Chapter 1626: We Concede

However, he was already mentally prepared, and he immediately wrenched his hand away from the Golden Dragon Spear before pressing against Xia Zhengleng's chest, injecting his soul power into her body to forcibly prevent the Golden Dragon Spear from continuing to devour her life energy.

Right at this moment, a gentle voice rang out. "Hand her over to me."

Qiangu Qingfeng was just about to flare with rage, but the fury in his eyes faded at the sight of the person who had arrived beside him, only to be replaced by a hint of indignation.

"We concede; please save my wife."

The person who had approached him was none other than Holy Spirit Douluo Yali.

In contrast with her resentment toward Qiangu Dongfeng, Yali had a far better first impression of Qiangu Qingfeng. At the very least, this was a man who deeply loved his wife, and she couldn't help but think of Yun Ming..

"Wulin," Yali called out, and the Golden Dragon Spear that had impaled Xia Zhengleng's chest vanished amid a flash of golden light.

Yali then pressed her right hand against Xia Zhengleng's chest, injecting bursts of gentle white light into her body to nourish her and stabilize her receding life energy.

As she treated Xia Zhengleng, everyone from both camps slowly descended onto the ground.

Qiangu Qingfeng immediately turned toward Tang Wulin with burning fury in his eyes. If it weren't for the fact that he was relying on Yali to treat Xia Zhengleng, he would've most likely already pounced toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin descended expressionlessly onto the ground, and in the eyes of all of the parents and students in the distance, he was like a godly entity!

That final spear strike unleashed by Tang Wulin had truly stunned everyone, and no one could predict that this two-on-two match would conclude under these circumstances.

Qiangu Qingfeng had made a grave error by underestimating Tang Wulin's explosive power and evading to expose his wife to Tang Wulin's line of attack.

Not only was the Golden Dragon Spear imbued with Tang Wulin's spear intent and spear soul, it had also been infused with the power of elemental tribulations.

Having undergone so much heavenly refinement, Tang Wulin had developed an extremely in-depth understanding of elemental tribulations. His understanding of planar laws had also reached a whole new level, and even among Limit Douluos, there were very few people who could compare with him when it came to understanding of elemental laws.

From the very beginning, Tang Wulin had planned for that final spear strike to be the decisive blow.

He knew that it would be quite difficult to defeat Qiangu Qingfeng, but he was confident that Xia Zhengleng was no match for him.

As such, he had injected all of his power into that attack and directed the attack toward the weakest link. The instant that he had released his Golden Dragon Spear was when he had been the most vulnerable, and Qiangu Qingfeng would've definitely been able to suppress Tang Wulin had he chosen to attack then.

However, Tang Wulin was confident that Qiangu Qingfeng's attention would be diverted away, and that he would at least make sure that his wife would be fine before he attacked Tang Wulin.

This was already enough time for Tang Wulin to recover.

Thus, Shrek Academy secured victory in the second two-on-two match, and the score now stood at six to five.

"Alright, she'll be fine now. Get her to eat some foods that'll replenish her lost life energy, and she'll be fully recovered with some rest," Yali said as she lifted her hand from Xia Zhengleng's chest.

Qiangu Qingfeng's aura was still rather unstable, but he nodded in response. "Thank you."

Thus, Yali returned to the Shrek Academy camp.

This match was a victory for Shrek Academy both on a practical basis, as well as on a moral basis as Tang Wulin had essentially defeated his two opponents on his own.

Even though he had chosen to attack the weakest link in the form of Xia Zhengleng, Xia Zhengleng had been attacking him throughout the entire battle as well.

The match had concluded before either side had unleashed their full power, but this was a reflection of Tang Wulin's understanding of the entire battlefield, as well as his ability to grasp opportunities.

After witnessing that final spear strike, everyone truly realized just how fearsome his explosive power was. His Golden Dragon Spear was like an unstoppable force of nature! 

Xia Zhengleng had been unable to stop the Golden Dragon Spear from devouring her life energy as her martial soul had been severely damaged, and in that weakened state, she was in no shape to pose any resistance.

Not only had Tang Wulin essentially won this battle on a one-on-two basis, Shrek Academy's generosity had also been put on full display through Yali's gesture in healing Xia Zhengleng. 

Qiangu Dongfeng had already arrived beside Qiangu Qingfeng, but the latter was too busy attending to his wife to pay any heed to him.

Qiangu Dongfeng heaved a faint internal sigh. If his brother hadn't underestimated Tang Wulin, the outcome of the match may have been different.

He had already decided that he couldn't regard Tang Wulin as a junior anymore; he had to view him as an equal and give him sufficient attention.

This thought startled even himself as it appeared in his mind. Since when was it that Tang Wulin had to be regarded as equivalent to a Limit Douluo?

At this point in the clash, Qiangu Dongfeng was already becoming rather agitated. When he had proposed this bet, he had thought that they would be able to crush Shrek Academy with ease, and that the match would already be over at this point.

As the matches commenced, he became even more confident in his own assessment of the situation, but somehow, Shrek Academy was always able to claw their way back just when he thought that the Spirit Pagoda had gained an absolute advantage.

"Chairman Qiangu." Tang Wulin turned to Qiangu Dongfeng with a faint smile.

Qiangu Dongfeng asked, "What is it, Sect Master Tang?"

Tang Wulin replied, "The score is currently six to five. You have the upper hand, but the final two-on-two battle holds no importance anymore, so let's not delay our Shrek Academy's enrolment day any longer; let's decide the outcome of this clash with the final seven-on-seven battle."

Qiangu Dongfeng took a meaningful glance at Tang Wulin. Why was it that this young man was looking so confident? It didn't make any sense! Was he merely bluffing?

Indeed, the final two-on-two battle was inconsequential, and Shrek Academy could simply concede the match if they wanted to. After all, even if Shrek Academy were to win the final two-on-two match, they would still lose overall if they lost the seven-on-seven match.

With that in mind, Qiangu Dongfeng nodded in response. "Alright, then let's decide this with the final seven-on-seven match."

Tang Wulin proposed, "Then how about we begin after a five-minute break?"

"Sure," Qiangu Dongfeng agreed. Neither Tang Wulin nor Qiangu Qingfeng had exerted themselves much during the previous match, so there was no point in not allowing Tang Wulin to rest. 

Thus, both sides returned to their respective camps to prepare for the decisive match.

Teamwork was going to be imperative in the seven-on-seven match, and it was the best display of each side's overall power.

All of the journalists on the scene were extremely excited. A seven-on-seven match between Shrek Academy and the Spirit Pagoda was definitely going to be a seven-on-seven clash of the highest caliber in the current Soul Master world.

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