Chapter 1637: The Path to Your Dreams

The young boy did as he was told, placing his calf onto the table, and the elderly man gently squeezed his calf through the leg of his pants before giving a slight nod. "Your muscular development is quite good, and you're also of the right bone age. Release your martial souls."

The boy and girl exchanged a glance, and blue and red light erupted from their bodies alongside a pair of hundred-year-old soul rings for each of them.

A pair of rabbit ears sprouted out of the young girl's head, and her body quickly became longer and more slender while tufts of white fur appeared on her hands.

As for the young boy, the most ordinary Bluesilver Grass had emerged over his palm, and with his injection of soul power, it quickly transformed into a thick vine.

The elderly man only took a casual glance at Xiao Wu before turning to Tang San. "How were you able to cultivate Bluesilver Grass so quickly?"

Tang San smiled, and replied, "You only accept monsters here, right? Do I qualify as a monster?"

A rare smile appeared on the elderly man's face. "You really are a little monster. Mubai, take them in."

Everything suddenly stood still here as a series of shimmering golden names appeared above the heads of the young boys and girls present.

The names above the young boy and girl who had just passed the examination were Tang San and Xiao Wu, respectively, while the name Dai Mubai appeared above the young Soul Elder.

As for the young woman behind Tang San and Xiao Wu, she was none other than Zhu Zhuqing.

These are members of the first generation of Shrek's Seven Monsters! 

The same thought occurred to Yi Zichen and Teacher Li in unison.

Who hadn't heard of the legend of Shrek Academy and Tang San?

Could it be that this was a flashback of when Shrek Academy had been first founded?

All of a sudden, the entire surrounding area began to warp, and a new image was presented.

Once again, they saw Tang San, Xiao Wu, Dai Mubai, Zhu Zhuqing, the young girl who had been lined up ahead of Tang San and Xiao Wu, and a young boy with thick facial hair.

All of them were jogging with labored expressions, and a chubby young boy was bringing up the rear with a gloomy look on his face.

It was quite obvious to Yi Zichen that this was the first generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters!

Evil Eye White Tiger Dai Mubai, Big Sausage Uncle Oscar, Thousand Hand Douluo Tang San, Evil Fire Phoenix Ma Hongjun, Seven Treasures Glazed Ning Rongong, and Hell Civet Zhu Zhuqing!

Even Teacher Li was struggling to contain himself at the sight of those legendary group, let alone Yi Zichen.

One scene transitioned into another, presenting a sequence of captivating stories during which these seven became more and more powerful with each passing day.

They watched the seven of them participate in that fateful competition, defeating one formidable foe after another through their teamwork before finally reaching the grand final.

Even against opponents far more powerful than themselves, they never gave up, and through their immense willpower, they defeated the Spirit Hall team, securing the final championship title, and it was also during this match that Xiao Wu's identity was finally revealed.

Finally, the images drew to a conclusion on the scene where Tang San and Xiao Wu defeated Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue in a clash between gods.

At this point, Yi Zichen had already shed countless tears.

He could never forget the scene where Xiao Wu had sacrificed herself for Tang San, nor everything that Tang San had done to revive her.

In the end, Yi Zichen's trio appeared in a spacious hall, and a man slowly emerged into the hall to face them.

"The tradition of Shrek Academy was built up through the efforts of countless generations. The glory of Shrek Academy that has stood for 20,000 years needs generation upon generation of little monsters like yourself to uphold. Yi Zichen, if you're willing to become a member of Shrek Academy, then proceed with courage to the rest of the examination."

"I want to become a member of Shrek Academy!" Yi Zichen yelled with all his might, and only then did he discover that he was able to move and speak again.

The figure ahead of him gradually became clearer, revealing a handsome smiling man with a head of long blue hair and a golden trident in his grasp. He raised his trident and pointed it at a door of light behind him.

"That is the path to Shrek Academy and the path to your dreams. Step onto that path with all of your willpower, courage, and determination; I wish you the best of luck."

"Thank you, Senior Tang San!" Yi Zichen bowed to the point where his head was almost touching his knees. Not only had those scenes shown him just how powerful the first generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters had been, it had shown him the process of their growth and their fearless, self-sacrificing spirit.

No young boy could resist such rousing scenes, and in that moment, Yi Zichen was determined to become a member of Shrek Academy no matter what and make his own contribution to uphold the glory of Shrek Academy.

Thus, the three of them strode into the door of light and vanished from the hall.

Tang San looked on at their departing figures, and murmured to himself, "The current generation of kids really are quite exceptional." His body then flickered and warped, and as it became clear again, he had transformed into none other than Old Demon Scourge!

Never had there been two identical enrolment examinations for Shrek Academy throughout history; there were always alterations made to the events from year to year. As such, no one could guess what the examination would entail.

It was exactly due to the emergence of people like Bloodlust Douluo Yun Tianheng that Shrek Academy was paying attention not just to students' aptitude and powers, but also to their personality.

It was very important for one to possess strong willpower and a kind heart, not just for cultivation, but also for being a good person in general.

This was how Shrek Academy had been able to uphold its tradition for so many years, and why so many powerful beings were willing to lend Shrek Academy their assistance during its time of need.

Those responsible for overseeing the enrolment examinations included inner court disciples and new teachers.

This was the first enrollment since the academy's reconstruction, and everyone was getting involved.

Following the academy's reconstruction, some alumni had been invited back to become teachers, and after a selection process, the current Shrek Academy now had a total of 51 teachers, including 19 inner court teachers.

In addition to that, there were also 46 teacher aides.

One had to realize that it had always been extremely difficult to become an official teacher of the academy, and that tradition would continue to be maintained.

The outer court principal was Wu Zhangkong, while the inner court principal was Long Yeyue, and Lan Muzi and Tang Yinmeng were the vice-principals.

The entire structure of the academy was already complete, but it would not be an easy task for it to return to its former glory.

Tang Wulin was also one of the 51 teachers, and he was teaching in the blacksmith division of the academy.

As a Divine Blacksmith, there was no better candidate than him for the role. In particular, the clash that had just taken place against Spirit Academy perfectly reflected just how important a Divine Blacksmith was. Without his heavenly refinement, it would not be an easy task for Shrek Academy to secure this victory.

Limit Douluos were already extremely feared and revered, and the only thing more terrifying than a Limit Douluo was a Limit Douluo with a suit of four-word battle armor.

All of Shrek’s Seven Monsters already possessed pieces of four-word battle armor; who was to say that the other Limit Douluos of Shrek Academy didn't have full suits of four-word battle armor?

Qiangu Dongfeng had chosen to retreat without any hesitation as his main concern was that they would have to face potentially five Limit Douluos with suits of four-word battle armor. Throw the two Limit Douluos of the Tang Sect into the mix, and Shrek Academy would truly be an incomparably formidable force.

In fact, their high-end power was even superior to back before Shrek Academy was destroyed.

Overall, the past Shrek Academy had been the most powerful entity as it possessed the most Titled Douluos and Hyper Douluos out of any organization on the entire continent, and it was also led by Yun Ming, the undisputed number one most powerful being on the continent.

Even among quasigods, Yun Ming stood at the very pinnacle of the pyramid.

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