Chapter 1630: The Quasigod of Shrek Academy!

Qiangu Dieting pointed his Coiling Dragon Staff forward, and asked, "Who's next?"

"Don't get cocky! I'll be your opponent." A low voice rang out, and the elderly man who had been standing on Tang Wulin's right stepped forward.

In contrast with Qiangu Dieting's aura, which was filled with explosive power, the elderly man resembled an immovable mountain, striking Qiangu Dieting with the illusion that a mountain was approaching him.

The mountain was so tall that he couldn't see its peak, and Qiangu Dieting's heart immediately jolted upon seeing this.

The elderly man had been repressing his own aura this entire time, but now that he was releasing his aura without any reservation, Qiangu Dieting was finally struck by the realization that this was another Limit Douluo.

Even more importantly, this was a quasigod as well!

He had always thought that his most formidable opponent would be Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue. He didn't know whether Long Yeyue was a quasigod yet, but he had assumed that she had to at least be on the cusp. However, he was confident that he would be slightly more powerful than Long Yeyue, but to his surprise, this unfamiliar elderly man was also a quasigod.

Since when were there so many Limit Douluos in this world? Shrek Academy had already displayed four Limit Douluos, which was already no less than the number of Limit Douluos among the Spirit Pagoda representatives. How was this possible?

The same thought occured to both Qiangu Dongfeng and Qiangu Dieting.

They thought that they were preying on Shrek Academy, but they were beginning to realize now that they had been tricked.

Even if this quasigod wasn't as powerful as Qiangu Dieting, there was no way that Qiangu Dieting would be able to defeat him easily.

If Long Yeyue were also a quasigod, then it would take at least two Limit Douluos to contend with her, and that would actually leave them at a disadvantage.

The only thing in their favor was that Tang Wulin had most likely already been killed by Qiangu Dieting. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult to predict the outcome of this battle.

As things currently stood, the two sides should be evenly matched. There was still another unfamiliar middle-aged man and Xu Xiaoyan that had to be dealt with, but their control system Soul Master, the elderly man with the brain martial soul, should be equipped to handle them.

At the Limit Douluo level, the importance of teamwork was significantly diminished as everyone was simply too powerful individually, and it was quite difficult to try and assist someone else.

Qiangu Dongfeng immediately transmitted his voice toward his brother. "Big Brother, you take on that five-colored cloud man; I'll go after Yali. I'll try to take her down as soon as possible, then come to assist you."

Qiangu Qingfeng nodded in response. Yali had just helped him, so he was quite averse to attacking her right away. She was the number one healing system Soul Master on the entire continent; even though the Spirit Pagoda was constantly trying to destroy Shrek Academy, no one wanted to make her their enemy.

Her influence in the Soul Master world was definitely unmatched by any other Limit Douluo.

Right at this moment, a loud voice rang out among the Shrek Academy representatives. "Qiangu Dongfeng, I challenge you!" 

Qiangu Dongfeng faltered slightly upon hearing this before casting his gaze toward the owner of the voice, and he was stunned to discover that the one who had challenged him was none other than the middle-aged man who bore a strong resemblance to that quasigod level elderly man.

Surely not!

A sense of foreboding immediately welled up in Qiangu Dongfeng's heart. Immediately thereafter, the middle-aged man released a string of nine soul rings, and a series of mental manifestation projections began to appear around him.

This was Shrek Academy's fifth Limit Douluo!

The hosts of the television stations broadcasting the match had already been stunned into silence.

This was downright incredible! Since when did Shrek Academy have five Limit Douluos?

One had to realize that the entirety of Shrek City had been razed to the ground no more than a few years ago! How could Shrek Academy possibly still have five Limit Douluos among its ranks?

Even the Spirit Pagoda was only able to muster up four Limit Douluos!

How was this possible?

According to statistical data, there were less than 20 Limit Doulus on the entire continent, yet there were already nine in total gathered here.

Furthermore, Shrek Academy's greatest ally, the Tang Sect, also had two Limit Douluos!

This meant that the two superpowers had a total of seven Limit Douluos! That was more than the Battle God Hall and Spirit Pagoda combined!

Qiangu Dongfeng and Qiangu Dieting's expressions had darkened significantly at this point.

Regardless of whether this man was a rookie or veteran Limit Douluo, he was still a Limit Douluo!

The Bai sisters possessed a soul fusion skill that could rival a Limit Douluo, but they wouldn't be able to last very long against a true Limit Douluo, and there was no way that their control system Soul Master could match a Limit Douluo in battle.

How were they supposed to contend?

A sure-win battle had suddenly turned into a dire situation.

Qiangu Dongfeng was completely stunned. Wasn't he supposed to be in control here? How did this happen?

Qiangu Dieting asked, "May I ask your name?"

He was a very proud man, but he still had basic respect for powerful beings of the same caliber as himself.

Yuanen Zhentian smiled, and replied, "I'm a new teacher of Shrek Academy and a member of the Sea God's Pavilion, Yuanen Zhentian."

Qiangu Dieting's expression darkened even further upon hearing this.

If he were only an ally that Shrek Academy had temporarily recruited for this match, then he wouldn't be overly concerned, but his heart had immediately sunk upon hearing Yuanen Zhentian declaring himself as a member of the Sea God's Pavilion.

"I'm also a new teacher at Shrek Academy, and my name is Yuanen Tiandang."

At this vital juncture, the pair of father and son Limit Douluos had finally stepped up for Shrek Academy.

Some time had already passed since the Yuanen Family had moved here, and they had immediately fallen in love with this place.

The vast Sea God's Lake was extremely beautiful, and even though Shrek City no longer existed, they could see the assistance that was pouring in from all sides to support Shrek Academy's reconstruction.

Shrek Academy also held them in very high regard, granting them a very large plot of land beside the Sea God's Lake, and by the time they arrived, all of the basic construction and infrastructure was already complete.

Most importantly, Yuanen Zhentian had been granted the opportunity to cultivate beside the tree of life one day per month.

This was an extremely alluring offer for Yuanen Zhentian.

Even though it was only one day per month, the life energy that was replenished during that one day lasted him longer than a month.

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