academy, Head Researcher Ling."

However, Ling Zichen had no intention of shaking his hand. Instead, she stared intently into Tang Wulin's eyes, and said, "I'm very displeased by the fact that I was sent here without any explanation. You may be the Tang Sect Master, but do you know how important my research is? Pausing my research is the same as pausing my train of thought and ideas; who knows how long it'll take me to get back on the right track again? Our research involves 110 scientists, and it's been ongoing for three years. As the head researcher, my departure will severely impact the progress of our research, so you owe me an explanation."

In the face of this feisty character, Tang Wulin could only offer a fawning smile. Setting everything aside, her status as head researcher indicated that at the very least, she was the leading scientist in the Tang Sect when it came to soul missile research. Even the two Limit Douluos would most likely have to be very tolerant toward her, let alone him.

"My sincerest apologies, Head Researcher Ling; I was unaware that you were conducting research. I only invited you here as I have something very important that I require your assistance with."

Ling Zichen pursed her lips in response. "I can't figure out for the life of me why you were made the new sect master; you don't even have a temper! Why do you feel the need to be so good-looking as a man? What are you, some type of sissy?"

Tang Wulin's expression immediately darkened slightly upon hearing this. Why was this woman suddenly turning to personal attacks?

"Alright, hurry up and spit it out. I still have things I need to do after I finish up here. I'll give you half a day, no, three hours; I don't think there are any issues you can pose that I can't resolve within three hours." Ling Zichen was speaking at an extremely fast clip, like a verbal machine gun.

Tang Wulin replied, "I'm afraid that this really isn't something you can resolve within three hours. In order to ensure confidentiality, we couldn't tell you why we invited you here in advance. I can reveal to you now that we're going to be undertaking a secret operation that requires your assistance."

Tang Wulin raised a hand as he spoke, and a warped barrier of light instantly enveloped both of them. Within a spiritual barrier of this caliber, even Limit Douluos and the most advanced technology wouldn't be able to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Go on then." Ling Zichen displayed no interest in the warped light barrier; it was clearly not the first time she had seen it.

Tang Wulin said, "We're going to steal Eternal Heaven. As the leading soul missile researcher..."

Before he had a chance to finish, Ling Zichen suddenly rushed toward him, then grabbed onto the front of his shirt before tugging him toward her.

Of course, there was no way that she would be able to move Tang Wulin with her strength, so instead of achieving the desired effect, a massive gash was torn into Tang Wulin's clothes, revealing his solid pectoral muscles.

However, Ling Zichen had no interest in admiring his physique. Instead, her eyes were wide with excitement as she said, "What did you say? Say that again!"

Tang Wulin was given quite a fright by her, and he almost reflexively slapped her away. Thankfully, he was able to catch himself before he did that. Otherwise, this Head Researcher Ling would've most likely already ceased to exist by now.

"I said we're going to steal Eternal Heaven. Looks like you already know about it," Tang Wulin said.

"Of course I do!" Ling Zichen was practically yelling with excitement, "I'm so glad someone is finally willing to do this! I would've stolen that thing a long time ago if I could. You've found the right person; no one is more familiar with Eternal Heaven than I am."

"As I was saying, I don't think this is something that can be resolved within three hours, so..."

Ling Zichen replied without any hesitation, "I'm not going anywhere even if you try to chase me away now."

She then poked a finger onto Tang Wulin's chest, and said, "You're looking more like a man to me now!"

[1] [Author actually used the word "sexy" here, but there's no apt Chinese translation for thicc, seeing as it's kinda slang, and I felt it to be more appropriate. If you beg to differ, make a comment down below, and if there's enough people who prefer "sexy" instead, then it shall be amended as such.]

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