Chapter 1629: Impaling Heaven and Earth

No matter how he thought about it, the Spirit Pagoda should've had an absolute advantage in terms of power, but due to Tang Wulin's crafty and cunning arrangements, the two sides were evenly matched.

He had to die!

Thus, Qiangu Dieting was ecstatic that Tang Wulin was taking the initiative to attack him, and he immediately strode forward with killing intent in his eyes.

At the quasigod level, not only was he able to sense planar laws, he was already able to create some laws of his own to a certain extent, and he possessed masterful control over both space and time.

He summoned his Coiling Dragon Staff, and nine red soul rings instantly appeared around him.

That's right, he possessed nine 100,000-year-old soul rings!

Regardless of how he had accomplished this, these were nine genuine red soul rings. He was truly worthy of his title as the most powerful being of the Spirit Pagoda.

The pressure being exerted upon Tang Wulin instantly increased by tenfold, and he felt as if he were being crushed by a force of nature.

Qiangu Dieting's Coiling Dragon Staff then began to expand infinitely in his mind, encompassing the entire sky before crashing down toward him.

All of this had happened in the blink of an eye, and Qiangu Dieting hadn't wasted any time, choosing to unleash a full-force attack from the get-go.

He was naturally also aware that it wouldn't be easy to kill Tang Wulin with Yali present, so he was going to kill Tang Wulin with a single strike and not give Yali any chance to heal him.

This was virtually a clash between the strongest link and weakest link of each side, and Qiangu Dieting knew that this would be the best opportunity he had to kill Tang Wulin in one fell swoop.

This was his signature technique, Battling Heaven and Earth!

The attack was far too fast for Tang Wulin to evade, and he could only raise his Golden Dragon Spear to protect himself.


A resounding boom erupted forth alongside powerful shockwaves, and all of the planes that were shooting footage began to tremor violently.

A pane of glass had even been shattered on the nearest plane, and it immediately fled in a panicked manner.

Immediately thereafter, a golden figure came plummeting out of the sky like a cannonball, crashing heavily down onto the ground in the span of just a few breaths.

Another resounding boom rang out, and the earth shattered violently, while Tang Wulin completely disappeared from view.

Qiangu Dieting held his Coiling Dragon Staff with a proud expression. Surely Tang Wulin was dead now.

Tang Wulin was indeed more powerful than he had anticipated, but he was still restricted by his cultivation rank.

As a quasigod, Qiangu Dieting could control the power of heaven and earth in a small area, so that staff strike was the equivalent of an entire small plane slamming into Tang Wulin's body.

In the instant that he was struck by the attack, blood gushed out of all of Tang Wulin's orifices, and it was already a testament to his incredible defensive prowess that his body hadn't completely disintegrated.

This was the power of a quasigod, and Qiangu Dongfeng's heart was filled with elation, as well as genuine admiration toward his father.

He was also a Limit Douluo, and his martial soul was also the Coiling Dragon Staff, but he was nowhere near his father's level. He wasn't drawing upon the power of heaven and earth. Instead, he was destroying the power of heaven earth and forcing it to attack for him.

In the eyes of Qiangu Dongfeng, his father would've already become a god long ago had it not been for the restriction of the plane.

That staff strike had given all of the Shrek Academy representatives a massive fright as well, and the hideous middle-aged man immediately flared up with rage. "How dare you!"

A formidable aura erupted out of his body alongside a string of soul rings as he spoke, and at the same time, a blanket of five-colored clouds suddenly appeared above the Shrek Academy representatives.

Qiangu Dieting's pupils abruptly contracted upon seeing this.

Since when did Shrek Academy have a third Limit Douluo? On top of that, he had no recollection of such a Limit Douluo at all.

In contrast, Yali remained completely calm, and she gently laid a hand onto the arm of the hideous man before communicating something to him in a low voice.

A hint of surprise appeared on the man's face, and only then did his aura recede slightly.

"Ah! Those five-colored clouds! Is that another Limit Douluo? If so, then this is truly shaping up to be an exciting clash. I wonder how the Dragon Emperor Douluo is doing after being struck by that staff blow."

Tang Wulin was currently plunged into a world of complete darkness, and he felt as if his body were a shattered vase.

His battle armor, bones, and meridians were all completely destroyed.

His defensive prowess was already unmatched in this world, and even without wearing his suit of battle armor, his defensive prowess would definitely outstrip that of the vast majority of people in their battle armor.

Even so, the explosive power imbued within that staff strike had completely overwhelmed him.

In the past, he had discussed Qiangu Dieting's powers with Zang Xin and Cao Dezhi.

There was no doubt that Qiangu Dieting would feature in the clash between Shrek Academy and the Spirit Pagoda.

Cao Dezhi had told Tang Wulin that Qiangu Dieting's explosive power was unmatched among all Limit Douluos, which meant that no Limit Douluo could compare with Qiangu Dieting in terms of instantaneous explosive power.

Tang Wulin wanted to see for himself just how fearsome the most explosive attack on the entire continent was, which was why he had seized the initiative, and sure enough, he had been met by a merciless blow from Qiangu Dieting.

For the first time ever, his Golden Dragon Spear was bent, and it had been bent by Qiangu Dieting's attack.

The Golden Dragon Spear was a divine weapon, so this meant that Qiangu Dieting's attack was infinitely approaching the godly level.

This was immediately followed by the sensation that the world around him had shattered.

This wasn't a product of pure destructive power; it was as if a small plane had truly exploded right before him.

This was the devastating aspect of the attack, and if it weren't for the fact that Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon King destructive aura had nullified that part of the attack to a great extent, there was a good chance that his body really would've been blown into pieces.

Following that initial clash, Tang Wulin adjudged Qiangu Dieting to be slightly more powerful than Infernal King Douluo Harosha. At Tang Wulin's current cultivation rank, he was still nowhere near powerful enough to challenge such a formidable being.

He was going to commit this feeling firmly into his memory and strive toward this direction in his future cultivation.

At the same time, the attack had completely stimulated Tang Wulin's unyielding and competitive nature. He never wanted to experience this type of pain again, and what was most worrying of all was that his Golden Dragon King seals were beginning to loosen again.

He felt as if the power within the next seal would immediately erupt forth to control his body if he had even the slightest lapse in concentration.

This was the first time he had been injured so severely since he had mastered the Body Sect's congenital secret method.

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