Chapter 1646: Technical Support

There was virtually no chance of stealing the missle directly from the warehouse. Limit Douluos were still the most powerful beings in this world, but with the advancement of technology, there were already many weapons that could target Limit Douluos, such as the heavy ion laser of the Blood God Legion.

That weapon directly targeted one's internal structure, and unless it was someone like Tang Wulin, who had cultivated even his internal organs, one could easily be severely injured, as evidenced by that Great Beast Duskgold Dreadclaw Bear.

Seeing as they couldn't directly infiltrate the warehouse, then there was only one other possibility. The federation was going to use Eternal Heaven to intimidate the other two empires, so prior to the commencement of the second war, it was definitely going to be transported to the united fleet, and that could well be the only opportunity to strike.

The most important thing now was information. He required information about who and what were guarding the missile, when it was going to be transported, and what route it was going to take during its transportation. At the very least, they needed a rough range of time and area so they could focus their power.

With that in mind, he immediately set off to Heaven Dou City, where the two Tang Sect Limit Doulous were.

Tang Wulin was in disguise and set off on his own. With his immense powers, it only took him around an hour to reach Heaven Dou City.

"You want to steal Eternal Heaven? That's not going to be an easy task," Cao Dezhi said with his brows tightly furrowed in a contemplative manner. He was once one of the highest ranking military officials, so he was well aware of the military's power.

"That's a very good idea, Wulin; if we can obtain Eternal Heaven, then all of our issues will be resolved. I didn't think that they would stoop as low as to try and force us to participate in this war. Considering how important Eternal Heaven is, there will be at least an accompanying legion during its transportation. Do you know what that entails?" Cao Dezhi asked.

Tang Wulin's heart stirred slightly upon hearing this. "It entails that all of the powers in the military will be protecting it."

"That's right," Cao Dezhi nodded, and said, "On top of that, this legion wouldn't just include firepower; there will be a whole host of assisting personnel as well. The legion protecting Eternal Heaven is definitely going to be the most elite and most technologically advanced one, so they'll all be armed to the teeth and have all types of surveillance equipment, including the ability to draw upon satellite surveillance. Any infiltration attempt will be detected, which means that you'll face the firepower of an entire federal legion even before you get close to Eternal Heaven."

Tang Wulin was naturally aware of what this surveillance entailed. There were going to be all types of surveillance devices in use, and regardless of how exceptional his disguise abilities were, it definitely wouldn't be an easy task to infiltrate the legion.

Zang Xin continued, "As such, it's going to be extremely difficult to steal Eternal Heaven. There's no way to determine just how difficult it's going to be; all I can say is that your chances of success will be very low."

Tang Wulin nodded in response. "I understand that, but I still want to give it a try. I'll be the spearhead of this operation as I have a way to get away even if I don't succeed, and I'll ensure that my cover isn't blown, so the risks will be minimal."

Cao Dezhi replied, "That is indeed a viable direction. If we can obtain Eternal Heaven, then the tables will be completely turned. We won't directly use it like they will, but with this major threat up our sleeve, everything will become a lot easier for us. Don't worry about the Tang Sect; this is an opportunity for us. We'll agree to participate in this war and donate a sum of money for this cause to lure those people into complacency. In doing so, we'll also be able to obtain more information that I can pass on to you."

Tang Wulin said, "I also require the assistance of the Tang Sect's research and development department. I don't know anywhere near enough about godslayer missiles, so I'll need someone with the know-how to ensure that the missile can be transported back safely. Do you have any recommendations?"

Cao Dezhi replied, "That's not an issue. We can't make a godslayer missile, but we've done a lot of research into this area. I'll get the head of research of our Radiant Tang Sect Soul Missile Research Institute to accompany, but do be aware that her personality is quite eccentric, so have patience with her."

Tang Wulin replied with a smile, "It's alright, all exceptionally skilled individuals are unique in their own ways."

There was no way that her personality would be worse than that of the seven old demons, so Tang Wulin wasn't concerned.

"Alright, go back and make some preparations. I'll get our Tang Sect's intelligence department to gather as much information about Eternal Heaven as they can, and the information will be sent to you in real time."

Thus, Tang Wulin returned to Shrek Academy.

Shrek Academy was still as peaceful as ever, and even the entire continent was very peaceful, but this was only the calm before another storm.

Tang Wulin didn't receive any more information from Mo Lan, so he knew that everything she had said was most likely going to turn into reality. When he attempted to call Mo Lan, her soul communicator was turned off.

When making some important decisions, strict confidentiality had to be ensured in the federal parliament, so all parliamentary members involved had to hand in their communication devices.

It seemed that the Dove Faction was still unable to quell the Eagle Faction in the end, and the Eagle Faction was going to maintain its absolute advantage in parliament through this war.

After all, as long as the people of the Douluo Continent continued to support them, the Eagle Faction would continue to thrive, and once they brought back bountiful resources from the other two continents, their influence and status would be even further elevated.

There were peace advocates among the general public, but most people didn't see an issue with a war that wouldn't take place on the continent. 

Humans had been striving toward space exploration for many years, and with sufficient resources, this dream would become a reality.

The Tang Sect was beginning to gather information on Eternal Heaven, and it was quickly being collated.

The storage location of Eternal Heaven was top secret information, so there was no way to find it. Just as Tang Wulin had anticipated, their only opportunity would arise during the missile's transportation.

The Tang Sect had already received an invitation from the federation asking the Tang Sect Master and the two Limit Douluos to attend a conference. Tang Wulin naturally couldn't go, but the two Limit Douluos were already heading toward Bright City.

There were also sources that stated that the Northsea Legion had begun a new round of exercises, and that the Sea God Legion was currently mobilizing toward Bright City.

This was extremely precious information to Tang Wulin as it clearly indicated that the Sea God Legion was very likely responsible for transporting Eternal Heaven.

The Sea God Legion was under Chen Xinjie's direct jurisdiction, and he had been the commander-in-chief during the last invasion; it seemed that he would be assigned the same role on this occasion as well. Regardless of whether it was in terms of power or influence, Chen Xinjie was the leading figure in the military.

The most elite legion in the federal military was the Blood God Legion. However, the Blood God Legion had to constantly guard the abyssal passageway, and Cao Dezhi was once the first Blood God, so he definitely still had a high level of influence over the legion. As such, there was no way that the federation would entrust the Blood God Legion with the duty of transporting Eternal Heaven.

Thus, it seemed that the Sea God Legion would be the one most fit for the role.

The Sea God Legion was extremely powerful and was equipped with the federation's most cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, with Chen Xinjie at the helm, it would truly be next to impossible to steal Eternal Heaven.

As such, despite all of the information that Tang Wulin had received, he still couldn't think of a plan.

All he could do now was wait for more information. He was still cultivating and forging as usual every day, but on top of that, he was also rehearsing the skills taught to him by the seven old demons with the rest of Shrek's Seven Monsters.

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