Chapter 1620: Brothers or Sisters?

To the shock and horror of Bai Haoze, he could feel the light elements around him fading away at an astonishing rate, as if an invisible black hole had appeared to devour all of the light elements in his body.

This was a terrifying feeling, and he immediately tried to resist, but no matter how much he struggled, it was all to no avail.

The Ephemeral Light instantly dissipated, while Bai Haoze immediately released his suit of battle armor.

A golden suit of battle armor instantly encapsulated his entire body, but his aura of light was still continuing to recede.

Right at this moment, a massive hulking figure descended from the sky before slamming his fists viciously downward.

It was none other than A'Ruheng!

The last attack didn't seem to have inflicted any substantial injuries upon him; it had only incinerated his clothes and charred his skin slightly black.

As he came crashing down from above, it was as if he were threatening to shatter heaven and earth.

Silver light flashed, and Bai Haoze vanished into thin air before reappearing over 100 meters away.

After teleporting his brother away, silver light also flashed from Bai Zhicen's body, and he instantly appeared behind A'Ruheng before stomping a foot toward his spine.

A'Ruheng didn't even bother to evade, allowing Bai Zhicen to stomp on his neck before abruptly contracting his trapezoid muscles, using it to grab onto Bai Zhicen's foot like a hand.

His terrifying strength erupted forth alongside his enormous blood essence, and right as Bai Zhicen was about to teleport away, the space around him suddenly exploded, rendering him unable to detect any spatial fluctuations.

In the next instant, A'Ruheng had already appeared in front of him before grabbing toward his body.

In this dire situation, Bai Zhicen swiped his right hand over his own head, and his silver horn transformed into a longsword that stabbed straight toward A'Ruheng.

Once again, A'Ruheng made no effort to evade, allowing the longsword to pierce into his palm.

Blood splattered everywhere as the corkscrew blade of the sword plunged into his hand, only to be immediately locked into place by A'Ruheng's muscles.

His blood essence erupted forth once again to shatter the surrounding space, and he wrenched Bai Zhicen toward himself before enveloping Bai Zhicen in a tight embrace.

He then chortled with glee as he squeezed with all his might, and even Bai Zhicen's three-word battle armor began to groan and creak with excessive strain in the face of his extraordinary strength.

Meanwhile, Bai Haoze was also in a very sticky situation.

Sima Jinchi had appeared before him, but in contrast with before, both Sima Jinchi's Dragonslaying Saber and battle armor had disappeared.

Sealing light was not an easy task. He could seal away any element, but that required his battle armor domain and Dragonslaying Saber to be completely fused with one another, thereby giving him a severe handicap, which was why he rarely ever used this ability in battle.

However, the sacrifice was definitely worth it here as he was able to disable the opponents' soul fusion skill by sealing light. As for the loss of his battle armor and weapon, Sima Jinchi didn't even consider that to be an issue. After all, a Light Unicorn without light was like a tiger without fangs and claws.

As such, he had immediately attacked Bai Haoze as soon as A'Ruheng unleashed his assault against Bai Zhicen.

Sima Jinchi gave Bai Haoze a wide smile before stepping forward and chopping down with his palm.

Bai Haoze instantly felt as if the world around him had completely dimmed, and he could hear the despairing cries of countless giant dragons. The power of that palm was simply too formidable, especially on a mental level.

Back when Tang Wulin had first met Sima Jinchi, the latter had already mastered a saber soul. 

Furthermore, he was a divine weapon incarnate, so even without the Dragonslaying Saber, he was able to use his own body as a saber.

Bai Haoze also plucked down his own horn and transformed it into a longsword before unleashing dozens of sword projections at once, but due to the fact that all light elements had been sealed, he was unable to use the vast majority of his soul skills, and even his battle armor had been severely debilitated.

Even with his battle armor to enhance him, Bai Haoze was still at a severe disadvantage due to the complete absence of light elements.

Sima Jinchi strode forward as he unleashed another palm strike, and on this occasion, Bao Haoze felt as if a giant dragon had suddenly appeared before him.

This was a dragon that was entirely deathly grey in color, and it was sliced in half amid a bloodcurdling howl.

"Argh!" Bai Haoze couldn't help but let loose a sharp scream.

Meanwhile, Bai Zhicen also let loose an involuntary scream as his battle armor was compressed from all sides by A'Ruheng.

"What the f*ck?!" A'Ruheng immediately released his opponent and hurtled back in retreat as if he had seen a ghost.

At the same time, Sima Jinchi's right palm had already reached Bai Haoze's neck, and he was millimeters away from knocking his opponent unconscious with a swift chop to the neck. However, he also rushed back in retreat as if his hand had suddenly been burned.

Why had they displayed such strong reactions? It was because the screams of their opponents were female screams of an extremely high decibel! It wouldn't even be an exaggeration to compare them with banshee screeches!

Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng exchanged a glance, and both of them could see their own incredulity mirrored in one another's eyes.

Right at this moment, the sky suddenly tremored, following which a beam of light shone down onto Sima Jinchi from above; it was none other than his battle armor. Immediately thereafter, his Dragonslaying Saber also returned.

"Crap!" Sima Jinchi yelled, "We have to take them down now!"

However, it was already too late.

The seal on light elements had suddenly disappeared, and Bai Zhicen almost instinctively teleported himself over to his brother before the two of them instantly fused as one. The giant ball of golden light appeared once again, and it crashed into A'Ruheng's body with scorching fury. 

This attack was far more fearsome than the previous one had been as both of the Bai Brothers had donned their battle armor, and their powers were also fuelled by their fury!

A'Ruheng let loose an anguished howl as he was instantly sent flying for over a kilometer.

In the next instant, five more balls of light were conjured up, and all six balls of golden light surrounded Sima Jinchi before bombarding him one after another.

Sima Jinchi resisted with all his might as he wielded his Dragonslaying Saber, but he could only stumble back in retreat.

All of a sudden, the six balls of light combined as one, creating a string of explosions comparable to the power of a ninth-grade soul missile, and the entire sky was illuminated by scintillating golden light.

A figure fell out of the sky, crashing down toward the ground like a rucksack.

Tang Wulin immediately rushed forward to catch Sima Jinchi, who had blood flowing out of all seven of his orifices. Furthermore, his three-word battle armor was in tatters, highlighting just how fearsome the attack he had just withstood had been.

Sima Jinchi cast an indignant gaze toward Tang Wulin and barely choked out the words "they're women" before falling unconscious.

Yali had already unleashed her Holy Light Technique, while another despairing howl rang out up above. "I surrender! I don't fight women! Argh!"

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