Chapter 1619: Today, I Seal Your Light

"You've got nothing aside from brute strength! I would never team up with you if not for Master's instructions!"

The two of them were bickering very loudly, making no attempt to conceal their conflict at all.

Tang Wulin couldn't help but bury his face into his own hands. "Why are they doing this again?"

A hesitant look appeared on Yali's face. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea; synergy is very important in two-on-two battles."

Tang Wulin took a resigned glance at Yali before gently shaking his head.

Of course, Qiangu Dongfeng was able to see all of this, but he wasn't convinced in the slightest.

What was the point of putting on such an act? Both of these Shrek Academy representatives were Titled Douluos, so it was very clear that they didn't have anyone left. Having said that, he had to carefully observe these two as it was very likely that they would appear in the final seven-on-seven match. After all, most of the current Shrek’s Seven Monsters didn't seem to have reached the Titled Douluo level yet, so there was no way that all of them would participate in the final match.

At this point, both sides had already reached a sufficient altitude.

The Spirit Pagoda representatives consisted of a pair of identical twins, and the elder brother was named Bai Haoze, while the name of the younger brother was Bai Zhicen.

As the two of them began to slow down in their descent, a pair of pristine white wings emerged out of each of their backs.

To the experienced eye, it was immediately made apparent that the two of them possessed flying beast-type martial souls.

What was even more peculiar was that a horn had also emerged on the top of each of their heads.

The horn on Bai Haoze's head was a golden corkscrew horn, while the horn on Bai Zhicen's head was silver, presenting a resplendent duo.

Wings and a horn? What kind of a martial soul was this?

None of the people from Shrek Academy recognized these two, so they were clearly not renowned Soul Masters; they were most likely secret weapons of the Spirit Pagoda.

A'Ruheng was never one to carefully analyze his opponents. His battle style was extremely simple: do everything by force!

A'Ruheng's muscles bulged as he let loose a thunderous roar, then shot forth toward the Bai Brothers like a shooting star.

As a result, he instantly distanced himself from Sima Jinchi, and it seemed that the two of them had thrown teamwork completely out the window.

Even the most ordinary of bystanders could tell that these were not good tactics for two-on-two battles.

What was even more peculiar was Sima Jinchi's reactions. As A'Ruheng charged toward the Bai Brothers, Sima Jinchi merely remained on the spot and crossed his arms, looking as if he were about to enjoy a good show.

Was this really a two-on-two battle?

Before anyone had a chance to analyze the situation in greater depth, A'Ruheng had already reached his opponents and was swinging his massive fist directly toward Bai Zhicen.

Bai Zhicen dodged to the side, quickly switching positions with his brother, and at the same time, white light erupted from both of their bodies, making it appear as if a pair of scintillating suns had appeared in the sky.

At the same time, a powerful wave of light elements erupted forth before crashing heavily into A'Ruheng's body.

A'Ruheng was immediately sent flying like a cannonball. Even with his incredibly powerful body, he was unable to withstand the attack and was sent flying for over a kilometer with golden flames burning all over his body.

Sima Jinchi was given quite a fright upon seeing this, and he immediately released his martial soul. Only after his Dragonslaying Saber had appeared in his grasp did he feel slightly more comfortable.

What exactly was their opponents' martial soul? Its offensive prowess was truly astounding.

Sima Jinchi was well aware of how powerful A'Ruheng was. A'Ruheng was very loud and arrogant, but in terms of strength and defensive prowess, Tang Wulin was the only one in Shrek Academy who could compare with him, and that was even factoring in the Limit Douluos. He was one of only two people in this generation to have mastered the Body Sect's congenital secret method, and that was certainly no joke.

As such, the fact that even he had been sent flying was a testament to just how powerful the opponents' attack had been.

After the ball of golden light blasted A'Ruheng through the air, it suddenly shrank down from its original diameter of five meters to around only three meters, following which a layer of silver light appeared over its surface.

Immediately thereafter, the massive ball of golden light suddenly teleported over to Sima Jinchi and enveloped his entire body.

The first thought that occurred to Sima Jinchi was that he had been set on fire. Not only was the golden ball of light filled with unbearably scorching heat, it was also releasing a burst of powerful suction force that prevented him from being able to get away.

The total sum of energy within this attack was most likely close to the Limit Douluo level, and it was clear that this was the Bai Brothers' soul fusion skill.

Sima Jinchi knew that his defensive prowess was inferior to A'Ruheng's, and he immediately released his suit of battle armor.

His dark yellow battle armor was very thick and sturdy, and he slashed his Dragonslaying Saber through the air, defending himself with his own saber soul rather than using any soul skills.

All of a sudden, reddish-golden flames erupted to envelop Sima Jinchi's entire body, and he was also sent flying like a cannonball.

Even though he was protected by his own suit of battle armor and was able to quickly snuff out the flames, he was clearly looking a little panicked.

The golden ball of light compressed once again, and the silver light reappeared.

Right at this moment, a string of thunderous thumps rang out.

"Lub-dub, lud-dub, lub-dub!"

The golden ball of light was clearly affected by this sound and faltered on the spot as if it had suddenly become very sluggish.

In the next instant, A'Ruheng had already flown back to where he had been standing before. Sima Jinchi didn't even look at him as he slashed his Dragonslaying Saber through the air, and all of a sudden, the sky dimmed and fierce gusts of winds swept forth as a massive illusion was conjured up.

The illusion was extremely realistic, and it was comprised of countless giant dragons hovering in mid-air, while Sima Jinchi and A'Ruheng had completely vanished.

This was Sima Jinchi's battle armor domain, Myriad Dragon Law!

Dull dragon's roars reverberated through the air, and it was as if the entire sky were filled with giant dragons, presenting a breathtaking sight to behold.

The golden ball of light came to an abrupt halt, having clearly lost track of its targets.

Bao Haoze and Bai Zhicen's soul fusion skill was named Ephemeral Light, and their martial soul was the extremely rare and powerful Unicorn!

However, the difference was that Bai Haoze's martial soul was the Light Unicorn, while Bai Zhicen's was the Spatial Unicorn, and that was what gave rise to their incredibly powerful soul fusion skill.

They had been discovered by the Spirit Pagoda when they had traveled there to obtain their first soul spirits, and they were immediately recruited with extremely extravagant compensation provided in exchange. Within the span of 25 years, both of them had become Titled Douluos, and due to the fact that they were identical twins, their martial souls had a harmony rate of over 80%.

Furthermore, the light and spatial powers that they possessed made their soul fusion skill extremely versatile. As such, it was able to last longer than normal soul fusion skills.

Individually, they were only a pair of Titled Douluos, but together, they were one of the Spirit Pagoda's most formidable duos.

As the ball of light hovered within the domain, it began to turn transparent, and the Bai Brothers were gradually revealed standing inside it.

Their horns had become particularly bright and were radiating scintillating golden and silver light.

All of a sudden, an authoritative voice rang out across the entire heavens.

"Do you admit to your crimes?"

A giant white dragon had been thrust onto a tall platform, and its head was pressed against the ground as its massive body trembled incessantly.

"I do," the giant white dragon replied in a feeble voice, seemingly extremely fearful of something.

"Alright, then today, I seal your light." The authoritative voice rang out again. Immediately thereafter, a giant saber that was radiating nine-colored light appeared in the sky.

The massive saber came crashing down, and it was as if the entire sky had been instantly torn apart.

A streak of light flashed past, and the sky fell dim as all of the golden light completely vanished.

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