Chapter 1625: Impaled Through the Chest

His wings flapped in short, sharp motions, elevating his speed to the very max, and he instantly reached Qiangu Qingfeng like a golden shooting star.

A cold smile appeared on Qiangu Qingfeng's face as he unleashed his Nether Slash again, and his timing was perfect, ensuring that Tang Wulin would inevitably fall into the scope of the attack as long as he didn't decelerate.

If he were to slow down to evade the attack, then his momentum would be snapped, thereby allowing Qiangu Qingfeng to seize the initiative.

Xia Zhengleng continued to play her guzheng, yet on this occasion, a series of silent soundwaves were being released, causing the air to shimmer and warp, thereby making it impossible to determine which directions the soundwaves were traveling toward.

However, it was at this moment that Tang Wulin's superb bodily control really shone through. His immensely powerful physical constitution didn't just grant him incredible strength and speed; it also allowed him to change directions and speeds in a way that almost defied physics.

All of a sudden, time abruptly accelerated, causing the Nether Slash to speed up so that by the time the Purgatory Halberd slashed through the air, Tang Wulin still hadn't arrived yet.

Qiangu Qingfeng was rather alarmed by this, and he reflexively dodged to the side at an incredible speed.

As soon as he vacated his original spot, the Frost Symphony Invisible Swords Xia Zhengleng had unleashed immediately arrived, further putting their exemplary teamwork on display.

However, Tang Wulin's body suddenly drew to an abrupt halt in a drastic deceleration that shouldn't have been physically possible.

Immediately thereafter, he arched back, and it was as if his entire body had transformed into a bow, while the Golden Dragon Spear in his right hand was the figurative arrow on the bowstring.

Qiangu Qingfeng's heart jolted upon seeing this, and he reflexively swept his Purgatory Halberd through the air releasing a total of 18 purplish-black halos that proliferated outward around his body.

This was his fourth soul skill, Purgatory Roar! It was the perfect fusion of attack and defense!

However, Tang Wulin still hurled his Golden Dragon Spear through the air without any hesitation, and Qiangu Qingfeng's expression immediately changed drastically as he could sense that the attack was no longer locked onto him.

In the next instant, the Golden Dragon Spear flashed past him like a bolt of golden lightning.

Tang Wulin only had two opponents, and the target wasn't Qiangu Qingfeng, so it was quite obvious exactly whom he was targeting.

In the blink of an eye, Tang Wulin had used his Time Reversal domain to accelerate time, then drew to an abrupt halt before hurling his Golden Dragon Spear through the air in a smooth, almost choreographed sequence.

Qiangu Qingfeng would have countless ways to withstand Tang Wulin's attack, and he was very confident in his own wife's abilities, but he was also quite wary of Tang Wulin's powers, and his heart immediately sank as Tang Wulin's Golden Dragon Spear hurtled directly toward Xia Zhengleng.

The Frost Symphony Invisible Swords also reached Tang Wulin at almost the exact same moment, in response, Tang Wulin unleashed his dragon's repulse, followed immediately by his Golden Dragon Vibrational Explosion.

A thunderous explosion erupted within a radius of five meters, and the Frost Symphony Invisible Swords exploded into a vast expanse of ice shards, none of which were able to come into contact with Tang Wulin.

In the instant that Tang Wulin had hurled his Golden Dragon Spear, Xia Zhengleng was immediately struck by a sharp pain in her chest, and in that instant, she felt as if her blood had congealed.

Could she dodge? It was already too late; the Golden Dragon Spear was simply far too fast.

This was Tang Wulin's All or Nothing!

However, Xia Zhengleng's title as the number one soundwave-type Soul Master wasn't just an empty accolade; her Frost Symphony Guzheng began to emit a faint buzzing sound, and a suit of battle armor with snowflake patterns all over its surface quickly appeared over her entire body.

Even though it was only a suit of three-word battle armor, it was extremely dazzling to behold.

Immediately thereafter, Xia Zhengleng took the only defensive measure that she had time to adopt: she raised her Frost Symphony Guzheng in front of herself as a shield.

In the next instant, the Golden Dragon Spear arrived.

The strings of Frost Symphony Guzheng were facing Xia Zhengleng, and she was holding onto the top of the guzheng with one hand as she quickly stroked the top three strings with her other hand.

A sharp note rang out, and the guzheng instantly released nine layers of light barriers, each of which resembled a layer of frost with that same note echoing incessantly within them.

This was her Frost Symphony Nine Barriers!

Xia Zhengleng had faced countless powerful opponents throughout her life, and she certainly hadn't reached her current soul power rank of 97 through sheer luck.

Her Frost Symphony Guzheng possessed extremely powerful prowess both in offense and defense, and as soon as she was struck by a sense of peril, she immediately released her battle armor, as well as these Frost Symphony Nine Barriers to form the ultimate defense.

She was confident that her husband wouldn't allow Tang Wulin to unleash a second attack, and having lost his weapon, Tang Wulin was definitely going to be far less difficult to deal with.

Thus, the Golden Dragon Spear reached Xia Zhengleng, giving off a peerlessly sharp aura, and her Frost Symphony Nine Barriers were almost instantly shattered.

The Golden Dragon Spear then struck the underside of the Frost Symphony Guzheng, upon which Xia Zhengleng gave a muffled groan as she was quickly forced backward by the impact.

At the same time, that peerlessly sharp aura surged toward her body in a frenzy.

What a powerful attack!

This attack is definitely at the Limit Douluo level. It's a good thing... 

Her thoughts were abruptly cut off here as a layer of rainbow light erupted from the dazzling golden spear.

This was not good!

A sense of foreboding had only just appeared in her heart when the Golden Dragon Spear pierced through the Frost Symphony Guzheng before impaling the right side of her chest.

There was no pain, but in that instant, Xia Zhengleng felt all of her power begin to melt away like ice and snow.

Even with her rank 97 soul power, she was unable to control her own body and began to plummet out of the sky.

"Zhengleng!" Qiangu Qingfeng was just planning to attack Tang Wulin, but he was stunned to see that Tang Wulin's attack was powerful enough to pierce through Xia Zhengleng's defenses.

In the instant that Xia Zhengleng's chest had been impaled, he felt like his own chest had been run through as well.

The Purgatory Roar around him erupted toward Tang Wulin in a maddened frenzy, while he instantly turned around and flew over to Xia Zhengleng before catching her.

Xia Zhengleng's face was already completely devoid of color, and her life force was receding at an alarming rate.

There was something off about this spear!

As a Limit Douluo, Qiangu Qingfeng's judgment and intuition were both exceptional, and he immediately grabbed onto the Golden Dragon Spear, upon which his own life force also began to funnel into the spear in a frenzy.

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