Chapter 1643: Long Live Shrek Academy

"This is something that we must cherish; we must cherish ourselves and our own powers. There is a type of Soul Master known as an Evil Soul Master. Are their powers evil? No, it is their hearts that are evil instead. Hence, aside from cultivation education, you'll also be educated morally here at Shrek Academy. Academies aren't just institutions of education; they're also institutions of nurturing. Shrek Academy will do its very best to ensure that all of you become just and righteous Soul Masters.

"Over 10 years ago, I came to Shrek Academy with all my dreams and aspirations, just like all of you. Here, I found my second home, and I received the best guidance. However, what taught me the most important lesson was actually that bombing. That disaster destroyed the entire Shrek City and took countless lives. The Tang Sect headquarters ceased to exist, and Shrek Academy became a massive crater, which is now the new Sea God's Lake. However, not even a single student of Shrek Academy perished during the explosion.

"All of the teachers, led by the last Sea God's Pavilion Master, Senior Atlas Douluo, sacrificed themselves to grant all of the students an opportunity to survive. Only several years after the event, when I was reunited with everyone, was I made aware of all this; only then did I come to understand that all of our teachers had paid the ultimate price for our sake. That was a lesson that I would never forget, and the seniors of Shrek Academy have ingrained the glory of Shrek Academy into everyone's hearts through their sacrifices.

"They taught me to fight for justice; they taught me what it entailed to be a member of Shrek Academy. All of the teachers present, including myself, will carry on this tradition; we'll use everything we have to protect all of you and the academy until our final dying breaths. Shrek Academy is a Soul Master academy, but that's definitely not all that it is. The name of Shrek is a glorious title that has been guarded by countless seniors throughout history. The glory of Shrek Academy is unshakeable."

Tang Wulin paused momentarily here before continuing, "Regardless of which direction you decide to go in the future, always remember that you came from Shrek Academy. If you stray away from the path of righteousness someday, then Shrek Academy will take back everything that it gave to you. Similarly, if you're ever bullied or oppressed and are in the right, Shrek Academy will welcome your return with open arms at any time. The academy is your parent; anyone who dares to oppress the children of the academy will face the academy's wrath! This is another part of Shrek Academy's tradition: the academy will always cover up for its children!"

Even Wu Zhangkong couldn't help but display a hint of amusement upon hearing Tang Wulin's final sentence.

All of a sudden, one of the students yelled, "Long live Shrek Academy!"

The cry was contagious, and soon, the entire cohort was chanting the same words with excitement in their eyes.

Through his exceptional aptitude, Yi Zichen had successfully become a student of Shrek Academy, and in this moment, he felt as if his blood were boiling in his veins. He was waving his arms with all his might and chanting alongside the rest of the students at the top of his lungs.

"Long live Shrek Academy! Long live Shrek Academy!"

He had been selected into the first class, which was Luo Guixing's class. During the selection process, the four homeroom teachers had employed a very fair method, which was that each person would choose a student in sequential order based on their examination marks, and the process would be repeated until all of the students had been chosen. Thus, the classes would theoretically be relatively equal in power, and there wouldn't be any particular standout.

Luo Guixing, Wu Siduo, Xu Yucheng, and Yang Nianxia were all very astute when it came to their selections.

Luo Guixing was once the main control system Soul Master of their group, and the first person he had chosen was Yi Zichen, who had also been assigned the task of class captain.

He was very fond of the enormous control system potential and versatility of Yi Zichen's martial soul, and the fact that Yi Zichen was already close to a Soul Elder only served to improve Luo Guixing's evaluation of him. Even in the history of Shrek Academy, there weren't many students who could reach rank 29 soul power at just 12 years of age.

The cultivation rank that a Soul Master reached before turning 20 years of age was very important. If a Soul Master couldn't cross the Soul Elder rank before turning 20, then there was virtually no chance that they would be able to reach the Soul Sage level in the future.

As such, the greater the potential one displayed at a young age, the higher their ceiling would theoretically be.

Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, Yang Nianxia, Wu Siduo, and Zheng Yiran had all been exceptional young prodigies themselves, so they were even more aware of this fact. Thus, Luo Guixing had very high hopes for Yi Zichen.

The opening ceremony was very simple; after some ground rules were set, the homeroom teachers took the students back to their classrooms to teach them their first lessons.

According to the tradition of Shrek Academy, the first lesson was comprised primarily of an introduction of Shrek Academy, as well as some things that students had to take note of during their studies and cultivation.

With this first cohort of new students, the academy had taken its first step on the path to resurgence, and everything became peaceful again.

The Spirit Pagoda was also keeping a very low profile, and at the very least, they didn't appear to be plotting against Shrek Academy in any way.

The Tang Sect had already issued an application to the federal government to be vindicated as a treasonous organization. This application had been issued three days after Shrek Academy's enrollment day.

Everyone was well aware of the relationship between the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy. After all, the Tang Sect Master and Sea God's Pavilion Master were the same person, and the two super organizations had a total of seven Limit Douluos between them, so the government had to take this application seriously.

The Tang Sect had already been oppressed for far too long; now that Shrek Academy was on the path to resurgence, it was time for the Tang Sect to emerge from exile as well.

On the topic of the Tang Sect's vindication, a fierce debate erupted within the federal parliament. The Dove Faction was naturally in full approval, and even the majority of the neutral faction had chosen to take their side. If it weren't for the fact that the Eagle Faction had grown dramatically during this recent period of time, it would've already been overwhelmed.

However, something completely unexpected to the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy was about to happen.


Tang Wulin emerged from his forging workshop and performed some stretches. The feeling of numbness from being struck by elemental lightning was truly far from enjoyable, and what was quite exasperating to him was that as his physical tolerance had improved, the elemental tribulations befalling him had also become more fearsome.

He reflexively picked up his soul communicator to find that there were a few missed calls, one of which came as quite a surprise to him.

Due to just how fearsome the elemental tribulations were, Tang Wulin didn't even wear clothes during his heavenly refinement now in order to prevent unnecessary waste, so he naturally wasn't going to carry his soul communicator with him.

He dialed the number and patiently waited for the call to be connected.

Moments later, the call was picked up, and a captivating voice rang out from the other end. "Wulin?"

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