Chapter 1645: Steal It!

"They're going to use the godslayer missile?" A grim look appeared on Old Demon Greed's face upon hearing this. Two godslayer missiles had laid waste to the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, as well as the entirety of Shrek City, killing countless people in the process.

Tang Wulin had made a call to the Tang Sect's research department to inquire about this final godslayer missile, and he had been informed that this godslayer missile was the most formidable of the three. Its name was "Eternal Heaven", and according to the estimates provided by the Tang Sect researchers, this godslayer missile was at least as powerful as the other two godslayer missiles combined, and it was the federation's most fearsome secret weapon.

Anything within the explosion scope of Eternal Heaven would be razed to the ground; even gods may not be able to survive its explosion.

This was the crown jewel of human technology thus far, and it was also the extreme embodiment of destructive power. Even once the Tang Sect's super soul array system was complete, there was no way that it would be able to withstand Eternal Heaven's explosion; it would only be able to buy everyone a sliver of time.

Thankfully, only one soul missile of its kind remained on the entire continent, and the remaining resources didn't allow for any more to be created. Even so, a single missile was a devastating threat that could fall at any moment.

Old Demon Greed suddenly raised an eyebrow before slamming a hand onto the table, giving Tang Wulin quite a fright.

"What are you doing?" Long Yeyue complained.

There seemed to be flames burning within Old Demon Greed's eyes as he gulped in an excited manner, and said, "Steal it! Get that thing into our hands! That missile is the main threat, right? Everything will be fine once we get our hands on it. Even if we just keep it as an ornament, it would be better than leaving the missile to those bastards!"

Tang Wulin faltered slightly upon hearing this. As expected of Old Demon Greed, he was always able to think outside the box!

Indeed, if they could get their hands on Eternal Heaven, then all of their problems would be automatically resolved.

Without that godslayer missile, neither the Eagle Faction nor the Spirit Pagoda will be able to threaten Shrek Academy, and with five Limit Douluos in the academy, it may not even have to fear an attack from the entire Holy Spirit Cult. They couldn't just blatantly attack the Spirit Pagoda, but even so, five Limit Douluos could do many, many things.

At the same time, without the godslayer missile, the amount of pressure that the federal army would be able to exert upon the other two empires would be greatly diminished.

If they could get their hands onto the missile, they wouldn't even have to hide it as it would have an immense intimidatory effect.

The people that were responsible for the destruction of Shrek Academy would have to consider whether Shrek Academy would drop a godslayer missile onto their heads as well. With that thing in their grasp, even the federal parliament would have to hold Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect in far higher regard.

At that point, the federation would be completely unable to start a war or threaten the Tang Sect.

The federation was indeed suffering from resource shortages, but plundering resources wasn't the only solution! The Tang Sect had constantly been securing resources from the other two empires through trade. Most of the time, war wasn't the answer. Sure, it was the most direct and fastest solution with potentially the greatest rewards, but trade was just as viable over the long term without all of the devastating consequences of war, so why couldn't this be resolved peacefully?

The Dove Faction had always been promoting trade between the three continents. Once the Eagle Faction's influence began to wane, this proposal would be back on the agenda.

Thus, Tang Wulin quickly weighed up the situation, then turned to Elder Long, and said, "I think this is a good idea. What do you think, Elder Long?"

Long Yeyue's brows were tightly furrowed as she replied, "Securing the godslayer missile would naturally be able to solve all of our problems, but the federation has always kept Eternal Heaven under maximum security, and it would be protected by all of the most powerful beings of the Battle God Hall; perhaps even the Spirit Pagoda would send people to bolster those forces. In addition to that, there's also some cutting-edge technology from the federation being used, so it's next to impossible to access it.

"On top of that, we can't make this operation too blatant. Following our clash against the Spirit Pagoda, all five of our Limit Douluos are definitely under secret satellite surveillance from the federation. As soon as any of us leaves the academy, we run the risk of being discovered. We can't employ the services of the two Tang Sect Limit Douluos, either. If we're going to do this, then we have to leave the Tang Sect entirely out of this." 

Indeed, Long Yeyue was right. This sounded like a simple matter, but was actually extremely difficult in execution. Firstly, they had to find out where the godslayer missile was, and after that, they still had to contend with all of the measures that had been employed to guard the missile.

Taking the missile was certainly the most straightforward solution, but it seemed to be a virtually impossible task.

"Senior Greed, do you have any ideas?"

Old Demon Greed rolled his eyes in response. "My training was wasted on you! Wulin has been the most outstanding trainee of ours for many years; he excelled in all aspects like no one has for a very long time. Now, think about what we teach; it's infiltration, sabotage, assassination, and other all-round skills, so just let him go and give it a try."

Long Yeyue's heart stirred upon hearing this, and she cast her gaze toward Tang Wulin. It suddenly occurred to her that this would be a dangerous task for anyone else, but Tang Wulin could return to Shrek Academy at any time through his connection with the tree of life.

With this advantage, there was no need to be concerned about his safety as he could always return even if he couldn't succeed.

Tang Wulin nodded without any hesitation. "Our Shrek's Seven Monsters will all go, and we'll take someone from the Tang Sect familiar with this type of destructive weapon. From now on, we need to gather all of the relevant data that we possibly can in preparation for this operation."

Long Yeyue replied, "I agree. What do you think, Yali?"

Yali hesitated momentarily before asking, "Isn't it too dangerous?"

Tang Wulin reassured, "Don't worry, Mother, I'll at least be able to return safely, and as long as I get to see the godslayer missile, I should be able to bring it back. What we need right now is information. I'll pay the two Limit Douluos of the Tang Sect a visit right away to discuss this matter with them as well, not only to get their opinion on the matter, but also to use their power and resources to track down Eternal Heaven."

Long Yeyue concluded, "Then it's decided. Make sure to be careful."

Upon returning to his room, Tang Wulin was still feeling very excited. Instead of being in a rush to set off, he organized his own thoughts first.

Stealing Eternal Heaven definitely wasn't going to be an easy task. They could think of such a solution, so the military had definitely considered it as well. Both the military and the Spirit Pagoda would be guarding against a potential heist. After all, the other two godslayer missiles had gone missing under extremely suspicious circumstances, so this final and most powerful missile was definitely going to be guarded to an unprecedented extent.

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