Chapter 1638: Success

If it hadn't been for Yun Ming, the power of the two godslayer missiles would've been enough to destroy the entire Shrek Academy sanctuary. Yun Ming had withstood close to half of the explosion's power on his own. If he had chosen to flee at the time, no one would've been able to stop him, but he couldn't do that as he was the Sea God's Pavilion Master and the ultimate guardian of Shrek Academy.

It was exactly because the Holy Spirit Cult had identified this that they had chosen to unleash such an attack. In doing so, they were placing Yun Ming in a situation where he had no choice but to sacrifice himself.

Under those circumstances, it was already a miracle that Yun Ming's soul had been able to survive using his martial soul as a vessel.

Wu Zhangkong hadn't participated in the clash against Spirit Academy as he had to oversee Shrek Academy's enrollment examinations.

He was constantly patrolling the examination venues, inspecting all of the data and statistics coming from each stage.

"Teacher Wu, the statistics for the eighth stage have come out; this new cohort is amazing! Over 60% of them have passed the mental examination; that's much better than our cohort," Luo Guixing said in an incredulous manner as he handed the statistical data in his hand over to Wu Zhangkong.

Wu Zhangkong accepted the spreadsheet and nodded in response. "There's a reason for that: all of them underwent an important spiritual lesson that bolstered their mental fortitude right before the examinations."

"Hehehehe!" Right at this moment, a burst of bone-chilling cackling rang out, and Luo Guixing was so frightened that he instantly ducked behind Wu Zhangkong.

This was a voice that he could never forget, but it was also one that he never wanted to hear again.

Old Demon Greed emerged with a benevolent smile before approaching Wu Zhangkong. "What do you think of our spiritual lesson?"

Wu Zhangkong extended a bow toward Old Demon Greed, and even though his expression was quite cold, he replied in a genuine voice, "It worked extremely well; I think this should be a part of all of our future enrolment examinations. Through this, we'll be able to bolster the determination of the students to join our Shrek Academy."

Old Demon Greed chuckled, "I also think it's worked very well. It's not brainwashing, but it can rouse the spirits of these young boys and girls. After all, nothing is more inspiring than witnessing the journey of the first generation of Shrek's Seven Monsters."

Luo Guixing couldn't help but ask, "Senior Greed, why didn't we receive this treatment on the demonic island? This isn't fair!" Even now, he couldn't help but shudder as he recalled back to those traumatic experiences. He could clearly recall that he had been transformed into a woman before being locked up together with Xu Yucheng, following which a strong aphrodisiac had been released upon both of them. Even though that had only been an illusion, he still wanted to die every time he recalled that ordeal.

However, he had to admit that he had matured significantly following that experience. At the very least, his mental fortitude had improved, and he was plagued by far fewer negative emotions.

Having said that, if he had the choice, he would rather sacrifice those benefits than go through that ordeal!

Even now, he and Xu Yucheng very rarely spoke to one another, and their relationship was extremely awkward. In contrast, everyone else's situation was slightly better than theirs.

At the time, their group had been comprised of Luo Guixing, Xu Yucheng, Wu Siduo, Yang Nianxian, Zheng Yiran, and two other students. The most fortunate of the bunch were Yang Nianxia and Zheng Yiran, who developed feelings for one another on the demonic island and finally became a couple.

Of course, it wasn't all positives for them, either. For example, Zheng Yiran was extremely restrictive toward Yang Nianxia, and Yang Nianxia didn't dare to resist in fear of being poisoned by Zheng Yiran.

Zheng Yiran was truly a force to be reckoned with in their cohort, and as her cultivation rank progressed, so had the lethality of her poison.

Old Demon Greed turned to Luo Guixing, and said, "How can you compare yourself with them? You had already cultivated in the academy for so many years; of course we had to use more extreme methods. You don't need to be inspired; you need to be polished. Thinking back, you were really fun to 'polish' back then, and you looked quite good as a woman. You had nice, fair skin, and that scream of yours, tsk tsk..."

"That's enough!" Luo Guixing yelled before fleeing the scene.

The old demons had blackmail material even on Long Yeyue, let alone Luo Guixing.

Old Demon Greed looked on at the fleeing Luo Guixing as he shook his head in disapproval. "His mental fortitude requires more development! He needs to be able to remain calm under all circumstances. Let me think about how your experience was, Little Zhangkong..."

"I still need to oversee the examinations, Senior; Farewell." Wu Zhangkong had already vanished into a cloud of icy mist as he spoke.

Old Demon Greed chuckled before making his way casually into the academy while murmuring to himself, "Being back at the academy really is a fantastic feeling! Even though this is no longer the Shrek Academy of the past, at least we won't be lonely here."

At Spirit Academy.

Xie Xie cast his gaze all the way to the back of the line in front of Spirit Academy, then turned to Yue Zhengyu. "We've done enough, right? We should leave some for Spirit Academy; maybe there are still some bright young talents left."

Yue Zhengyu rolled his eyes in response. "How shameless can you be? There are only five people left, and you're saying that now?"

Xie Xie countered, "Then what do you say we should do?"

Yue Zhengyu replied in a justified manner, "Of course we go through these five as well; why would we leave Spirit Academy with any opportunities?"

Xie Xie grumbled, "You're even more shameless than I am! Having said that, I fully agree!"

Thus, the two of them joyfully examined the last five registrants, and there really was a little girl who fit their criteria and was sent into the door of light.

"We're done now, Senior," Yue Zhengyu said as he extended a respectful bow toward the door of light.

The seductive Old Demon Lust emerged from the door of light before making an inviting hand gesture. "Heeheehee, then you guys come in as well, and we'll get out of here."

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu exchanged a glance, and they gritted their teeth before making their way into the door of light as if they were walking to their own executions.

Old Demon Sloth suddenly emerged out of thin air, then waved a hand toward the banner they had set up, and the banner that had stood in front of Spirit Academy the entire day abruptly vanished alongside that door of light.

In a silent chamber in Spirit Academy, Han Tianyi was just about to go into meditation when his eyes suddenly sprang open, and a hint of astonishment appeared on his face as he exclaimed, "Why are there such powerful spiritual fluctuations at the front gate?"

He immediately directed his spiritual power toward that direction, but didn't discover anything.

"How strange; where could those spiritual fluctuations have come from?"

Han Tianyi was none other than the elderly man with the brain martial soul, and as a result, he possessed immense spiritual power.

In the principal's office.

"How has enrollment been going?" Qiangu Dongfeng asked.

Qiangu Zhangting replied, "The statistics haven't been brought to me yet, but it looks like we managed to enroll more students in total than Shrek Academy. Even though many registrants left at the end, we should still be ahead on the total number."

Qiangu Dongfeng nodded in response. "This wasn't exactly a resounding success, but we did manage to enroll a lot of students. I don't understand how Shrek Academy was able to gather so many powerful beings in such a short time; this is going to be quite an issue in the future as well."

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